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Bowery Boy Rogan Gregory Shares His FNO Plans


If you were asked to rattle off New York’s great shopping neighborhoods, the Bowery might not make it into your top five. But for Fashion’s Night Out, Rogan Gregory, who opened his second boutique inside the Bouwerie Lane Theater last year, is aiming to change that. “It’s got a good collection of stores,” explained Gregory over the phone. “There’s Maria Cornejo, Partners & Spade; the bookshop across the street [Dashwood] is amazing. We’re kind of in the middle of everything on that corner, so we felt some obligation to get everyone together.” Gregory and his team created a handy little map in the label’s neo-constructivist style that includes all of the above, as well as The Smile, Oak, John Derian, and Bellhaus, which will be hosting Vogue alumni-turned-designers that night. You can flip the map over for details of what’s happening where. Also in the spirit of synergy, Rogan’s store will stock a curated selection from relatively under-the-radar designers like Risto, Matohu, Ajna, and Salvor. Gregory himself will be starting the evening at Barneys on Madison Ave.for a Loomstate event, but will migrate downtown for the many planned events at his store—a showing of rare footage from Albert Maysles and a performance by band Cold Cave—and to just be where his heart is. “The Bowery’s got a lot of soul, cultural soul,” he says. “It’s not just another area.” To download the map go to

Adam And Kara Mendelsohn’s Double Vision


He’s a former director of sales at Oliver Peoples, she ran the sales and merchandising team at Thakoon. Together Adam and Kara Mendelsohn and their partner Dave Barton have launched KBL, a new line of wire-frame sunglasses that just might give Ray-Ban a run for its money. Economy-wise, experts are saying the worst could be over, but the days of $400 and $500 shades may be gone for good. At least that’s what this husband-wife duo figured. KBL’s aviators retail in that Ray-Ban/Carrera sweet spot of $110 to $135. But these sunglasses have plenty going for them beyond their nice price. They’re built like much more expensive eyewear, with milled frames and distortion-free/shatter-resistant lenses that block nearly 100 percent of UVA, UVB, and UVC rays. Even better, they’re inspired by vintage guitars (Adam’s a bass player) and come in eye-catching shades of metallic candy apple red, shell pink, and our favorite, surf green. The collection will be sold at Barneys Co-op, Kirna Zabête, and Otte. For more information, visit Plastic frames are on the agenda for Spring 2010.

Photo: Nicola Kast

Video: When Jeans Met Genius


As we shot our video last week with Hussein Chalayan and J Brand’s Susie Crippen, it was clear that the designing duo had forged a solid (and jokey-familiar) fashion friendship. That is, of course, along with a trio of jeans that marry the near-fetishistic simplicity of J Brand with Chalayan’s penchant for conceptual and clever cuts. “When things in life that are perceived as avant-garde become much more accessible, I think you’re in a real kind of exciting situation,” said Chalayan, sitting on the eighth floor of Barneys as intrigued customers browsed the merch and even asked Crippen about sizes. (She tried gamely to help, but eventually flagged down a salesperson.) Of course, we still love to watch over and over again highlights from some of Chalayan’s past dramatic show moments. After all, what fashion obsessive can resist those electrifying moments of runway theater? Though the designer is quick to point out, “That’s only the end of the show. There are tons of clothes that come before that.” Click here to see Chalayan and Crippen in action.

Photo: Billy Farrell / Patrick McMullan

Katherine Fleming Carries The Future


If you spend enough time with designers, you quickly realize that many of them can’t resist test-driving the wares on which they’re currently working. In terms of fashion’s time-space continuum, that means they’re wearing today what they’ll be selling to you a year from now. At her first official trunk show last night at Tribeca’s Renwick Gallery—a double billing with her friend Megan Marrin’s jewelry line M. Graves—the talented young bag lady Katherine Fleming had such a piece tucked under her arm: a slightly oversized envelope in navy snake streaked with gray stripes. Season: Spring 2010. Fleming happily spilled that it will be priced very reasonably for an exotic skin—around $500. (I would definitely put that trip to Barneys or Opening Ceremony on your calendar!) In fact, Fleming’s upcoming spring range will feature quite a few pieces hovering around that sweet spot price, and without forsaking quality, either. “I’m still making everything in Italy,” Fleming explained. “I think it’s still possible to do that. I don’t want to move to China like everyone else.” Into the more distant future for Fleming is footwear. “I’m dying to do shoes,” she said. “But we want to wait until we’re in the right place and have the right partner.” Though that hasn’t stopped the shoe obsessive from sketching her interlocking-K logo into teetering sandals. But who designed the bondage-y black pair she wore last night with her ultrachic navy Marc Jacobs dress? “They’re from Zara,” she confessed, having bought them while in Florence for her Parsons’ schoolmates Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez’s show at Pitti W. “I’ve never gotten so many compliments on a pair of shoes,” Fleming added. “Even Lazaro asked me about them.”

Photo: Courtesy of Katherine Fleming

It’s A Thin Line Between Love And Hate


You may want to think twice about stealing Max Zubari’s girlfriend. The actor/model and former co-designer of bullet-ridden brand Parballe has gone solo, in more ways than one, launching his new label Loha Vete with a T-shirt embroidered with his feelings about both his ex and the guy who took her away from him. “I just thought it would be interesting to write something true on a T-shirt,” the London-based Zubari explains. “Something really personal. Usually, you think of a tee as this mass-produced item, and I wanted to flip that by celebrating my love for this one person and, you know, sharing how I feel about this other person, who shall remain unnamed.” Zubari does give a little something away by calling the item his “Die Orlando Die” shirt. (If you’re conjuring images of pirates right now, you’re on the right track.) And though he’s not spilling his heart all over the entire debut Loha Vete collection for Spring ’09, which is selling at stores such as Barneys New York, Brown Focus in London, and Luisa Via Roma in Italy, Zubari has made each piece personal in other ways. “The idea is to take these really basic shapes—like a pair of jeans—and instead of doing ten styles, do one style with ten kinds of work on it.”

Photo: Courtesy of Lovehate