September 3 2014

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Achtung-Mode Baby


Achtung-ModeAchtung-Mode—Germany’s pioneering indie fashion and culture magazine—is debuting its Bauhaus-themed tenth anniversary issue tomorrow. And to celebrate the decade milestone, founder Markus Ebner decided he wanted to offer up a little something special. “When magazines turn ten, or twenty, or whatever, there’s not that much you can do,” he told “I mean, you can do ten covers, you can ask designers to write letters saying, ‘Dear Whoever, Happy Tenth Anniversary!’, but I wanted to do something not like that.” His answer? A capsule collection of ten special-edition items crafted—and photographed—by some of the most exciting German, Austrian, and Swiss brands and talents. For instance, there’s a luxe leather bag by Akris (snapped by Sandra Semburg), a suit by Regent that was handmade in Germany (shot by Michael Mann, below, left), a crisp white shirt by the legendary Jil Sander (lensed by Mary Scherpe, below, right), an amulet by Tomas Maier (shot by Oliver Helbig), a parka by Kostas Murkudis (captured by Jork Weismann) and some cashmere Agnona socks by honorary German, Stefano Pilati (photographed in a field by Debora Mittelstaedt). “He’s been living in Berlin for the last year and a half, and he’s such an important designer, and he’s opening a studio there and hiring people, so that’s exciting for us,” offered Ebner.

Regent and Jil Sander

The items will be available at Andreas Murkudis’ Berlin concept store, which Ebner describes as the “Colette of Germany.” As for the editorial photographs of the anniversary merch, they’ll not only be included in the new issue, but displayed alongside their corresponding products Murkudis’ store. If you’re lusting over these creations, you’d better scoot to Berlin quickly as quantities are limited. Fittingly, only ten editions of each product were produced.

Photos: Courtesy of Achtung-Mode

Factory Girl


Pamela Love’s bold designs have always jibed with an individualistic, downtown kind of aesthetic, so it was on an intriguing note that she looked to factories as a starting point. “I was plowing through books on the Industrial Revolution—I must have read about six or seven of them,” the designer said. “I thought there was an interesting irony, comparing factories to how I actually produce my jewelry, which is in limited runs.” You could see the industrial weightiness in her sturdy arm and neck cuffs, but otherwise the inspiration wasn’t taken so literally. Pieces were accented with turquoise, jasper, and malachite, and there was a warmth to the metals, courtesy of an antiquing process with the silver. The entire effect was slightly tribal and that was helped along by the show’s styling.

More noteworthy were the geometric shapes, which, in a couple standout necklaces, tumbled together to form a sort of deconstructed Rubik’s Cube. The designs felt modern but also had retro flavor. “I also looked to the Art Deco and Bauhaus eras for visual references,” Love explained. Whatever the era, the pieces had versatility. They had the wow factor to hold their own at a black-tie gala, yet weren’t too precious to wear over a simple white T-shirt.

Photo: Carly Otness/