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Benoît Missolin’s Latest Hat Trick



Ever since his bunny ears caught the fashion world’s attention in 2008, Benoît Missolin has been churning out seriously fun, whimsical headwear informed by Pop references. Most recently, those included a pair of red sequined lips that mimic the gap-toothed sex appeal of Vanessa Paradis.

Despite his success, however, Missolin has decided of late that less is more, and has scaled back output to focus on artisanal techniques. “I wanted to hold onto the notion of Parisian chic while keeping it fun,” he told, speaking from his London studio. Any talk of Paris, especially at this point in the season, means couture. Here, Missolin debuts exclusively two of three new headpieces, called Tippi and Lola, which will be made-to-order only. “They’re very tribal couture,” he explains of the dramatic sweeps of black feathers, adding that he was going for a regal quality, but with a soft side—a touch Maleficent meets Issy Blow, if you will.

Benoît Missolin’s ready-to-wear accessories are sold in Le Bon Marché in Paris and, come fall, on

Photo: Courtesy Photos