August 31 2014

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fashion talks politics: sarah palin


How does one ruffle the feathers of the staunchly liberal fashion flock in two words or less? Sarah Palin. We casually broached the subject of the GOP vice presidential candidate at one or two shindigs around town this week and man, oh, man did we catch an earful. See vitriol below.

“Being the mayor of 9,000 people qualifies a person to be vice president of the United States? Are you kidding me? 9,000 people live on my block. In New York, if you’re waiting for an elevator and there’s only 9,000 people in it, you say, ‘It’s not too bad, I can get in.’ I cannot express strongly enough my contempt for this.” —Fran Lebowitz at the Diane von Furstenberg post-show dinner

“Minus the feathered hair, she looks exactly like the really smiley, chubby-cheeked girl eating a gyro on that poster that’s been in all the Greek restaurants for, like, the last 15 years. That said, my mom looooves her.” —John Cameron Mitchell at the Marc Jacobs after-party

“She’s a female George Bush as far as I’m concerned.” —Peter Brant at the Marc Jacobs show

“She’s a Republican and she shoots wolves from helicopters, so right away I’m not going to like her.” —Bernadette Peters at the Zac Posen dinner

Feel differently about the would-be veep? Comments welcome below.

Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images