August 30 2014

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LVMH’s Paris Museum Set to Open in October


FRANCE-CULTURE-ART-ARCHITECTURE-LOUIS-VUITTONBernard Arnault has finally announced October 27 as the official opening day for the Foundation Louis Vuitton museum in Paris. The 126,000-square-foot building, designed by architect Frank Gehry, will house the corporate art collection of LVMH, as well as specially commissioned works and temporary exhibitions. Fittingly, the debut show, on display through January, focuses on Gehry’s work for the foundation.

“We have a pretty eclectic mix, but it is true that I am quite involved in the choice,” Arnault told WWD of the art in the new museum. “This is a small payback to the public, and to our employees.” Estimated to cost more than $136 million at current exchange, this building is Arnault’s biggest architectural undertaking since 1999′s christening of the twenty-three-story LVMH Tower in New York.

Gehry’s other LVMH creation, a limited-edition monogram handbag for Vuitton, will also be unveiled this October as part of the label’s “The Icon and the Iconclasts” project, along with creations by Karl Lagerfeld, Cindy Sherman, and more.

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Bernard Arnault, Miuccia Prada, and More Are Among Europe’s Richest


Miuccia PradaIt pays to work in fashion. London’s Sunday Times released its annual Rich List this weekend, and nearly one-third of the top 25 richest people in Europe work in the fashion, beauty, or luxury goods industries. Even if you don’t recognize the name of the number one richest man, you’ve likely shopped at one of his stores—Amancio Ortega, the Spanish founder and owner of Zara’s parent company, Inditex, is worth a staggering $64.74 billion. Also included among Europe’s top earners is Bernard Arnault, CEO of LVMH, whose net worth is $32.29 billion. Beauty professionals are included in the mix as well: Liliane Bettencourt, one of the principal shareholders in L’Oréal, is valued at $32.12 billion. And unsurprisingly, the world’s most storied fashion brands are raking in billions: Bertrand Puech, whose family founded Hermès back in 1837, is worth about $24.89 billion, and Alain and Gerard Wertheimer, two brothers with a controlling stake in Chanel, are worth $18.83 billion. Rounding out the top 25 list is Miuccia Prada and her husband, Patrizio Bertelli, who are worth a combined $17.32 billion.

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Antoine Arnault’s New Gig


Antoine ArnaultLVMH’s acquisition of Loro Piana—the Italian house known for its super-luxe cashmere and wool wares—earned its final approvals today. And to seal the deal, LVMH appointed Antoine Arnault (son of LVMH CEO Bernard Arnault) as the brand’s chairman, reports WWD. This is just one example of the Arnault children’s increasing responsibility in their father’s company: Antoine is also the CEO of menswear house Berluti, and his sister, Delphine, stepped into the role of executive vice president of Louis Vuitton this summer. Delphine also helped spearhead LVMH’s new young designer prize, which, announced last month, will award the winning talent with 300,000 euros.

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LVMH Invests In Maxime Simoens


Maxime Simoens has just received a huge boost. Today, LVMH announced that it is providing financial backing and strategic advancement to the twenty-eight-year-old French designer’s house, which was launched in 2009. Rumors about LVMH’s interest in the designer have been swirling since Bernard Arnault invested in the house last April. Naturally, LVMH’s support will give Simoens an elevated presence on the international fashion scene, but the designer isn’t quite ready to claim that he’s “arrived” just yet. “This is a super step forward,” he told “It’s a step into the big league. But I hope there are many more steps to come. Talking about having ‘arrived’ is something you can only do when you’re looking back. This is just the beginning,” he added, noting that it felt like “the right time” for the partnership. Simoens explained that both he and the luxury group want to focus on high-quality luxury pieces. And while the designer is deep in show preparations, he admitted that he did take a very brief break to pop open a celebratory bottle of champagne. However, he quickly jumped back into fittings and show preparations for his Fall ’13 collection, which he will present in Paris on March 3. This show marks his first on the official Paris ready-to-wear calendar.

Simoens revealed that his Fall ’13 range is “aquatic, slightly ‘glacé’ —frosted. It’s very structured and feminine. For this show, I really tried to get to the essence of my fashion DNA.” The designer gave an exclusive sneak peek at the upcoming collection (seen above and below). So what’s next for his growing brand? The designer says he wants to build “a universe,” up his international presence, and open his first boutique. “[It's] what every young designer dreams of.” Continue Reading “LVMH Invests In Maxime Simoens” »

Nonstop Marc


Marc Jacobs was the guest of honor at the WWD CEO Summit dinner last night. With Proenza Schouler’s Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez, Olivier Theyskens, and Pamela Love, among other New York design stars, looking on, Jacobs sat down with WWD’s Bridget Foley for an engaging interview that ranged from subjects like his favorite living designer (Miuccia Prada) and current projects (a beauty line with Sephora) to his recent absence from Page Six (“Kanye and Kim have taken my thunder,” he said) to the virtues of living in New York City in the pre-cell-phone age. “Everything felt like a first. It didn’t get tired,” Jacobs said. “Now it’s different, but then there were places where young artistic people could live. Madonna performed at the Roxy before anyone knew who Madonna was. Or Jean-Michel Basquiat. So many people were coming up. There were pockets of creativity. And all of that seemed new. And it was pre-computers, too, so people actually talked to each other, and they did go to clubs. I don’t think there were iPhones or text messaging, so everybody either talked to each other or ignored each other, but they did it face-to-face.”

Describing the nonstop work as “like one prolonged day” between now and the Louis Vuitton show in early March, Jacobs alluded to an upcoming meeting about his Louis Vuitton contract. “So the contract,” Foley said, pressing him for more information, but Jacobs demurred. “We’re discussing that this week,” he said, as if to indicate that anything could still happen. When his boss at Louis Vuitton, Bernard Arnault, came up another time, Jacobs was more forthcoming. “I always feel like Babe the Pig, with the farmer, where Mr. Arnault will say, ‘That’ll do, Pig.’ He was very pleased with [Daniel] Buren [our Spring collaborator], and he was very pleased with the train [from Fall 2012]; he’s been a lot more forthcoming. But there’s been a good ten out of fifteen years where it was, ‘That’ll do, Pig.’ “

At the end of the interview, Foley invited the audience to ask questions. Martha Stewart was among the guests who spoke up. “I asked my Twitter followers what they’d like to know,” she began, “and they asked, Who’s your greatest inspiration? And if you cook, and your favorite color.”

“I love red, I don’t cook at all, and who inspires me? Well, all of the people I work with inspire me, and my friends inspire me. I couldn’t give you one name.”

Stewart pressed, “They also asked, Who’s your favorite porn star?”

“Well, my favorite ex-porn star,” he said, “is a guy named Eddie.”