August 1 2014

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Virginia Is For Lovers? Jennifer Connelly And Dustin Lance Black Think So


“Unpredictable,” “untethered,” and “unconventional” were three words Jennifer Connelly summoned last night to describe the character she plays in Virginia. The actress (pictured, left) went blonde and donned some wacky florals for her role as a Southern single mom who’s got more than a little drama in her life—including a kinky affair with the upstanding local sheriff (Ed Harris). “She doesn’t have a lot of resources, but I like the idea that she has these fantasies about a better life for herself and her son and she’s trying to live them out,” an Alexander McQueen-clad Connelly told at the Cinema Society’s screening of the film at the Crosby Street Hotel. (The evening was sponsored by Shiseido and Grey Goose and drew the likes of Billy Bob Thornton and Alexa Chung.)

Virginia is the feature directorial debut of Oscar-winning Milk screenwriter Dustin Lance Black (pictured, right), who researched schizophrenia for Connelly’s character and based the film on his childhood in the Mormon South. “We were more married to our dreams than reality, and that’s a really Southern attribute,” he said. “It’s not something you necessarily find in the bigger cities, where people define themselves almost by the present and a more tangible future, whereas in the South and even in Mormon culture, it’s all defined by how big your dreams are.”

Black had to keep his own hopes for the film aloft a while: He first showed the script to Connelly about five years ago. But for the actress, playing a troubled woman who lives life as though she’s on the big screen was worth the wait. “She’s thinking, I’m kind of fabulous, I’m out of a storybook,” Connelly said of her character.

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Blasblog: Behind The Scenes With Natalie Portman


If Natalie Portman is used to walking into a room and having all eyes landing on her, she had some tough competition on Friday night, when art world dabbler Stuart Parr threw a party in honor of her new Web site,, at his recently renovated Tribeca pad. Guests at the fête, which was co-hosted by Interview‘s Christopher Bollen and Glenn O’Brien, entered the apartment via the indoor pool room and had full access to half a dozen bedrooms in various stages of completion. “He finished it just in time for the recession,” his ladyfriend Allison Sarofim jested. After a tour of Parr’s digs, though, most everyone went back to Portman gazing. The actress, who mingled with Anne Hathaway, Debbie Harry, and Rashida Jones, talked up her new site, which, as its name suggests, is devoted to all things behind the scenes. “The idea happened pretty organically: I was having dinner with a friend who worked in Silicon Valley and knows a lot about what’s on the Internet, and we asked ourselves, ‘Why isn’t there a Web site devoted to this kind of stuff?’ ” Portman explained. No lazy lady, she sought out the domain name—”it was already taken, but we got it for cheap”—and started collecting B-roll footage and backstage material, putting together a site that has subjects as varied as Billy Bob Thornton and Michel Gondry. Portman herself does an interview, too, for those of us that didn’t get enough face time at the party. “It’s a brilliant idea,” Max Minghella said. “And one I’m surprised no one has thought of yet. Leave it to Natalie Portman…”



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