August 29 2014

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Michele Lamy: Adorned and Unfiltered


Michele Lamy

“These were some of the first shoes Rick ever made when he was in Hollywood,” said Michele Lamy at the opening of Show and Tell: Calder Jewelry and Mobiles last night. Lamy—the wife and muse of Rick Owens—was referring to a pair of sky-high, heelless black platforms that she wore while effortlessly climbing the spiral staircase of Salon94‘s uptown gallery. Lamy had come into town from Paris to style the exhibition, which showcased the oft-overlooked crowns, earrings, necklaces, and cuffs (most of which are for sale through Salon94) crafted by twentieth-century sculptor and painter Alexander Calder. “I screamed when I first saw the jewelry,” professed Lamy during our interview, pulling her tattoo- and ring-covered fingers to the chest of her Comme des Garçons vest. She flashed a smile, exposing her gold and diamond teeth. “I’m such a fan of his.”

In addition to styling models for the event, Lamy enlisted artist Matthew Stone to snap Polaroids (with Andy Warhol’s camera, no less) of guests donning Calder’s creations. Furthermore, she’s working with artist Youssef Nabil on a Calder-centric photo series, which will star such characters as Debbie Harry, Cindy Sherman, Björk, Joni Mitchell, and Cher.

Although Lamy is most frequently associated with Owens, whom she met in her forties, she’s led an enthralling and utterly eccentric existence all her own. “It’s like she’s had ten lives,” said artist Carson McColl, who flew in from London for the fete with his boyfriend, Gareth Pugh. Considering she’s spent time as a cabaret dancer, an L.A. club kid, a fashion designer, a law-school student, and a stripper, he was hardly exaggerating. Here, Lamy talks to about Rick Owens’ Spring show, Calder’s work, and her taste in jewelry.

This exhibition celebrates an artist who also made jewelry. Do you think that jewelry and fashion are art?
That’s always the question! Some think art is unique pieces, and the Calder pieces are unique. If you do your own piece, it could be art. It’s very difficult to know the difference. Calder’s pieces were made by hand, and I think that makes it art. Clothing is more difficult because you have to produce more of it.

Do you think what you and Rick create is art?
I hope our life is.

Are your and Rick’s creative visions always in line? Do they ever differ?
They differ, but he always wins. If you don’t have the same aesthetic values, it’s difficult to live with somebody. If you don’t have the same political ideas or whatever, it’s fine. But if somebody says, “Oh, I like this,” you have to know what it is and feel the same way. Because he’s the designer, he’s the one at the front, and then I’m navigating. He’s the captain, but I’m pushing him.

You’re the current.

I recently interviewed Nicola Formichetti, and he said that Rick’s Spring show “changed everything” and that he and the other designers who watched it “were all jealous of his genius.” What is your reaction to that, and how did you feel about the show?
It was extraordinary to come [to the States] after the show, because it was around Halloween and there were people who went dressed as Rick Owens steppers! I told him immediately that this was a statement. The show was such a burst of joy and emotion. Those girls rehearsed themselves. It’s what they do, and all their hearts were in it. It was a burst of humanité, générosité, and loving, and everything was fantastic. Rick said that it was so real that he’s not going to try to top this show…of course, we’ll see. You know, in New York there was a discussion about [race on the runway], and then [people said] that Rick did this show and it was the answer. But it was just a spontaneous gesture—wanting to express how you feel about yourself to the world. Continue Reading “Michele Lamy: Adorned and Unfiltered” »

“Core” Strength


Björk’s music videos tend to skate closer to art films than to the usual MTV fare, so no surprise that her latest—”Mutual Core,” from her album Biophilia—is premiering at Los Angeles’ Museum of Contemporary Art. The Icelandic avant-popster worked with the L.A.-based director Andrew Thomas Huang, whose short film Solipsist won special mention at Cannes. For “Mutual Core,” the duo set the earth in motion—literally. Shot over two days in Iceland, the video depicts the singer as a sorceress commanding rocks to come up out of the ground and collide with each other.

“I thought of it as a parallel between how much pressure and energy it takes for two tectonic plates to push together and form a mutual core,” Huang said of the concept. “It takes that same amount of effort to bring two people together.” And the core’s center, the sorceress herself, with garb to match. “We needed a textural look for this rocky universe that she was in,” Huang said. He ultimately decided on a dress from London designer Michael van der Ham. “He works in a lot of collage and it’s just my palette,” Huang explained. Not to be outdone, Björk added her own finishing touch: an out-of-this-world blue wig.

“Mutual Core” screens for free all day today at L.A. MOCA, 250 South Grand Ave., L.A., and online tomorrow at MOCAtv.

On Our Radar: Comme des Garçons Metallic Wallets


Comme des Garçons
‘ sleek wallets have become cult favorites over the years, and are far more practical (they have ample credit card slots, zips, coin pouches, and bill folds) than Rei Kawakubo’s more avant-garde designs. (Only someone like Björk can pull off those Bride of Chucky-meets-haute couture looks from the latest collection.) I’ve been in need of a new wallet lately, and my jaw nearly hit the keyboard when I saw these new CDG Christmas limited-edition metallic foil numbers ($115 to 160). If you have been keeping up with, you may know that holographic pieces are my favorite micro-trend for Spring, so these wallets have been a siren song in my inbox for the last week. Also worth mentioning: CDG recently collaborated with the omnipresent Cambridge Satchels on a line of equally covetable, metallic bags.

The limited-edition wallets hit stores in November. The Cambridge Satchels are available in stores now.

Photos: Courtesy of Comme des Garçons

The Diva Wore Givenchy


The eagle-eyed Catherine Kallon at Red Carpet Fashion Awards performed one of her usual acts of fashion divination today: From a blurry, cell phone pic of Beyoncé shooting a new music video in the Mojave Desert, she’s managed to identify a Spring ’11 Givenchy Couture gown. (Time will tell if she’s right, but looks likely to us.)

But Queen B is only the latest diva to strap on one of the house’s showstopping couture creations. In the spirit of celebration, we’ve rounded up a few of our favorite high-drama ladies in Riccardo Tisci’s couture. Continue Reading “The Diva Wore Givenchy” »

Opening Ceremony’s Sounds Of Love


Valentine’s Day approaches. Are you ready?

We’ve been pulling together a whole host of ways to make it special, from red-hot lingerie sets to sweet caramels. Now, for the soundtrack, you can turn to Opening Ceremony, which debuts the first in its series of music-player “Playbuttons” this Monday with Love Songs <3 OC, a curated mix of love songs selected by the store. The rechargeable, pin-backed button (pictured above)—an homage to the band buttons showgoing kids sport—comes preloaded with love songs from the likes of the Magnetic Fields, Björk, Owen Pallett, Girls, and Coconut Records (the band of store pal Jason Schwartzman). It's rounded out with two previously unreleased tracks: a remix of Vampire Weekend's "White Sky" by New Look, previewed exclusively here, and "Body" by Karen O's low-fi side project, Native Korean Rock. Proceeds from the affordable player ($25) go to Musicians on Call, a nonprofit that brings music to bed-bound hospital patients. If you're in the mood for love, don't wait—the run is limited to 500.

Photo: Courtesy of Opening Ceremony