September 2 2014

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12 posts tagged "Bjork"

Is Tom Ford Tossing a Made-to-Measure Gauntlet on Rodeo Drive?


Tom Ford has cojones (not that we were in any doubt). His newest store opens in L.A. across the street from Gucci, his former employer. Game on.

Legendary French couturier Ted Lapidus died Monday at 79; the safari jacket, however, robustly lives on.

We know launch dates are merely vague proposals for when business will actually start (see: Top Shop, Soho), but seeing as we’re in the countdown spirit, we’ll celebrate the expected February 2009 launch of, Net-a-Porter’s off-price sister site.

Thanks to newly minted “venture capitalist” (and confident wearer of birds) Björk, Iceland may no longer hold the honorable post of country in the worst economic shape in the world. Yes, worse even than ours.

MAC’s new spokeswoman, er, spokesperson, Dame Edna, knows a lot about makeup, specifically makeup worn in vast quantities and violent shades. Get the look.

everybody must get gia bahm’s stones


Former stylist Gia Bahm used to experiment with clothes. Now she’s moved onto crystals and stones as the founder of the accessories brand Unearthen, which is fast becoming known for made-to-order necklaces of rose crystal, tangerine quartz, and black tourmaline mounted in bullet casings. What prompted her to mix New Age crystal and bullets? “I just thought it would look cool,” says Bahm, whose fans include Björk, Duran Duran, Cat Power, and Mary-Kate Olsen. And then there are the properties that the various stones reportedly contain, which even rock stars might need to avail themselves of sometimes, as the designer does. “I’m a little bit shy sometimes, so I tend to wear aquamarine, as it gives me that added sense of courage,” she says.


Photo: Linlee Allen