September 1 2014

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Yea, Nay, Or Eh? Go Long, Blake Lively


Long and wide isn’t a trend only on the men’s runways; ladies in the know have been rocking the wider look, too. Blake Lively (and, to be fair, her Gossip Girl costumers) chose the style while filming on location in Paris. (While she’s been there, Lively’s been taking in a few couture shows, too.) We love her swingy, blush pink Suno trousers, with two-tone booties and turquoise jewelry that plays up the still-won’t-quit seventies vibe of the season. Likewise her long, loose hair. The only part we’d change is the too-skimpy tank with contrasting bra. What do you think? Is bigger better, where pants are concerned?

Photo: KCSPresse / Splash News

From The Sales Floor To A Spot On The Racks


Attention, budding labels-to-be: For firsthand research, hit the sales floor. “We were all salespeople at Ron Herman,” designer Molly Coonan explained about meeting her muse, Alice Barlow, and Mike & Chris designer P.J. Faulstick (pictured). “I was the worst one, though. P.J. was amazing! He would outsell everybody, so he would ring some of his sales under my number because he didn’t want me to get fired.” The Silver Lake-based designer has come a long way since, but maybe the grunt work was worth the lasting friendships. Coonan tapped Barlow as the muse for her new line, Barlow, and threw a seven-course dinner and party with last night to celebrate its official launch. Faulstick was also on hand at Los Feliz on the Lower East Side—the friends now find both their labels enviably backed by Cynthia Vincent’s company—and so, too, was Barlow’s budding fan base, which included Blake Lively, Metric’s Emily Haines, and Grey’s Anatomy‘s Melissa George.

Over ceviche and tuna burritos, George chatted happily about decamping to more fashionable terroir. “I’m so happy that I’m in New York now. When I arrived in L.A. eight years ago, I would wear high-waisted denim jeans with a smart striped top and nobody would get it,” the actress said. As after-partiers filled the basement space, fellow L.A.-to-NYC transplant Harley Viera-Newton (and her DJ partner, Cassie Coane) hopped on the decks. Turns out Harley also had a go at the salesgirl life early on but opted to pass. “Ugh, retail is the worst,” she said. “I met Molly way back when we were both working at Curve. But it’s funny. I deejayed Curve’s party last week and now Molly’s. It’s like I’ve come full circle.”

Photo: Billy Farrell/

The Breslin Sets A Date


The food blogs have been salivating over the impending opening of the Breslin, the new restaurant inside the Ace Hotel from the people behind New York’s most popular gastropub, the Spotted Pig. At last night’s party for The Private Lives of Pippa Lee, a little bird—OK, one of the wait staff—told us that they’ll begin serving dinner on the 23rd (it’s currently open for lunch). For more from the bash, including how Blake Lively feels about getting spanked, read on.

Photo: Courtesy of Ace Hotel

Yea, Nay, Or Eh: Balmainia, In Real Life


It’s not even the end of October, and we already feel as if we’ve seen every last dress from the Fall 2009 Balmain collection on the red carpet. Don’t believe us? Click here for a slideshow of Balmain babes on parade, from RiRi to Blake Lively.

Last night, though, Sienna Miller one-upped her fellow starlets, wearing look 8 direct from the Spring 2010 catwalk to the opening-night party for her Broadway debut, After Miss Julie. Christophe Decarnin’s hypersexy designs don’t always make an easy transition from runway to reality, and in this case, we’re not sure the usually style-setting Miller has pulled it off (something about the shoes). But what do you think? Yea or nay?

Photo: JP Pullos/Patrick

Yea, Nay, Or Eh: Couples Who Match


Gossip Girl co-stars and real-life paramours Blake Lively and Penn Badgley spent their off-duty hours yesterday strolling Fifth Avenue. We couldn’t help but notice the level of coordination: white cotton (dress for her, tee for him), blue accessories, matching tans. Lively’s cell phone even picks up the hue of his messenger bag. This may all be coincidence of course, but there’s something pleasing to the eye about a couple who complement each other sartorially. Do you and your S.O. ever get matchy-matchy?

Photo: Jackson Lee / Splash News