August 30 2014

styledotcom In honor of the #USOpen, 19 of the greatest tennis fashion moments:

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Blasblog: Spotting Spots At The Valli Dinner


Someone once told me that John Fairchild would famously tell his WWD-ers the following when it would come to confirming fashion directions: “Twice is a coincidence, three times is a trend.” Well, last night at an intimate dinner for Giambattista Valli at Kaviar Kaspia, I had all three in one go: Margherita Missoni, Tatiana Santo Domingo, and Eugenie Niarchos all showed up wearing various incarnations of the exact same Valli leopard print. Turns out the three recently became sartorially bonded following a wild couple of days playing dress-up at the insane hippie art fest in the Nevada desert that is the Burning Man festival a few weeks ago. (I’m sure that was a sight to see.) They claimed it’s the same reason they showed up earlier on Tuesday at the Valentino show in matching goofy glasses. “It was the most amazing time of my entire life, and I really mean that,” Missoni told me, more than once. Niarchos added: “I still have dreams about it.”


Photo: Derek Blasberg

Blasblog: Celebrating New York In Paris…I Think


There are at least two things I can count on in Paris: various fellow New Yorkers letting loose for fashion month’s last leg, and a late-night dance party at Regine’s. For the past few seasons, I’ve helped friends like Paul Sevigny, MisShapes Leigh Lezark and Geordon Nicol, and Tommy Saleh organize a little fête, appropriately named New York New York, that combines both. Last night was this season’s incarnation. The details are sketchy, but from what I can remember—and from the pictures mysteriously found on my BlackBerry this morning—it was as crazy an affair as in years past.

Holding court in one corner was a European contingent of Margherita Missoni, Tatiana Santo Domingo, Andrea Casiraghi, Vladimir Restoin-Roitfeld, and Lily Donaldson. Michael Stipe took over the booth next to them. And following a feisty entrance, Lindsay Lohan and her assorted entourage took over another. Lohan had in tow Irina Lazareanu, proudly boasting that the model was wearing one of her Emanuel Ungaro designs. “She’s in me!” exclaimed the blonde multi-hyphenate to Giovanna Battaglia, who had stripped down to an almost Lohan-esque look of bra accessorized with a brooch. As for the hazier moments, I do recall helping Katy Perry down from the mirrored table she had been dancing on, as well as Riccardo Tisci, out to celebrate his smash Givenchy show, holding a sexy blonde girl over his head. Someone sent me a YouTube link to a clip of me swinging Elle‘s Kate Lanphear around the dance floor like a rag doll. Who knows what may surface in the next few days? But hey, c’est la vie in Paris. Click here to see more photos

Photo: Marcio Madeira

Blasblog: Balenciaga Rechristens Le Baron


It’s an interesting question to ponder: What happens to Paris’ fashion week hot spots when, er, it’s not fashion week? Well, as someone explained to me last night, they lose a little panache. According to one Frenchie, last week Le Baron, one of the most frequented stops on the fashion week circuit, was making popcorn for teen mixers. Well, last night, the coolest kids in Paris were packed into the place, including Tatiana Santo Domingo, Richard Nicoll, Leigh Lezark, Cassie Coane, and Harley Viera-Newton. One person was notably absent, at least for the first part of the evening. “Where’s Nicolas?” asked Hidetoshi Nakata, in reference to Nicolas Ghesquière, who was supposed to be hosting the Balenciaga after-party at the temporary hot spot. As coincidence would have it, he showed up just as Lindsay Lohan was leaving. But don’t worry: Something tells me that she (and I) will back here soon.


Blasblog: Is Ping-Pong The New Poker?


A few years ago, when that whole poker trend started to take off, I felt kind of left out. All the men’s magazines were suggesting that the cool thing to do was to sit in basements, chomp on cigars, and play cards. Then suddenly, whenever I couldn’t sleep, I would turn on the TV and the only thing still on would be some fallen celebrity at a VIP Vegas championship. Still, I never knew a full house from a royal flush.

It’s why I was rather excited when I began hearing that Ping-Pong had pushed old poker face off the Trendy Sport du Jour pedestal. Not only do I boast some raw athletic ability (don’t laugh: I was Missouri’s 2000 Scholar Athlete), but I also have the advantage of years of beer pong played as a Midwestern youth. I tested these skills last night at Stuart Weitzman’s first annual Serve to Save Ping-Pong Tournament, which supports ovarian cancer awareness. And I’m just going to say it: I got moves. My partner and eventual competitor Joy Bryant had better moves, though, as she ended up knocking me out of the competition. But her rally didn’t last long. “I’ll go easy on you,” Weitzman himself offered, before he walloped her. Not that it was a fair fight by any means. Who knew that Mr. Weitzman was a serious Ping-Pong-er who even competed in the Jewish Olympics in Israel? I leave you with another fun fact: Susan Sarandon is a major Pongaloonie as well, and even part owner of the club, SPiN, where the tourney took place.

Blasblog: Packing For Paris, Finalizing The Fêtes


When I opted out of Milan fashion week, I felt a bit pleased with myself. Post-London, seeing my colleagues pack their bags for yet another foreign city to stay in another hotel and see more fashion shows, I was happy to come home and recharge. But as I got the late-night texts and saw the shows here on, I started to feel left out. Maybe that’s why I’m raring to go to Paris tomorrow night for another week of fun, fashion, and fabulous parties.

Speaking of the latter, as I look at the schedule, I’m particularly intrigued. Here we are still in a recession and hearing tales of the industry’s economic woes, but I’ve got a full roster of late-night revelry. It starts with a Montblanc fête on October 1 and ends with a private cocktail at the Ritz (oh, how I’ve missed the Ritz!) hosted by Eugenie Niarchos for Repossi jewels. Sandwiched in between are nonstop party hops.

My top three? First, there’s Chrissie Miller’s Sophomore party at Le Baron on Saturday night. (Last year she introduced me to none other than Pamela Anderson. I’m curious to see who she’s got up her sleeve this time.) Then there’s Mario Testino’s book launch of MaRio de Janeiro (ha!) on Monday night. Finally, there’s another Fendi fête. Last season, Karl and co. hired Beth Ditto to perform and writhe around in barely a stitch while Kate and co. watched in shock and awe. Who have they got this time? It’s a surprise. Check back here for that tidbit and of course all the best parties and pics from the City of Light!

Photos: Craig Arend/Altamira NYC and Courtesy of Fendi