July 12 2014

styledotcom Fashion adopts the bike as one of its favorite accessories:

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EBay Dismisses Delivery Drones


Amazon's Delivery Drones

Last week, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos went on 60 Minutes to announce that the online-shopping behemoth has an exciting new project in the works: delivery drones. According to Bezos, the mini drones, or “octocopters,” won’t be ready for action until 2017 or 2018. However, he claimed that once they’re cleared for takeoff, Amazon’s aircrafts will be able to send customers anything from electric razors to Prada shades in under thirty minutes. (Though we have to wonder: In most cases, wouldn’t it just be easier to pry yourself from the keypad and head to the store?). Bloomberg, however, reports that John Donahoe—the CEO of Amazon competitor eBay—thinks the whole plan is a little silly. “We’re not really focusing on long-term fantasies,” he told Bloomberg Television. “We’re working on things that will change consumers’ experiences today.” The verdict is still out on whether Donahoe has a better grasp on reality than Bezos, or if he’s just a little jealous that he didn’t come up with delivery drones first. Either way, Net-a-porter‘s got them both beat—last summer, the retailer teamed with The Standard to offer its Hamptons customers same-day delivery via swanky seaplanes.

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