September 2 2014

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A Fashionable Night In, Screwing Up For Fun And (Fashion) Profit, And More…


Over in London, the fashion set celebrates Fashion’s Night In, with exclusive deals, live chats with designers, and get-it-first opportunities. Don’t know about you, but after Halloween, we could definitely use a night in. Let’s bring this one to the U.S., hmm? [Vogue U.K.]

Bloomingdale’s is known for its shopping bags—it’s Big Brown Bag is something of a modern icon—but for its latest revamp, the store has tapped a few of its nearest and dearest to put their own spin on the shoppers. Marc Jacobs, Tory Burch, Michael Kors, and Elie Tahari have all contributed new designs, which will begin rolling out next month. [WWD]

The half-glam, half-casual look that’s been a staple of the party circuit for months now finally has a name, courtesy of J.Crew head of women’s design Marissa Webb. (She’s contributed plenty of looks to the genre, like this Fall ’10 one, left.) Ladies, you’re wearing the “intentional screw-up”—yes, it sounds a little bit boarding-school-girl-gone-bad, and yes, we kinda like that about it. [WSJ]

And speaking of boarders-gone-bad, Ryan McGinley hit San Francisco recently for a new show of photos of attractive, young, naked twenty-somethings. Hey, if it ain’t broken… [Hint Mag]

Photo: Courtesy of J.Crew

Catherine Malandrino And Mary J. Blige: BFFs, Collaborators


“I dress a lot of celebrities, but I never had the connection I have with Mary,” Catherine Malandrino said last night at Avenue. That would be Mary J. Blige, who was seated next to her on a banquette with the designer’s hand in hers. “It’s like when you meet somebody and say, ‘I know this person will be in my life forever.’ ” That moment happened almost a decade ago, after Malandrino saw Blige wearing one of her dresses in a magazine and got in touch. By the time she saw Malandrino at the designer’s 2001 show, Blige said, “I knew that what I felt in my heart about her was real.”

Now the two of them hang out, commiserate, make each other laugh. And sometimes, they collaborate. “When you love somebody, it’s like in a couple—you want to create something. Sometimes, it’s a baby,” Malandrino explained. Other times, it’s limited-edition T-shirts splashed with proclamations like I’M FREE and I’M POWER. The motivational tops are very on-message with Blige’s charity for women, FFAWN (Foundation for the Advancement of Women Now), which receives a portion of the profits the tees generate at Bloomingdale’s and Catherine Malandrino boutiques.

“Catherine is the bright light at the end of the tunnel. I’m the person that revisits the past to bring people to the light,” Blige explained. The shirts, appropriately, are available in black-on-white and vice versa. There’s also royal blue on the way, and Blige explained why: “It means you’ve reached a point where you know you’re enough, you’re worthy. That’s where we are, and that’s why we’re able to do what we’re doing.”

Photo: Courtesy of Catherine Malandrino

The End of The Stuart Era, How To Rough It (Or Just Look Like You Do), And More…


Collective sigh, please: Gossips are reporting that former Dior spokeswoman Charlize Theron and her partner of nine years, Stuart Townsend, have called it quits. We can’t help wondering who the poor girl will take to the Oscars now. (Our guess? Absolutely any guy she wants.) [NY Daily News]

New York magazine writes the latest chapter in the mountain-man ethnography with its complete guide to the “Urban Woodsman.” From where to buy your vintage Red Wings (J.Crew) to where to buy your decorative ax (Best Made Co.), they’ve got you covered. For finding actual woods to beat your chest in, though, you’re on your own. [NY Mag]

Bloomingdale’s opens in Dubai, with all the over-the-top amenities you’d expect: a three-story glass “drum” for handbags and denim, a bevy of shop-in-shops, and 9,400 square feet of shoes. Global recession says what? [WWD]

Emma Watson tends to pick Burberry for the red carpet, but she can now rock her own line for lounging at home: Her eco-friendly collection for the U.K.’s People Tree goes on sale today. [Vogue U.K.]

Dossier speaks with CFDA-nominated shoemaker George Esquivel and finds he drew inspiration for his much-beloved spectators, wingtips, and flats from The Monkees, The Brady Bunch, and The Partridge Family. We’ll expect the All in the Family collection any day now. [Dossier]

Photo: Krista Kennell / Sipa Press

Shireen El Khatib, Dubai’s Retail Diva


Come February 2010, shoppers in Dubai will be able to peruse the racks at the first Bloomingdale’s outside the United States. The iconic New York department store is slated to anchor the world’s largest indoor shopping center, the Dubai Mall, which clocks in at 12.1 million square feet—and which boasts the world’s largest aquarium. (You should know by now that Dubai is land of the superlative.) The woman behind it all is Shireen El Khatib, the CEO of luxury fashion powerhouse Al Tayer Insignia, which has been instrumental in bringing the likes of Giorgio Armani, Stella McCartney, and Gucci to the Middle East. In fact, Armani was the first high-end fashion designer to set up shop thanks to El Khatib convincing him to do so in 1994 after the city was getting back on its feet after the Gulf War. (Bulgari beat Mr. Armani by a year, building its Dubai outpost in 1993—also El Khatib’s doing.) At that time, she and her team had their work cut out for them in educating the clientele on international luxury standards—like the concept of not haggling for merch. But that has since changed dramatically. “There’s a young customer who watches Sex and the City and was college-educated in the U.S.,” said El Khatib of the Dubai fashion customer, on a recent visit to New York. “They want everything that’s new and trendy. And they have an interest in American fashion over European.” Bloomie’s Dubai will echo the U.S. store, particularly Bloomie’s Soho. With 146,000 square feet over stories, the department store will feature a Diane von Furstenberg shop-in-shop and a heavy presence of contemporary and denim labels, along with jewelry from Judith Ripka and Faraone Mennella and bags from Nancy Gonzalez. (There will also be a 40 Carrots restaurant, complete with its cult-favorite frozen yogurt—sure to be a hit in the desert heat.) And in addition to apparel will be a 50,000-square-foot home store, which might seem like a strange import, until El Khatib explains. “People in Dubai know that Bloomingdale’s is strong on home,” she says. “And home is very important. Just look at all the new construction. You need to decorate.”