August 28 2014

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The Corpus Crowd


Ecco Domani winners Jerrod Cornish and Keith Richardson brought their L.A.-based Corpus collection to New York for the first time yesterday. Packed with cool kids including fellow designer Catherine Holstein, their presentation at the Bowery Hotel had a partylike vibe. “We met when we did an installation together in Canada a couple of years ago,” Holstein said of her connection. “We have a huge amount of respect for each other’s work.” While Holstein was in her fashion fan-girl state, she told us the other collections she’s been keeping her eye on: Proenza Schouler (“because they’re so incredible.”), Ohne Titel (“I think it’s honestly one of the best things to come out of New York in a long time.”), and Alexander Wang (“How can you not love him?”). Cornish and Richardson were excited to bask in their own post-show glow. “I feel good. I’m relieved and happy,” said Richardson, who will now have time to enjoy his favorite New York activity. “I just like waking up and walking to get coffee. I don’t walk a lot in L.A.”

Photo: Courtesy of Corpus

Blasblog: The French Are Coming (to the Bowery)!


You know, I was just thinking, now that Le Baron has set up a permanent outpost in Tokyo and done pop-ups in Miami during Art Basel, why hasn’t André Saraiva moved on to New York turf? Sure, he has his hooks in the hipster crowd with Beatrice Inn, but surely the cool kids—with their top hats and skinny jeans and messy hair—would be up for some more Le Baron fun during the New York collections. Well, wouldn’t you know it, Le Baron’s master of ceremonies is bringing three nights of hedonism to our fair city, courtesy of the Bowery Hotel, Le Baron, and Purple magazine’s Olivier Zahm. Last night was the temporary club’s debut, and its Parisian counterpart’s trademark fluorescent lights lit up Paul Sevigny’s DJ booth. (Friday night’s mixer is Mark Ronson, while James Murphy and his crew take over on Saturday.) When pressed for more details via e-mail, André responded that the party’s goal was to “[inject] New York nightlife with the spirit of Paris and the crystal-clear promise of vodka.” Not a bad ambition, that.



Photo: Eugene Mim /


Natalie Massenet: From One Runway to Another


Fashion Week notes from the founder. Look out for more animated opinions in the days ahead.