July 24 2014

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Minnie Mortimer’s Chicer Take On Flying Style


There’s nothing fancy about Minnie Mortimer’s MO.”I have a very strange plan, which is sort of no plan. I make whatever I feel like I want to wear,” the designer said last night at the launch of her Spring 2010 collection at Scoop in the Meatpacking District. That means men’s shirting, feminine silhouettes—a combination of ease and sexiness. “I live on the plane, I feel like, and that’s a big inspiration—everything sort of folds up and gets in your suitcase,” she explained. The L.A.-based, New York-raised designer is making clothes with bicoastal girls like herself in mind. That works for Miranda Kerr (pictured with Mortimer), who came by the store after a busy day of appointments, and brought her man, Orlando Bloom, to the dinner afterward that Scoop CEO Susan Davidson had organized for Mortimer and friends including Brian Atwood and Lorenzo Martone at the Standard Grill.

“The great thing about Minnie’s collection is that you just put it straight on and you’re ready to walk out the door,” Kerr offered. Kerr hadn’t literally thrown on her black and white striped jersey number in a cab, but she assured us she could have. “I have great skills with changing. Taking clothes on and off—that’s my job, baby.”

Photo: Chance Yeh/

Porcelain’s Big Break


Porcelain: so delicate and refined a material—and an aesthetic suggestion—it’s actually surprising that Olivia Ma Corwin and Kai Ma Wilson (pictured) are the first designers to name a clothing label after it. But the hard/soft duality the sisters have established with their debut womenswear collection couldn’t be a better fit for the name. “The concept of the label came from the idea of china dolls, as a reference to our Chinese background. But it also references the idea of fragility paired with a hardness,” Corwin said. Case in point: the sleek black lace minidress she herself was wearing to Porcelain’s launch party last night at Hotel Griffou. “It’s elegance with an edge,” she went on. “We strategically lined the dress in certain areas and left it exposed in others. It’s definitely for our more adventurous wearer.” That selectively daring customer should also appreciate the discreetly burlesque tone set by many of Porcelain’s other standout looks—anyone obsessed with Diane Kruger’s ensembles in Inglourious Basterds will find plenty to love. There to appreciate Porcelain’s “individually universal” approach was a dynamic crowd: Arden Wohl and Amy Sacco, designers Max Osterweis and Brian Atwood, and an impressive smattering of the young and social, along with their de facto queen, Ann Dexter-Jones. Even Sting, whose wife Trudie Styler co-hosted the event, made a surprising cameo. “They are some of our biggest supporters,” Corwin said of the couple. “Trudie already wears Porcelain all the time. A year ago, Porcelain was just a concept. Now, Sting is here celebrating with us. Not a bad way to launch a line!”



French Invasion Edition: Lanvin To Vegas, Le Baron To New York, And More…


Lanvin has opened its second American outlet—and the first to sell its menswear—in Las Vegas (pictured). Well, there goes any chance of those casino winnings actually making it home. [WWD]

Groan: Project Runway, the Wii game. Because the television wasn’t barking “Make it work!” enough already. [WWD]

Is Le Baron coming to New York City? According to Eater, a deal is in the works for an NYC outpost of André’s famous Parisian club on the border of Chinatown and the Financial District. Spring ’11 fashion week revelers, starting girding yourselves now. [Eater]

Brian Atwood is leaving Bally after three years with the Swiss house; his Fall 2010 show in Milan will be his last. He’ll concentrate on his namesake label. [FWD]

And Tommy Hilfiger may see a change of hands: Vogue U.K. is reporting that its owner, Apax Partners, is considering selling. All eyes are on Phillips-Van Heusen, seen as the likeliest buyer; the company already licenses Tommy’s shirting and neckwear. Wholesale intrigue! [Vogue U.K.]

There’s No Palazzo Like Home


As one-stop shops go, Labelux’s cocktail party last night in Milan was pretty good—but what else would you expect from a company that keeps Derek Lam, Brian Atwood, and jewelry designer Solange Azagury-Partridge on its rolls? All of the above—plus a few friends like Rachel Zoe, Olivier Zahm, and SAP campaign star Liberty Ross (both pictured with the designer)—were sipping drinks in a frescoed palazzo on the Via Durini. “It’s great to be here—there is always something to learn from the place that invented classical luxury,” Lam told us. “New York fashion week is great, but a special location like this palazzo is just something you’ll never be able to re-create in the Big Apple, no matter how much money you throw into it.” There was plenty of modern luxury in Solange’s bauble-lined room, where attendees took in the short film Azagury-Partridge made with Thandie Newton to present the collection. “We were so lucky she agreed to be paid in jewels,” said a company rep. No such recompense for partygoers, but we did come away with a sheet of trompe l’oeil jewel tattoos.

Photo: Courtesy of Labelux

Rene Role Plays


With all that exposed flesh and heaving bosom on display, it would be totally permissible to miss the shoes in Brian Atwood’s new book, Role Play Rene. Blame it on subject-slash-model Rene Russo, whose smokin’ hot (and not just for a 55-year-old) bod is more than a little distracting when it comes to the Spring ’09 Atwood footwear she wears throughout. Spanish model Jon Kortajarena adds to the already considerable eye-candy factor. Conceived by Atwood and photographer Tony Duran—who shot the steamy scenes chez Rene over the course of two days—the glossy tome was intended as more of an homage to Ms. Russo than a vehicle for accessories. To wit, rather than make the end result for sale, Atwood personally produced 1,000 copies of the book, which he’ll distribute to friends and fans. Atwood and Russo are celebrating the tome with two parties: a private dinner tomorrow in L.A. and a barn-bustin’ blowout in New York on Thursday. High heels are a no-brainer.

Photo: Tony Duran