August 23 2014

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Brian Lichtenberg’s Just Being Miley


Miley CyrusConsidering her apparent allergy to clothes, Miley Cyrus seems an unlikely star for a fashion brand to champion. However, as we learned from Marc Jacobs’ Spring ’14 campaign (and Cyrus’ various onstage antics), the pop princess can spur a frenzy in any state of (un)dress. Designer Brian Lichtenberg, best known for his cheeky T-shirts that riff on high-end labels’ monikers, is the latest talent to get behind Ms. Montana, and collaborated with the singer on a series of wearable mementos for her current Bangerz tour. “I met her through a mutual friend, and we got into a texting relationship,” Lichtenberg told “She was a big fan of the brand, so I brought up the idea of [working together] and she was totally into it.”

Lichtenberg, who asserts that Cyrus is “just how you’d think—really funny and humorous” when she texts, whipped up a series of styles for the singer. Her favorite—a black T-shirt and sweatshirt printed with “Mileywood” and Cyrus’ signature wagging tongue—are now on sale at the star’s concerts and on Lichtenberg’s website. “It was an homage to one of her songs and how she’s just creating her own world,” offered Lichtenberg of the tour wares’ inspiration. He added that, despite his reputation for turning high-end fashion names on their heads, the items are not a play on Cyrus’ friend and supporter Terry Richardson’s 2012 tome, Terrywood. “It was just a coincidence,” he said. “I’m a fan of Terry’s work, and it was only afterward that I realized, Oh, yeah, he does have that book.”

Brian Lichtenberg x Miley Cyrus

Unsurprisingly, the tour tops have been selling like hotcakes (it’s the Miley touch!), and it sounds like the designer’s recently relaunched high-end range isn’t doing too shabbily, either. After Lichtenberg’s Fall ’14 presentation at New York fashion week, his collection was picked up by high-powered retailers Colette and Harvey Nichols, among others.

Lichtenberg teased that he has an upcoming project with a yet-to-be-named supermodel, and hopes to expand his T-shirt line. He also wouldn’t mind collaborating with Cyrus again in the future. When asked if he felt Cyrus’ pesky penchant for nudity would get in the way, Lichtenberg laughed, “Every now and then you’ve gotta cover it up!”

Brian Lichtenberg’s Mileywood T-shirt ($60) and sweatshirt ($100) are available at Bangerz tour stops and online at

Photo: Getty Images; Courtesy of Brian Lichtenberg 

Brian Lichtenberg: Beyond the T-shirt


Brian Lichtenberg

Mention Los Angeles-based designer Brian Lichtenberg and two things come to mind. The first, of course, is his line of cheeky, logo-tweaked T-shirts, in which Hermès becomes Homiés, Celine transforms to Feline, and Balmain is swapped for Ballin’. Rihanna wears them. Miley Cyrus is a fan. And they’re sold at such highbrow retailers as Net-a-Porter, Colette, and Browns of London. For those with a slightly longer celeb-fashion memory, Lichtenberg is also a ready-to-wear designer known for some very high-voltage body-con dresses.

He let his ready-to-wear line go when the T-shirts picked up. “It’s a small team that I’m working with,” Lichtenberg explained. “It’s growing, but in the beginning, when it became all about the sweatshirts, the T-shirts, the beanies, the hoodies, it was like we really only had to focus on that or it wasn’t going to get made.” But this evening at The Hub at the Hudson Hotel, Lichtenberg relaunched his now-several-seasons-dormant luxury collection. “It was like, OK, I can keep doing this and not do any more dresses or leggings and just kind of be known as another L.A. sportswear designer,” Lichtenberg related from the couch in the Hudson’s lounge. “But I [wouldn't have been able to] live with myself. I want to do my dresses. I want to do the patchwork and the fun editorial moments. It’s in my blood.”

The collection, of which Lichtenberg gave us an exclusive preview, is a motocross-inspired compilation of mesh, spandex, and fishnet patched leggings; sexed-up bandage dresses; and lambskin leather drop pants (for both girls and guys). A fox fur taupe jacket and more than a few transparent lace and leather evening crop tops make it clear: This is not for a shy client.

The line—first inspired by a pair of vintage moto pants Lichtenberg found at a thrift store (“I love thrift shopping and I love just going to the Rose Bowl and shopping for ripped-up T-shirts,” he said)—is not without its tongue-in-cheek elements. A red-and-white men’s sweatshirt reads “Lichtenboro” in place of Marlboro, while a casual tee is printed with “Be Licked” as a stand-in for Bud Light. “It started with those pants, then it got me into the patchwork of the legs and doing the dresses and also kind of a white-trash element,” Lichtenberg said. “‘Be Licked’ is just a throwback to smoking and beer and all that kind of stuff.”

The designer hopes that fans of his T-shirts will embrace his ready-to-wear. It’s for somebody “who doesn’t take fashion too seriously, but loves to dress up,” Lichtenberg explained. “A free spirit.”

Photo: Getty Images

Capturing Cunningham; Stars Who Dress The Part—Alone; And More…


Street-style photogs may be everywhere now, but at the beginning, there was one: The Times‘ Bill Cunningham, who is celebrated with a documentary at the MoMA tonight. The Times‘ appreciation is required reading for anyone who’s ever sent around a Sartorialist link. [NYT]

The Daily Beast salutes the stars who dare to dress themselves, like Diane Kruger, Marion Cotillard, and January Jones. We feel just a mite skeptical that there’s no one back there weighing in, but we guess looks like January’s slightly weird Lanvin headband at the Golden Globes suggests she’s going it alone. [The Daily Beast]

Forever 21 jumps on the designer-collab bandwagon, announcing its first tie-in with the L.A.-based designer Brian Lichtenberg. [WWD]

Claudia Schiffer revealed on German television this week that she’s pregnant with a girl. Look for her in the Spring 2026 campaigns. [Vogue U.K.]

Lapo Elkann—the Fiat heir, playboy extraordinaire, occasional tabloid fixture, and surprisingly capable menswear designer—is launching his own collection of jewelry in carbon fiber. That’s one way to use unsold car parts, we guess. [WWD]

Photo: Kyle Rover / Startraks Photo

A New Co-op Stocks The Best of L.A. Style—Ed H. Not Included


As store names go, EPIC isn’t exactly modest. But Rhianon Jones and Tristan Scott’s new Echo Park boutique—which, in fairness, stands for Echo Park Independent Co-op—might live up to its name. In the spirit of Angeleno pride, the shop is stocking only L.A.-based designers. They’ve filled the former bowling alley (a vintage sign, pins and all, still sits atop the brick building) with a slew of independent local designers—43 and counting—you likely aren’t familiar with (save for Brian Lichtenberg, arguably the most household of names on the roster). In stock are one-of-a-kind frocks from Dear Creatures, jewelry by Laura Kranitz, and headpieces by Deadbird (Bat for Lashes-appropriate headdresses, worn by more than one partygoer at Friday night’s opening bash).

“We’re trying to get more eco-friendly lines,” said Jones, who got her start in fashion writing about sustainable design, at the tightly packed launch party. She and Scott, a former sales associate and stylist, are likewise “working with designers to commission eco-friendly versions of clothing that they already have.” Each of those designers and brands will get their own space at EPIC and allowed to customize their own displays. “It really encourages them to display their work as an art piece,” says Jones. Fashion as art is definitely not the first thing that comes to mind when the topic of L.A. is raised—a stigma of which Jones is all too aware. “I think when people think L.A.…well, you know what people think,” she laughs. But if EPIC has its say, that may not be the case for long.

1712 W. Sunset Blvd., L.A.,

Photo: David Cortes

Beyoncé’s Other, Other Favorite Designer


By now, most fashion watchers are aware that Beyoncé is a dyed-in-the-graphic-geometric -wool fan of Gareth Pugh and of Thierry Mugler, now that the latter designer will be creative- directing and costuming her upcoming tour. But B’s latest video for her song Diva—which some liken to a reprise of Pugh’s Spring 2009 show —also features the work of 25-year-old designer Brian Lichtenberg. The patchwork bodysuit and matching lace leggings (pictured here) that the designer custom-made for Mrs. Jay-Z also echo his Spring 2009 collection. But Lichtenberg isn’t exactly a newbie when it comes to the wardrobing needs of pop stars. M.I.A. reportedly flipped over his hologram leggings and now owns several pairs; the designer was even an extra in her Bucky Done Gun video. “Beyoncé came up with the idea [of the bodysuit], as she wanted to dance in it for her music video,” explains Lichtenberg. The designer, who shows at L.A. Fashion Week, has an aesthetic that’s futuristic, bold, and graphic—which is, of course, right up Beyoncé’s currently avant-garde fashion alley. Lichtenberg’s collection includes clothing and jewelry in collaboration with L.A.-based accessories duo Alex & Chloe. He has also teamed up with Franc Fernandez on a range of sharply architectural hats (imagine what Grace Jones’ millinery collection would look like), which Beyoncé did wear for Diva, though the segment ended up on the cutting-room floor. For more on Lichtenberg, go to