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Wearing underwear as outerwear is nothing new. Exposed bra straps date at least as far back as Madonna in her Desperately Seeking Susan days. Exposed underpants are a rather newer development, but there’s no denying that briefs are a bona fide trend. In the last few weeks, we’ve spotted party girls Liz Goldwyn, Juliette Lewis, and Daisy Lowe modeling them over black hose. And if designers have their way, we’ll be working the look sans tights come spring. Glorified panties—the term “short shorts” does not do them justice—were all over the runways, everywhere from Marni to MaxMara to Marc Jacobs. Will you dare to go bare? Let us know.

Photo: Liz Goldwyn: Max Montingelli/SGP; Juliette Lewis: Getty Images; Daisy Lowe: Rex USA