August 1 2014

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At Amsterdam Fashion Week, One More Reason To Go Green


It’s not so long since the mere mention of “green fashion” was enough to bring the fashion set out in an eco-fiber-induced rash. But as Dutch supermodel Lonneke Engel, the Bruce Weber-discovered former face of Ralph Lauren and Bottega Veneta, told Saturday night at a party to launch the second global Green Fashion Competition at Amsterdam fashion week, “those days are definitely over.”

Engel, wearing a white organic denim dress by local design duo Twin Couture, spoke eloquently about the “devastating” effects that fashion can have on the environment and biodiversity before introducing some of the big-money competition’s first-year success stories. A racy reel showed the New York-based Engel rocking sultry catwalk looks by last year’s €25,000 first prize winner, Elsien Gringhuis. OAT shoes, runner-up in last year’s edition of the Dutch government-funded contest, presented its new line of “shoes that bloom”—biodegradable leather high tops that literally sprout a bouquet of wild flowers when composted. Not quite tulips from Amsterdam, but almost.

The competition, one of the capstones of Amsterdam’s growing fashion week, provides winners with strategic advice and a platform at January’s shows. (Enrollment is open until September 30, 2011; for more information, visit But you don’t have to be a budding brand to go green, as Lonneke advised—you don’t even have to suffer. Her choice for an eco-friendly bag? Chanel. “I’m not a saint, but I try to make responsible choices wherever I can,” the model, who dispenses sustainable-living tips on her Web site, Organice Your Life, said. “That might mean choosing a classic Chanel bag rather than ten disposable ones that have been produced under questionable circumstances. It can be as simple as raiding your grandmother’s closet rather than going shopping.”

Photo: Courtesy of Amsterdam International Fashion Week

Naomi Speaks!


No doubt by now you’ve already read plenty about Fashion’s Night Out and have your itinerary firmly in place, but this little bit of news might persuade you to update your plans: Naomi Campbell will be in residence at Dolce & Gabbana’s Madison Avenue store on Friday night, signing limited-edition 25th anniversary T-shirts designed by the duo and featuring photographs of her taken by the world’s top photographers. (Proceeds from the $200 tees go to Campbell’s charity Fashion for Relief.) Below, Naomi discusses a few of her favorite lensmen (Bruce Weber, Steven Klein, and David LaChapelle, included) in this exclusive video sneak peek. “She’s an icon, not a model,” the designers said. Those who agree will be glad to hear that 14 models representing Campbell’s looks throughout the years will be performing a dance routine with the icon herself, choreographed by Lady Gaga’s go-to choreographer, Laurie Ann Gibson, whom we expect knows a thing or two about divas.

Supporting Haiti, The D’Orazio (Or Weber, Or Sorrenti) Way


Repetition we can get behind: another day, another Haiti fundraiser. This latest push for relief comes by way of ROSE Charities and FOTORELIEF, which have partnered to organize A Picture Saves a Thousand Lives. The short of it: Round up a few of the best photographers in the world, many of them longtime fashion veterans; auction off 130 prints by the masters; send the cash to Haiti. Of course, with the likes of Patrick Demarchelier, Bruce Weber, Mario Sorrenti, Sante D’Orazio, and Greg Kadel involved, the bidding’s bound to be fierce. “Everything’s been donated, down to the frames. People have really come out for this,” ROSE president (and former model) Noot Seear says of the impressive roster, curated by FOTORELIEF director John Gettings. “It’s really the best of each photographer, pieces that represent them. We really wanted art pieces, things you want to hang on the wall.” Given the participants and their penchant for stylish nudity, you may want to make that a high wall—nursery art this isn’t. But with pieces like D’Orazio’s (above, bids start at $750), grown-up glossy obsessives (or prurient bachelors) should find plenty to love.

A Picture Saves a Thousand Lives auction will be held tomorrow from 7 to 10 p.m. at Milk Gallery, 450 W. 15th Street, NYC. Suggested donation is $25. For more information, visit

Paris Menswear: African Rhythms At YSL


Given that Yves Saint Laurent is an iconic, global brand, Stefano Pilati manages to get away with a lot in the collections he designs under its rubric. His latest menswear range for the brand was a sophisticated exercise in the kind of gender ambiguity that Pilati has come to excel at. It’s not really a man/woman dichotomy, more a languid, decadent softness that is equally suited to every chromosomal combination (although here I’m setting aside the elbow-length gloves as a temporary aberration). What this meant clothes-wise was coats tied with fringed scarves, pants wrapped in an Oriental style, cropped cutaway jackets with a one-button crossover and a half-belt at the back, a kimono coat in tweed. The volumes and angles had a North African flair which was very much in keeping with the traditional Saint Laurent vocabulary, but, given that the people who may be drawn to these clothes could probably care less about their origins in the mists of fashion history, they also reflected the influence that Pilati himself has drawn from the life and style of the American writer Paul Bowles, as well as the boyish look of his wife Jane, also a writer (and a criminally underrated one, at that). I imagine that boyishness could be a commercial flaw, though it’s a recurring component of the designer’s aesthetic. His pleated, priestly shirts also made a reappearance.

Pilati bookended his presentation with a film by Bruce Weber and a dinner at Caviar Kaspia. The former made the very salient point that fashion is not something that should be taken seriously but more enjoyed for its infinite, occasionally undressed variety, here represented by male models of the moment in states of stark, raving nakedness. The latter was a reminder of life’s other essential pleasures.
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Photo: Andrew Thomas

Loved By Kanye, De Jesus Walks


It’s not often a new face catches the eye of Kanye West before our own, but such is the career trajectory of Major’s Daniela de Jesus, who confusingly also goes by the name Daniela Cosio. The exotic Mexican beauty has enjoyed a steady presence in the lad mags— hence Kanye’s effusive shout-out in his blog—but this long-limbed looker is poised for a high fashion run. On the heels of a Bruce Weber-shot editorial for Vogue Italia comes an appearance at last week’s Giambattista Valli pre-fall show in Florence. Could she be next season’s Arlenis Sosa? Stay tuned to find out.

Photo: Stefano Masse / SGP