August 20 2014

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9 posts tagged "Bryant Park"

Jonathan Adler’s Credit Crunch


Thought those folding chairs in the Bryant Park tents were uncomfortable? Well, maybe you should try wrangling a spot on one of the plush velvet sofas in the American Express card member-only Skybox. Back for its fourth season, AmEx has recruited design expert and ceramicist extraordinaire Jonathan Adler to give the lounge an overhaul. “I wanted to brighten up the space since it felt dark, so I rocked out the orange because it’s the happiest color. It’s like sunshine!” Adler proclaimed when we caught up with him yesterday in the lounge. With sofas and benches in burnt orange and the bar in a classic Tic Tac shade, it certainly feels zesty. Drawing on his inspirations of “seventies’ Saudi Arabia” and “ecclesiastical vibes,” he added opulent touches such as his classic giant Lantern vase in a gold luster. At the end of the week, all Jonathan Adler furniture and home accessories from the lounge will be donated by American Express to charity. (Adler addicts, take note—if you haven’t maxed out your card, the same items are available in his Soho store.) The Skybox overlooks both the Tent and the Promenade so guests will be granted bird’s-eye views of Michael Kors, William Rast, and Tommy Hilfiger, among others. Can’t get enough of Diane von Furstenberg? She’s presenting a second show exclusively for those with the right plastic. And while eating front-row can be career suicide, breakfast, lunch, and dinner are catered by ‘wichcraft, meaning lunch can be nibbled in semi-privacy. Sounds like our kind of fashion bunker. Want to hang out? AmEx Platinum and Gold card members only, please. As they say, membership has its privileges.

Photo: Courtesy of Jonathan Adler

Designers, Editors Split On Damrosch V. Bryant


Fashion week’s 19-month imminent move to Lincoln Center has, unsurprisingly, proved polarizing. Zac Posen? For. Anna Sui? Against. What say you, Style Filers? Is the cultural cachet worth the schlep? [WWD]

Do you need to “restore your faith in capitalism’s simpler pleasures,” i.e., buy something? The Brooklyn Flea, in its new cold-weather location, may just charm you into it. [NYT]

Ricky Gervais’ plan to return Paris Hilton to the United States in exchange for Victoria Beckham is brilliant. And it must be stopped. [The Superficial]

Elisabeth Hasselbeck has a fashion line? And it will be at the tents? The mind reels. [WWD]

Photo: clockwise from left: Marcio Madeira, Billy Farrell/, Maria Valentino

More On The Big Move: DVF And Bloomie Make It Official


The mayor has spoken: “Fashion week has found a new home practically tailored (pardon the pun) to its needs,” said Michael Bloomberg at a press conference earlier this afternoon in the Ballroom at the Grand Hyatt. The move from Bryant Park to Lincoln Center’s 87,000-square-foot Damrosch Park will take place in 2010, which means we’ve got three more seasons at BP. “I love the idea of fashion being tied to culture,” said CFDA president Diane von Furstenberg. Mayor Bloomberg might deny being a fashion plate, but he’s no stranger to the industry. In addition to noting fashion’s crucial relationship to the city in a slew of statistics—175,00 jobs, $1.6 billion in annual tax revenue—he also introduced DVF as a “personal friend.” And when a reporter asked about fashion trends, he retorted: “I will call Mizrahi this afternoon and ask him.”

Fashionistas: Behold Your Future Home


Bye-bye, Bryant Park. After 15 years of hoisting the tents and hosting fashion week, the park is reportedly being replaced by Lincoln Center in 2010. That’s the A, B, C, D, and 1 trains, ladies. Whole Foods Columbus Circle, get ready for an injection of fabulousness.

Calvin Klein model and Avedon muse Vincent Gallo puts his money where his mouth is. Somewhere dirty.

The economy strikes again: Macy’s and Liz Claiborne feel the burn, shed employees.

But take heart, newly unemployed: The fetish industry always needs a few extra hands; in fact, “the sector is poised for expansion,” according to a former craftswoman. Couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

Tom Ford takes his own (surprisingly SFW) pictures.

And now for something NSFW: Christian Bale needs absolute silence. He’s making Terminator: Salvation, so don’t $!&# with his craft.

Photo: Getty Images

Calvin. Meisel. Envelope. Pushed.


Calvin Klein’s saucy (and banned) new Steven Meisel commercial sells jeans, flesh. Tops not available. WWD has the video. Make sure your boss isn’t around when you watch!

Put another point up for the tents. Narciso Rodriguez returns to Bryant Park . The move from West Chelsea is sweet music to the ears of editors now banned from using car services. The D to 42nd Street is only $2, ladies.

Fashion Politics: Obama keeps it casual. And by that we mean ties, mostly jackets, and no jeans. So, really not so much casual.

Facebook Politics: Is unfriending someone really as easy as clicking a button? Actually, yes.

Too good to be sure recession prices may be the wave of the future, because designers know we’re on to them and we won’t be tricked into buying overpriced luxury goods ever again. At least not for a year.