August 23 2014

styledotcom Look closely. What you may think is jewelry, is actually temporary tattoos.

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the hole story: marina schindler’s lace obsession


“Oh my God, I’m a freak,” confesses Marina Schindler. “I’ve got boxes and boxes, and I keep buying more. I can’t stop!” Schindler’s obsession: lace. The stylist has been collecting vintage lace for years, and a rotating selection of her hand-embellished finds has been available at Helena Christensen’s Butik in the West Village. On a recent evening, however, as Schindler opened up her apartment for an Electric Feathers trunk show, she unearthed a larger trove of her creations. “I think what I like about the lace is that each piece feels special,” said Schindler, who doubles as a new mom and triples as the fashion director of just-launched art mag Tar. “And as busy as I am, it’s nice to have a hobby that’s as focusing as, you know, sewing some crystal beads onto a piece of lace.” Another hobby of Schindler’s: making raspberry jam, jars of which were for sale at her place alongside lace capelets and necklaces and vintage lingerie embroidered with crystal at the behest of Swarovski. “That was a special project,” she explained. “I really like the old lingerie, too, but I can’t start collecting that. I just don’t have room.”

Photo: Courtesy of Electric Feathers