September 2 2014

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Why Being Boy-Crazy Isn’t Always Bad


Is it just me, or is fashion going mad for men in so many ways? YSL Unisex debuts in stores soon and Chloë Sevigny is following up her ballyhooed Opening Ceremony range with a unisex collection of her own. Then, a whole spate of womenswear designers have launched men’s collections (Balmain, Gareth Pugh) or announced plans to do so (Alexander Wang), and a host of menswear brands have either launched collections for women (Nice Collective) or announced plans to do so (Tim Hamilton). Meanwhile, eagle-eyed style spotters at last Thursday’s Adam Kimmel presentation in Paris saw Camille Bidault-Waddington sporting one of the menswear designer’s signature jumpsuits. What gives? “I think women love the quality of well-made menswear,” offers Kimmel, who claims a devoted female fan base. “Men’s tailoring on suits and outerwear is unbeatable, and women sometimes want something a little looser, and more durable and comfortable, without having to give up any of the refinement.” That said, Kimmel suggests that a bit of styling finesse is required, in order to femme up a menswear look. His advice: Start with a well-placed belt and a great pair of heels. “It’s also important to roll sleeves up,” he adds, “flip up collars, and unbutton shirts down to show a little skin.” In other words: Just because you shop like a man, it doesn’t mean you have to look like one, too.

paris fashion week: the sailor jacket on the ascendant


Uberstylist Camille Bidault-Waddington’s current favorite coat would appear to be a quintessentially Parisian sailor jacket, which she wore not once but twice in the past few days (at Chanel, pictured, where she paired it with a striped shirt and jeans, and yesterday afternoon at Louis Vuitton, where she used it to top a black turtleneck sweater and trousers). The five-button wool design is from A.P.C., which, incidentally, Bidault-Waddington styles. Our prediction? This one’s a trend in the making.

Photo: Linlee Allen