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The Next Big Thing: Candela, Spring ’14


Everyone knows their Marcs from their Calvins. But as fashion month kicks into gear, we’ll be spotlighting the up-and-coming designers and indie brands whose names you’ll want to remember.


Label: Candela, by Gabriela Perezutti

Need to Know: Uruguayan designer Gabriela Perezutti—known for her lacy feminine pieces that draw reference to her horse-and-gaucho-filled childhood on the estancia—looked to the sea this season. Silver-jewel-embellished sheer silk gowns opened the presentation, giving way to cotton eyehole dresses with Peter Pan collars. Full-lace color-blocked rose petal, white, and black “nautical stripe” cocktail dresses and sea-green trousers were held together with a thick rope that looked as though it was plucked right off a sail. The idea is that the Candela woman starts out at a party, done up and turned up, then enters the ocean, leaving her cares behind and taking on a more rustic look the further she gets from land. It’s a mystical, near ethereal vision, one that feels very at home in Perezutti’s romantic, Latin American-cum-West Village world. Metallic gold pointed flats and reasonably heeled stilettos fit with rainbow tassels added a party-ready touch to the maritime looks.

She Said: “My husband is a sailor and I’m more of a land person, so it’s all like new territory for me. When I started to see him sailing, I realized what I really love is the freedom. When you’re on the water, your problems are away in the land.”

Where to Find It: Saks Fifth Avenue, Satine, and Shopbop, among others.

Photo: Courtesy of Candela

Candela in the Wind


Candela’s Gabriela Perezutti is a master multitasker. Having been raised on a ranch in Uruguay, Perezutti—a former model, as well as a mother of twins—not only designs her laid-back contemporary clothing range but also runs one of her family’s estancias, maintaining over eighty horses from five thousand miles away. The two aren’t completely disconnected—in fact, the former has a hand in inspiring the latter. Perezutti launched Candela (which means “light” in Spanish) in 2004, after seeing a gritty 1971 photograph of her mother riding a bucking bronco. The photo now hangs in Perezutti’s Soho studio, alongside other vintage family snapshots that serve as reminders of her gaucho roots—roots that have a notable influence on her collections. “I always do the [gaucho] reference, but not in an obvious way. I balance romantic, soft things with pieces that have a rustic edge to them, so the look isn’t too precious. Styling is important in that sense,” she said at a preview of her new Resort 2014 collection, which debuts here on Continue Reading “Candela in the Wind” »

Caution: No Riding in These Polo Boots


Six years ago, South America-to-Brooklyn transplants Gabriela Perezutti-Isacson and Natalia Kuks-Jacobs were doing like the Williamsburghers do—they were silk-screening T-shirts. Fast-forward to the present, though, and they’re a rarer breed: working designers with a full-fledged women’s clothing and footwear line and, as of today, e-commerce boutique. “It’s important for us that we finally get a direct connection to our customers,” Perezutti-Isacson says. “If you are only selling wholesale to other retailers, you don’t have that. We’d like this to be a place where people can better understand the Candela girl.”

And who’s that? Think 20th-century model-turned-photographer Lee Miller, who provided the inspiration for the Fall ’10 collection. “The Candela girl is worldly, adventurous and confident,” Perezutti-Isacson explains. A worldly girl’s going to need a good pair of shoes for those adventures, so no surprise that footwear makes up around 75 percent of the label’s business. Menswear-inspired spectator shoes come in graphic prints and metallics, and over-the-knee boots have been a line staple for seasons. But no item points to the design duo’s South American roots and New York edge like the Polo boot, crafted as a feminine homage to the sportsman’s footwear of choice. (Polo is huge in South America, and Nacho Figueras, one of the game’s most famous players—thanks in part to years of Ralph Lauren campaigns—is from Kuks-Jacobs’ native Buenos Aires.) The style is sure to make a reappearance at Candela’s first-ever presentation at New York fashion week, September 9 at the Jane Hotel.
Heel Polo boot, $473, available at

Photo: Courtesy of Candela