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Georgina Chapman Gets Behind the Camera


Georgina ChapmanMarchesa’s Georgina Chapman is the latest designer to get behind a movie camera—in her case, with a bit of mentoring from Hollywood veteran Ron Howard. She premiered the resulting sixteen-minute film, A Dream of Flying, last night at the Crosby Street Hotel.

Chapman’s directorial debut is part of Project Imagination, a new initiative from Canon (with help from Howard) that aims to make filmmakers out of everyone. For the moment, the camera company has outsourced the task to five celebrities—Jamie Foxx, Eva Longoria, LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy, and Twitter’s Biz Stone in addition to Chapman—in order to get the ball rolling. The whole batch will have a glitzy premiere next week, with the films going live on the Internet next Friday.

Chapman’s little advance-sneak drew the likes of Rachel Roy and Chapman’s husband, Harvey Weinstein, who offered her tips of his own throughout the process. Her film is a fantastical parable about a little girl (played at one point by Dree Hemingway) who spends an entire lifetime resisting a suitor desperate to have her take to the skies with him.

She used her favorite costume designers as reference points, Chapman said—among them Martin Scorsese go-to Sandy Powell and Milena Canonera, whose credits range all the way from A Clockwork Orange (1971) to Wes Anderson’s upcoming film, The Grand Budapest Hotel.

Of course, for this job, the designer couldn’t focus on the clothes alone. “There are so many components you have to think about,” Chapman remarked. “Not only are you doing the visual, but you also have to do the emotional, and have a business mind, and put together all the other parts.” Might she take on the role again—for an upcoming Marchesa campaign, say? “I had a really amazing time with this,” Chapman said. “You know, we’ll see.”

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Will Georgina Chapman Look To Hubby Harvey For Advice On Her Filmmaking Debut?


Marchesa’s Georgina Chapman has moviemaking in the family—her husband is mega-producer Harvey Weinstein—but it’s only recently that Chapman herself has tiptoed into the fray. As was reported this summer, Chapman is one of five notables—alongside Eva Longoria, Jamie Foxx, Twitter’s Biz Stone, and former LCD Soundsystem front man James Murphy—creating a short film at the behest of Canon’s Project Imagina10n, based on photographs submitted by Canon users nationwide and personally selected by each participant. “They all have a magical sense to them,” Chapman told about her own selection process. (The nine photos she chose will go up this week on “Right now it could go in so many ways.” Those ways might be swayed by her fellow participants, her mentor on the project, Ron Howard, or her husband, but for right now, Chapman is keeping her own counsel. “I want to know what we are doing first” before turning to anyone else, she said. “My worst fear is to get too many ideas. I wanted to start with a completely clean canvas.” A few of Chapman’s selections are below; the rest can be found on the project’s Web site. Continue Reading “Will Georgina Chapman Look To Hubby Harvey For Advice On Her Filmmaking Debut?” »

Georgina Chapman, From Designer To Director


Georgina Chapman’s connection to the film indsutry is no secret, but Harvey Weinstein’s better half (pictured) has yet to take a turn in the director’s chair—until now. The Marchesa designer is reportedly starting small with a short film collaboration with Canon as part of its Project Imagination program, in which she will create a movie based upon photos submitted by Canon users. She follows in the footsteps of actor and director Ron Howard, who also collaborated with Canon on a film, which was later shown at Sundance and the Tribeca Film Festival. (Howard will serve as Chapman’s mentor on the project.) Perhaps Chapman will be on the red carpet at the next round of film festivals making her debut as a director.

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