August 27 2014

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Carlos Campos Spring 2013


Label: Carlos Campos

Need to know: More than a lot of menswear designers, Carlos Campos is a constructer. He cuts his own patterns and describes himself as a “frustrated architect.” Collaborating with one of his idols, Santiago Calatrava, two years ago on a New York City Ballet production meant a lot to him; just how much is evident in this collection, a considered homage to the Spanish architect. Drawstring jackets and elbow-length sleeves capture some of the fluidity of Calatrava’s designs, and higher rises let the neat, tabbed trousers soar upwards just a little. Presented in fair-weather colors reminiscent of marigolds, grass, and oh-so-clear skies—the main deviation from the monotone being a minuscule stars-and-dots print—the clothes are, for lack of a better word, a mood-lifter.

He says: “My collection is always looking a little bit toward the future. In Star Trek, everyone wears the same uniform. So you can mix and match, but I wanted to present the collection in monotone,” Campos says.

Where to find it: Online at,, and at International Playground in New York City.

Photo: Scott Hong

Carlos Campos Touches Down On Orchard Street


Carlos Campos is a do-it-yourselfer. The Honduran-born menswear designer draws his own patterns, cuts his own fabrics, and makes his own collection here in New York—and what’s more, he revealed last night at the launch of his new boutique on the Lower East Side, sands his own floors, too. That’s not to say he doesn’t get a little help from his friends. The new store, with its abstract wood installation at the center, was designed by Campos’ pals Daniel Schillberg and Carlos Zedillo; the restaurant across the street belongs to another friend; and the bar next door to another still. That may account for the family atmosphere at the thronging launch party, which bled onto the sidewalk, into the Dressing Room vintage shop and boîte, and wherever else people found to fit. The minimal space may have been built on a shoestring budget, the designer admitted, but if it has been, it’s all the better to showcase his richly colored collection of tailored jackets, classic shirting, and tees, in autumn shades of navy, dusty pink, and ocher. It’s already caught the eye of editors, like those who named Campos one of the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund finalists this year. Expect even more attention to be paid when he shows at Milk Studios next month.

Carlos Campos is now open at 75 Orchard St., NYC,

Photo: Diggy Lloyd

Who Is Theophilus London?


Fashion editors, stylists, and photographers might recognize Theophilus London as that guy who popped up front-row at the men’s shows in Paris this summer. (“That was kind of funny, actually. I got the Kanye treatment at the Lanvin show in France because he couldn’t come at the last minute, so I stepped in as the black rapper kid,” London explains to In Cannes, too, the young, relatively unknown (at the time) hip-hop star made sure people were taking note of him. Last week, Jay-Z and Usher even stopped by his Central Park performance to check out London’s vocal chops for themselves. (“Solange was at dinner with Beyoncé and Jay the night before, I guess, and he said he was going to go check out her friend Theophilus’ show—kind of cool.”) Even when he’s not on stage, breaking into one of his songs from his first solo album (released last month), Timez Are Weird These Days, the lanky Trinidad native has a commanding presence.

London’s explosive self-confidence is partly startling and off-putting, but it’s working. As he quickly picks up steam and his fan base multiplies, he has brands and designers knocking on his door to partner up with him. He has proclaimed he doesn’t like fashion, and yet he appears in photoshoots wearing Lanvin and he personally customizes the buttons of his suits. Here, discovers who Theophilus London really is.

You started rapping and performing at a pretty young age. What inspired you to do that?
Yeah, when I was about 12 or 13 I did my first lyrics. Two of my cousins were hanging out rapping and making words sound cool—lots of swagger. I did like two lines and then stopped and they were like, “No, you should keep going.” After that, I would bang beats against tables and chairs at school and I just never stopped.

Who do you count as personal music icons?
Definitely Prince, James Brown, Biggie Smalls—the list could go on forever, seriously. Kanye West for sure. Me and Kanye e-mail very often about fashion. We just acknowledge what’s next, what’s new, you know? And Mark Ronson—I’m going to his wedding next month.

You have been quoted in an interview saying you aren’t really into fashion, but I don’t believe that. Do you honestly not like fashion, at all?
I have tons of taste and I just got an eye for shit. I will walk into a store and come out with the best five shirts there. In high school, I always dressed to impress the girls. Brooklyn, where I grew up, is a competitive burg—there’s always a pretty boy around the corner there and you gotta look better than him. I love to shop; I’m just not like a fashion guru, though. I didn’t grow up drawing runway models and deciding what they should wear. Also, I couldn’t dress someone else up. Wait, actually, this year I just started [dressing] the band. Continue Reading “Who Is Theophilus London?” »

Narciso Rodriguez to Outfit Pageant Queens?


It was a Latin American momento last night at the annual My Hero gala to benefit Aid for AIDS International. Carolina Herrera and Carlos Campos both came out to support the cause—raising funds to support those living with HIV/AIDS in Latin America and the Caribbean—as did co-chair and board member Narciso Rodriguez. The philanthropic Rodriguez, who recently jetted down to Puerto Rico to support the women’s organization Alas a la Mujer, even convinced a few friends in high places to jump on board: one of the evening’s honorees, actor Mark Consuelos. “Mark’s a friend. I just told him about the work, and it turned out it was easy to convince him,” the designer explained. Meanwhile, he was making a few more friends along the way: Miss Universe, Venezuelan Stefania Fernandez, was attending her second Aid for AIDS function, after sitting front-row at Rodriguez’s Spring 2010 show. With gala season a pageant in itself, would the designer ever consider dressing beauty queens? “Sure,” Rodriguez gamely responded. “If asked, why not?”