August 21 2014

styledotcom The former team behind a cult denim brand open up Sydney's new hot spot:

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Beatz And Bubbly


Dom Pierre Pérignon famously said, “Come quickly, I am drinking the stars!” Guests invited to the Dom Pérignon Luminous launch party last night heeded the founder’s words closely—they came quickly and drank even faster. By midnight, a Soho loft on Wooster Street, marked with graffiti and decked with bottles of glow-in-the-dark Pérignon bottles, was brimming with a mix of hoteliers (André Balazs), actresses (Leighton Meester and Bai Ling), designers (Brian Atwood), photographers (Mick Rock), and ballers (Carmelo Anthony). The only thing missing? Bubbly.

In less than two hours, guests had downed over 220 bottles of Dom. “I don’t drink often,” DJ Swizz Beatz told “But when you see a bottle of this stuff, you know it’s impressive—it’s all class.” While guests awaited for the emergency supply of Champagne to arrive (and occasionally picked up the display bottles hoping they might be full), Swizz Beatz manned the turntables and scantily clad dancers kept them entertained. When the cases finally arrived, Swizz Beatz took a break from deejaying to toast with Anthony upstairs in the VIP area. When he paused to stop by the bar, the DJ had fashion on his mind. “I have been talking to Riccardo at Givenchy, and we are thinking about doing some insane accessories,” he said.

Photo: David X. Prutting /

The Dream Team: Some Knicks, A Knowles, And Good Old Leo, Too


You could pinch yourself at last night’s opening of the Dream Downtown hotel, but they’d still be there: Leonard DiCaprio, Kellan Lutz, Stavros Niarchos, Carmelo Anthony, and Amar’e Stoudemire. Because at the Dream (as in dreams), logic barely applies, they were joined by mermaids, gogo dancers, and nearly naked fire-throwers. There was a beach club and a glass bottom pool visible from the ceiling of the lobby lounge, too. And, maybe most importantly of all, there was enough Patrón flowing to make more than a few partygoers wake up wondering whether the visions of Gossip Girl‘s Tika Sumpter dancing on the table top were real or imaginary. (Now you know: They were real.)

Most of the action, however, was upstairs at PH-D, the rooftop lounge where DiCaprio attempted to blend in with the crowd. (Camouflage wasn’t even an option for the impossibly tall Knicks gang, so instead, they held court from the center of the room, packed with the likes of Solange Knowles and Eve.) But a steady stream of girls gave Leo’s whereabouts away (as did a barricade of bouncers). As he surveyed the Samantha Ronson-DJ’ed dance floor, the star chatted with his friend, Vikram Chatwal. “We met between Los Angeles and New York,” Chatwal told, looking to DiCaprio for confirmation, before both got distracted by a hot tub party, taking place on another floor of the hotel but visible through the window. “Maybe you could ask me your crazy questions later in the hot tub?” A hot tub party did not ensue, but a few fully clothed party guests did test the waters in the pool on the lower level. Others, like DiCaprio, headed out before the dream was broken.

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