April 19 2014

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Cats: The Fashion Calendar, Not The Musical


Cats: adorable, right? Furry purring machines batting at balls of string, I can haz all your love and affection? Well, Miuccia Prada may have plastered her cat fancy all over yesterday’s Spring 2010 Miu Miu collection, but let’s look at the facts. As Alan Weisman notes in his book The World Without Us, centuries of domestication have done nothing to dim the housecat’s predatory instincts. Cats, writes Weisman, kill “not only for sustenance, but also seemingly for the sheer pleasure of it.” The human race could die out tomorrow and cats—cats!—would not only survive, but thrive. Presumably, they’d evolve into a new master species, farming mice in skyscrapers and keeping the few remaining dogs as slaves. Continue Reading “Cats: The Fashion Calendar, Not The Musical” »