August 23 2014

styledotcom Look closely. What you may think is jewelry, is actually temporary tattoos.

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Cédric Rivrain: Wrap Star


When Cédric Rivrain’s first solo exhibition opens at Brachfeld Gallery in Paris tonight, it’ll give new meaning to the term bandage dressing. His subjects include fashion It girls Olympia Le-Tan, Gabrielle Greiss, and Charlotte Chesnais, but they’re more likely to be depicted in Band-Aids than Balenciaga. “My mother was always taking me shopping and my father is a doctor. I guess that’s why I combine beautiful things with anatomical studies,” said the illustrator, who has sketched for everyone from John Galliano to Martine Sitbon. “Bandages are kind of jewelry and can be as ornamental as a garment.” Don’t expect mummies at the wrap party; jewelry designer Yaz Kurhan of Yazbukey is hosting at Club Montana.

Illustration: Cédric Rivrain