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Amber Heard: Unexpectedly Chic?


Amber Heard in New York CityMemo to fashion-show organizers: Is it time to add Amber Heard to your front-row invite lists? The young actress is enjoying a new boost in popularity, thanks to her relationship with Johnny Depp, but the surprise is not the May-December romance (he’s 50, she’s 27), but how well she’s been holding her own against Mr. Depp’s famous stylishness. That redoubtable organ The Daily Mail dedicated a page today to her dog-walking style, and we’re inclined to agree that she looks great in an oversize coat (expressively tied à la Celine Fall ’13), skinny jeans, and booties. The last two may be young-actress standard-issue, but Heard manages to elevate them to a gamine place that Lou Doillon or Charlotte Gainsbourg would recognize. See you in February, then?

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Charlotte Gainsbourg and Uma Thurman Wish You A Merry Christmas


Charlotte GainsbourgThe talk of Cannes today isn’t even in the festival: It’s Lars von Trier’s latest, Nymphomaniac, which stars Charlotte Gainsbourg (left) as a woman recounting her erotic experiences after surviving a vicious beating. (Uma Thurman, Stellan Skarsgård, and Shia LaBeouf costar.) Von Trier being famously unstinting, the film depicts unsimulated sex—but according to one of the film’s producers, Louise Vesth, who spoke at the festival today, it will actually be a high-tech visual effect, where images of stunt doubles having sex will be digitally imposed onto images of the more famous actors. Naturally, it’s been the buzz of the Internet all day. For my part, I think the most boundary-crossing detail isn’t the F/X, but the release date: The film is slated to come out in von Trier’s native Denmark on Christmas Day. God Jul, as the Danes say.


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Ghesquière is Back on the Map


Or the cover, at least. The designer kept a low profile after departing Balenciaga in November (save his much-buzzed-about emergence in the twittersphere in December). But earlier this month, he was revealed as the star of System magazine’s debut issue, and today WWD reports that along with his muse Charlotte Gainsbourg, Ghesquière will cover the latest edition of German magazine 032c. “I may be putting myself in danger, but that’s what I want these days,” the designer told 032c when discussing his future plans—which are still unconfirmed but are rumored to involve an eponymous range. “I enjoyed years of extreme comfort at Balenciaga. It’s fantastic to harvest that status to explore in new ways, rather than sticking to a routine, even if it was the most comfortable and incredible, I couldn’t be in a better position.” 032c hits newsstands on Tuesday.

Photo: via 032c

Pete Doherty Rocks On


Now that Kate Moss is a happily married missus, it feels like ages ago that she was rocking hard—maybe a little too hard—alongside then-beau Pete Doherty. So what’s the occasionally shambling Babyshambles rocker been up to while Kate’s been quieting down? Sunday’s interview in the The Guardian with Pete Doherty suggests he’s spent the past four years on the mend in Paris. Still trying to overcome his infamous heroin addiction, Doherty has taken up poetry, painting, and, of course, acting—not necessarily to acclaim. But while critics described his performance alongside Lily Cole and Charlotte Gainsbourg (who’s apparently not on the best of terms with the singer since he read her diary on set) in the period film Confession of a Child of the Century as “catastrophic” and “wooden,” his mother credits the project’s director, Sylvie Verheyde, with saving his life. Although he certainly seems calmer than in days gone by, he’s still causing the requisite modicum of trouble. Doherty claims to have been banned from the train system after stealing a conductor’s shoes, and that his presence in Paris offends good-looking French men.

Photo: Stephane Cardinale/

Gainsbourg’s Beginnings


The inner workings of an artist’s creative process are an endless source of intrigue. That’s why filmmaker Chiara Clemente launched a series of episodes last fall, entitled Beginnings, exploring early inspirations for iconic artists like Yoko Ono, Mario Sorrenti, and Carolina Herrera. Clemente, who notes that her love of art can be traced to her childhood tiptoeing around her father’s paintings, is back with the next installation of the Sundance Channel series, the first of which airs tonight. This time around, the subjects include shoemaker Christian Louboutin, perfume editor Frédéric Malle, photojournalist Benno Graziani, and actress-slash-singer Charlotte Gainsbourg. got the exclusive first glimpse at the Gainsbourg episode, in which she talks about her early interest in acting and singing, inspired largely by her parents, Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg. “The first attraction to becoming an actress wasn’t really acting. It was more to do with the film crew, the set, being a child in that atmosphere. It’s like the perfect holiday,” says Gainsbourg, who recently starred in Lars von Trier’s Melancholia. “Apparently, my mother says that she knew I wanted to become an actress.” Watch the film clip, below.

Beginnings airs tonight at 8 p.m. ET and on

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