September 2 2014

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No Use Crying Over Spilt Vodka


Bottle service, deafening dance music, and an eager chorus of people clamoring to get in—just another Friday night at Avenue, except for the shared genes. Charlotte Ronson was throwing the after-party for her Bryant Park show, and, as usual, the family—less brother Mark, who’d flown back to London earlier that day for an album release—was there to celebrate. That’s not to say it was a Ronson-only crowd. The bash (sister Sam on the turntables) drew Zoe Kravitz, Cory Kennedy, and the ubiquitous Jared Leto (pictured, with Ronson), as well as a glut of Ronson’s fans, friends, and staff. Why not a calmer affair? “There’s too many people that work too hard—you can’t contain them,” Ronson said from her banquette, adding that after a runway event where “all those little things have to fall into place,” it’s nice to be able to get a little sloppy. “You can spill a lot of vodka and be like, oh, I meant to do that.”

And a few blocks downtown at Provocateur, Rag & Bone was celebrating its after-party, though the spills David Neville was thinking of were tears, not vodka. “We were crying backstage,” he said of the reaction among his staff when the last womenswear look went out at their show earlier that day. “It’s been such an intense season for us—we really put ourselves on the line, creatively, and coming to the end of that process, it was a little overwhelming.” And, his co-designer, Marcus Wainwright, hastened to add, the duo’s new stylist, Vanessa Reid, “kicked our ass”—in the best possible way. The bash was a celebration of many months of work, no less on the collection than on the soundtrack. “Five months,” Wainwright said, explaining that it takes that long for him and Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke to settle on the tracks for the shows, which Yorke then mixes and sends off. “A lot of bass this season. At the men’s show, we blew out a speaker.” One way, among many, that Rag & Bone has been blowing everyone away.

Photo: Sherly Rabbani and Josephine Solimene

Cheesecake And Checks At Saks


If you haven’t been thinking and seeing pink everywhere you turn, you’re probably living under that proverbial rock. October is, of course, the month for breast cancer awareness. Saks Fifth Avenue is doing its part in a few ways, one of which is donating 2 percent of all this upcoming weekend’s sales to the Entertainment Industry Foundation’s Women’s Cancer Research Fund. To kick it all off, yesterday the store hosted a private lunch on its second-floor café, where a smiling Steve Sadove, Saks’ CEO, was heavily outnumbered by a roomful of women, including Evelyn Lauder, Becki Newton, and Lauren Bush. Sadove announced that the store would be donating another $500,000 to Lauder’s own charitable fund, the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

But inevitably, conversation turned to more casual and girly matters. “I’m exhausted,” said Charlotte Ronson. “I’m basically doing double duty with the JCPenney line and my own. But I can’t complain.” Fresh from Paris fashion week, Lauren Remington Platt and Annelise Peterson wistfully recalled the phenomenon of the leisurely European lunch. “I lived in Paris after college and I would just wander around the Marais,” said Platt. Appropriately, a pink dessert was served to end the proceedings. En route to the ladies room, Newton joked, “Don’t steal my cheesecake!”

Photo: Chance Yeh/Patrick

Talking Sex, Drugs, And Older Men At Cinema Society


It was a buzzy evening for the Cinema Society crowd last night—a chance to see Oscar contender pic An Education with rising-star ingenue Carey Mulligan and to check out the new Crosby Street Hotel. There to take in the event, co-hosted by Dior Beauty and Möet & Chandon, were Rachel Roy, Susan Sarandon, Charlotte Ronson, and Agyness Deyn. The film centers on a teenaged Mulligan coming of age in sixties-era suburban London with the help of much older man, played by Peter Sarsgaard. So what was growing up in that era really like? “It was a very empowering time,” said Sarandon, who is Mulligan’s cast mate in the upcoming Wall Street 2. “You felt you could change the course of history, and you did. The music was great, the drugs were great, the sex was great.” Mulligan, however, got a different picture while researching through friends’ parents and her on-set driver. “My driver told me it was dull,” said the 24-year-old Brit. “It was sort of boring as depicted in the film.” Mulligan also relied on secondhand study to portray a love-struck girl in a relationship with a healthy age gap. “I’ve played it very safe,” said Mulligan, who very recently became a tabloid fixture for her budding relationship with another Wall Street 2 co-star, Shia LaBeouf. “It’s mostly because I’ve just never met anyone older. But I think men that are a little bit older is a good thing and I can understand the appeal.”

Photo: Billy Farrell/Patrick McMullan

Friday Night Lights


On any given Friday night, the corner of 14th Street and Ninth Avenue is going to be a traffic morass. But if the gridlock seemed a little heavier than usual last night, it probably had something to do with all the cabs stopping in front of Abe & Arthur’s, the joint that’s taken over the former Lotus space. Much to the surprise of guests, both Rag & Bone and Charlotte Ronson had booked their after-parties at the venue; the designers themselves only became aware of the overlap the day before. Rag was downstairs, Ronson up, and more than a few fashion VIPs found themselves walking into the wrong party by accident. C’est la vie: Pretty much everyone at both parties was landing at the Jane later, anyway. Erin Wasson had taken over the mezzanine at the hotel for her postshow soirée, but it didn’t take long for that upstairs/downstairs divide to be breached, either. Kirsten Dunst, Camille Bidault-Waddington, André, Humberto Leon, Swaim Hutson, and Kate Mulleavy were among the attendees finding room to mingle wherever they could—per usual this week, the bar was packed to the gills. Wasson herself could be found, at one point, perched on the bar downstairs waiting for a drink like a regular plebe. “I don’t really care if everyone liked the show,” she said of her blowout at the tents, which saw Gang Gang Dance playing, Bruce Willis watching, and models including Freja and Lily Donaldson walking. “All I care about is that everyone felt it.” And with that, Wasson was on to the next thing—most imminently, elbowing her way back upstairs. “Anyway,” she commented, “the show’s in the past now. And I’m all about the future.”

Photo: Hanuk

Charlotte Ronson Fires Up The Grill


“I figured a barbecue was a good way to celebrate the end of summer,” Charlotte Ronson explained at her blowout fête at the Chelsea Piers last night. Given the heat index, the event didn’t much feel like a last hurrah. What with the fried chicken, burgers, cotton candy, and ice cream on offer, the party, given in honor of the I Heart Ronson Fall collection for JCPenney, came off more like a conspicuously haute state fair. One where Champagne is served instead of pork rinds, and where guests are invited to take home, say, a body-con top with cutouts, rather than check out the latest in ag technology. Nevertheless, Fall was definitely in the air: Ronson admitted that she’s been burning the midnight oil prepping for fashion week, and Chris Benz made the scene along with buddy Eva Amurri, despite similar preoccupations. Inside, Byrdie Bell, Fabiola Beracasa, and Jennifer Creel awaited. (Socials! In the city! In August!) And of course, the full complement of Ronsons turned up—Sam and Mark worked the decks, Ann Dexter-Jones worked the crowd. And for what it’s worth, Cintra Wilson: Despite the Penney’s imprimatur, pretty much everyone in attendance was fashionably slender. Then again, what with all the fried chicken and ice cream, maybe the department store is trying to fatten us New Yorkers up.

Photo: Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images