July 25 2014

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28 posts tagged "Charlotte Ronson"

Agyness: Fake It To Make It


Arden Wohl, Richie Rich, and Charlotte Ronson came out to celebrate a night of fur-free fashion at the Humane Society of the United States’ Cool vs. Cruel Awards. The event at the Bowery Hotel featured the fur-free designs of Art Institutes students. By evening’s end, Gohar Rajabzadeh was announced as the winner for her shaggy faux fur coat made of acrylic yarn and cotton. “I’m a big fan of Cool vs. Cruel,” said Ronson, who judged the event last year, resulting in the Humane Society sponsorship for her show. Wohl agreed. “Now I think we have the technology to not use fur,” she said. “It pushes designers to be as creative as they can using alternative materials,” she said. In addition to Rich, the event’s designer contingent included Maria Cornejo and Libertine’s Cindy Greene. “We have put fur on the runway, but it’s always been vintage,” Rich explained. “I don’t know if I would use real fur right now. I care about how they get the fur. That freaks me out.” Agyness Deyn, who deejayed the event with boyfriend Albert Hammond, Jr., urged people to at least be aware of the alternatives. “Comme des Garçons uses all fake furs and I have fur-looking coats that aren’t really fur,” said the model. “They use such good fakes nowadays that you don’t need to buy the real thing.”

Photo: Jimi Celeste /

blasblog: sunday night’s who, what, and where


Having had a bit of a rough evening, I knew that I need something pretty special to pep up my spirits when I finally made it to the Spotted Pig last night, where a little event organized by Carlos Lopez of Cluballah for the ladies of Who What Wear was underway. There, in the middle of the room, was Nicole Richie, flowered headband in place, giving a spirited lyrical interpretation of a Michael Jackson song. And voilà, my party face was back on. “I wanted to do something intimate and casual and fun,” Hillary Kerr, one half of WWW (her partner is Katherine Power), explained at a table she was sharing with Charlotte Ronson and stylist Nicolas Bru. “We wanted to do something as not fashion week-y as possible.” When a few of the dinner guests began the topless part of the dance-athon, we can pretty much agree her goal was reached.


Photo: Jemal Countess/WireImage


all in the family, ronson style


Ronson-mania! Saturday night saw the kids of Mick tie one on family-style, as Mark and Samantha Ronson joined sister Charlotte at Country Club to celebrate her Spring ’09 collection. Yes, Lilo showed, along with fellow paparazzi-bait Nicole Richie and Benji Madden, and yes, super-producer Mark jumped on the decks, as did his half-brother Alexander Dexter-Jones, and yes, it was pretty much a typical night for the Ronson clan. Had family dynamics influenced Charlotte as a designer? “Well, this whole collection was sort of about, how does a girl who grew up going to rock shows want to dress now?” she explained. “Very easy, pretty, but not precious. I wanted some of that ‘whatever’ attitude.” “Whatever” had indeed emerged as a theme at Ronson’s show earlier that day—many of the tops and dresses had been cut and layered to look as if they were about to slip off. But the big slip-off happened later, as the Ronson crew packed up for yet another celebration—this time, for Mark’s belated birthday party. “I didn’t get to see him on his birthday,” said Charlotte, “and I wasn’t even sure if I’d see Sam tonight, because she was maybe supposed to DJ somewhere. But I’m really happy we got to have a family night, after all.”

Photo: Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images