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Look Better (Almost) Naked


“Wearing a bikini is the most naked we ever are in public, so I wanted to create a palette of classic silhouettes that make it easy for women to enjoy that experience,” says swimwear designer Matthew Zink. “I think the swimwear market was missing a brand for the ultimate bikini lover. There didn’t seem to be a provocative swimwear outlet for the gal that wanted a simple approach to feeling sexy.”

Zink certainly knows a thing or two about designing for the almost-naked body—he spent five years at the helm of Victoria’s Secret as the lingerie powerhouse’s design director. During that time, he fell in love with swimwear and eventually departed to launch his line, Charlie by Matthew Zink, in July 2010. “I had so many girl friends that couldn’t seem to find a classic, simple, sexy bikini, so I wanted to create a brand that celebrated the golden era of swimwear that represented the joyful sexuality of the seventies and eighties,” Zink (who also had stints working under Stefano Pilati and Carolina Herrera) tells, naming the likes of Jerry Hall, Stephanie Seymour, Gianni Versace, and Roy Halston as muses and mentors for his work. “I want to capture that effervescent glamour of these icons of the past.”

Cher, in particular, was his icon of choice for his latest retro collection of swimwear and cover-ups. “I tried to imagine Cher bursting into the Rainbow Room with its arresting rainbow-lighted, oval-shaped ceiling and countless palm plants reaching high above the tables filled with guests that seem to go on forever.” In swimwear terms, that translated into barely-there bikinis in varying bright shades of blue and green, offered in zigzag and dot prints, and cover-ups to match. And it appears retailers like what they see—the line is already available on Net-a-Porter, but Zink’s latest collection ($190 to $375) has also been snatched up by the likes of Barneys (hitting stores later this month),, and the Webster. Coming soon to Charlie by Matthew Zink: shoes.

Photo: Courtesy of Charlie by Matthew Zink

Yea, Nay, Or Eh? Kristen Bell In Bloom


The look in Burlesque may be all rhinestones, all the time—thanks to a little help from Swarovski, of course—but the look at Burlesque‘s London premiere was a hint more demure. Cher may have gone all-out for the London carpet with a bright orange wig and lacy, black Julien MacDonald, but co-star Kristen Bell played a more ladylike card: this sweet, back-pleated, floral-print dress from Stella McCartney’s Resort ’11 collection. With stick-straight hair and satin Ferragamo pumps, Bell lets the print do the work. We’d say the shift is a little short for January temperatures—it’s been hovering around 30 degrees Fahrenheit in London—but she’s putting on a brave face. What do you think of her blossoming look: yea, nay, or eh?

Photo: David Fisher/Rex/Rex USA

Loree Rodkin Designs For The Cause, Vacations With Cher


Loree Rodkin’s client base includes names big and bigger, but for her latest piece, the jewelry designer committed herself to giving back. She flew into London last night for the launch of “Rocks, Stones, and Metals” at Joseph, where she—along with Stephen Webster, Delfina Delettrez, Katie Hillier, and Hannah Martin—collaborated with the retailer on a curated collection sold to benefit UNICEF.

She joined a crowd that included Daphne Guinness, Alexandra Shulman, Ozwald Boateng, and Charlotte Dellal, whose mom, Andrea, was on hosting duties with Michael Roberts. The guest list might’ve wowed a lesser designer, but Rodkin is used to keeping famous company—she counts Elton John, Courtney Love, and Cher among her friends and clients. (Here in the U.S., she’s best known for designing Michelle Obama’s inauguration gems, but her first client was no slouch, either: Elizabeth Taylor.)

At the cocktail party, Rodkin (left, with Andrea Dellal) revealed that she’s been experimenting with restaurant design (with Luau in Beverly Hills), eyeglasses (“Elton’s got hundreds!”), perfumes, and candles. While in London, she tells, she’ll be “shopping at Browns, Feathers, and of course Joseph, trying to manage a facial at Harrods, and finally trying to get some rest. Last, I’m meeting my friend Cher for her London premiere of Burlesque on Monday. Then we are going on to Hawaii to switch off from all our respective traveling!” Travels with a diva? We can only imagine what bedazzled inspiration will come out of that one.

Photo: Courtesy of Joseph

A Diet Of Seventies Baubles And Berardi


The activity inside Padma Lakshmi’s airy East Village test kitchen-slash-jewelry studio and showroom last week covered the gamut of its proprietor’s range of talents. There were offers of a delicious-smelling lentil stew and a cocktail of Champagne and pineapple juice, as well as a gentle insistence to try on various earrings, bracelets, and necklaces from her new Spring 2011 collection.

“The whole thing is very late sixties, early seventies,” explained Lakshmi, sipping a Diet Coke. “I was looking at old pictures of a very young Cher”—something in the air, perhaps?—”and also old pictures of my mother because I just had a baby and was working on photo albums.” Indeed, you could easily envision a young former Cherilyn Sarkisian in one of Lakshmi’s long, multi-strand beaded bibs that recall Masai neckpieces (left) or a pair of hoops strung with a fringe of pink opals. The soft blues, she explained, are inspired by the decade’s denim icon, Steve McQueen.

It’s actually a coincidence that the new line dovetails with the Me Decade bohemia on the Spring runways. Lakshmi rushed to finish the collection after wrapping Top Chef All-Stars in October. “Then I started going through the shows on to see, ‘Oh, does any of this make sense?’” she said. “And then luckily, it did. I think it’s going to look great with Marc Jacobs—those lovely bohemian blouses.”

As for her wardrobe on the show, Lakshmi requires a bit more structure. “I’ve learned over the seasons. Things that are blousy, like this,” she said, gesturing to her pajamalike black silk jumpsuit, “make me look fat and flabby. You don’t see depth on TV, and in HD, it’s worse.” Her on-air fashion diet is heavy on Antonio Berardi. “As I gain weight in the season, it just sucks you in,” she explained. “I think half my dresses are Antonio Berardi. I love him.”

And of course, her own jewelry, having started the collection almost two years ago because she couldn’t find what she needed: delicate yet impactful pieces that weren’t too jangly or noisy to wear while shooting. Bergdorf Goodman bought the first season, and it’s now at about ten retailers including and She just added Saks Fifth Avenue for next spring.

As for what’s next, Lakshmi says, “I don’t have any big plans for world domination. I don’t want to make shoes, or anything. Maybe evenings bags, but I’m really thinking about it just because you asked. I’m happy doing what I’m doing.”

Photo: Courtesy of Padma Lakshmi

Jewelry Finds From The Age Of Aquarius


Welcome to the seventies, man. We’ve been noticing for weeks now that the hard-edged eighties looks of last year are starting to give way to something a little softer—less body-con, more bodacious. As if on cue, The Way We Wore’s vintage buyer Doris Raymond has turned up a treasure trove of seventies pieces from design duo Alex & Lee. They certainly tapped into the era’s free-to-be-you-and-me ethos, designing more-is-more necklaces, bracelets, and brooches piling on metals, stones, and beads, and their wares wound up in the collections of some of the decade’s most flamboyant characters: Cher, Diana Ross, and, of course, Elton John. But no one outdazzles the designers themselves (below). In their own words: “Within the meditation of Love and Peace lies our inspiration for creation. We view ourselves as instruments through which a psychic language of affirmation materializes. Our process of collaboration leads us to the mystical union of at-one-ment.” Groovy!
Mixed media necklaces, price on request, available at The Way We Wore,

Photos: Courtesy of The Way We Wore