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On the Last Day of Mercury Retrograde, Chrissie Miller Explains It All


Kanon Organic Vodka Dinner Party to Celebrate the Opening of 143Has your computer stopped working? Did your brand-new shoes fall apart? Mercury Retrograde might be to blame for all that. Luckily, it all ends today. To celebrate, we asked Chrissie Miller (pictured, left), the daughter of fashion’s favorite astrologer Susan Miller (pictured, right) and a rising star expert herself, to shed some light on what’s been going on with the cosmos. Here’s what she had to say.

When I was young, my mom (Susan Miller) would tell me not to tell anyone that she knew astrology, so it’s still crazy to me that now Mercury Retrograde is part of normal conversation these days. First of all, I would like to set the record straight about it: Mercury in Retrograde—let’s call it “MR”—is not a bad thing. It can definitely be annoying, which is why it has a bad rap, but there are also great things that can happen during MR, too. Let me explain. Mercury is the planet of communication, language, writing, editing, research, and speaking—basically, it’s the planet that makes us get things done, and done right. When it is in Retrograde (going backward), it can make that more difficult. Also, I hear people say that Mercury is always in Retrograde. Well, it’s not. It happens three times a year, three and a half weeks a year.

The worst of it: Computers or anything electrical may not work and need repair. You may have a miscommunication with a friend or lover. I would avoid having big talks during this time. I wouldn’t get married or sign any contracts, at all. Nothing bad will happen, but again, it could be annoying. For example, if you sign a lease, you may have to move out sooner than you thought, or if you get married it might rain…stuff like that. I also try not to buy anything new, like clothes. I usually wind up not liking it, or it breaks.

The best of it: I got my first job out of college during MR. The job, which ended up lasting many years, was with a friend from high school who was starting his own business. When I run into someone from my past during MR, there is usually a good reason. Also, it’s a good time to clean your house—think of it as astrological spring cleaning. I bet you will find things you have been looking for. (I just found a pair of earrings that I thought were gone forever.)

I also want to point out that astrology is very complicated. It takes years and years of studying—it’s really a science. I have been studying it since birth, and I have just scratched the surface. I trust my mom because I know how long she has been studying and learning it. So, beware of your friends who tell you that Scorpio rising is messing with your love life. Stick with the professionals.

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Warby Parker’s Warriors


Nobody does NYC cult better than Chrissie Miller and her longtime collaborator, photographer Cass Bird. So when the gents at Warby Parker (who opened their Soho flagship in April) needed a film to help launch Ocean Avenue—the label’s latest collection, which was inspired by offbeat seventies gang thriller The Warriors—they knew just who to call. Set on Coney Island, the short depicts an old-school dance-off, during which the retro-styled cast members (think lots of denim, some leather biker jackets, and a few pairs of seriously short shorts), somewhat miraculously manage to keep their specs in place. “I liked the idea of two gangs dancing rather than fighting,” said Miller, who’s currently serving as Warby Parker’s creative consultant (she was also the creative director of the film).

Comprising eight optical frames and fourteen sunglasses, the Ocean Avenue range (available from tomorrow) presents a series of new hues, like Sea Glass Blue, Ginger Lemonade, Cream Soda, Newsprint Grey, and Orange Fizz. Take a first look at WP’s wares, as well as the debut of Miller and Bird’s film, above.

Getting Into “Club Chrissie”


In every group of friends, there’s the individual whose home becomes the go-to crash pad. For a certain subset of New Yorkers, that spot has long been Chrissie Miller’s apartment, a.k.a. “Club Chrissie,” which is also the name of Miller’s new Web series, a talk show that is “part Wayne’s World, part Pee-wee’s Playhouse,” she told “Cory Kennedy came up with the name ‘Club Chrissie,’ and it’s been one of those things I can’t get away from,” she explained. “I didn’t even want it to be called that, but it has just stuck. I’m like, that’s so embarrassing. Can’t it be something chic?”

Each seven-minute-long episode features a special guest who stops by to hang out with Miller (and her curious cast of puppets including Pidgey the Pigeon and Cory the Fish) and try a different craft or DIY project—”kind of like a downtown Martha Stewart,” she said. For example, Miller brought Pamela Love on to make jewelry together and Reece Hudson designer Reece Solomon to create a handbag. Other visitors dabbling in all forms of studding, tie-dyeing, and embroidering include Miller’s pals Drea de Matteo, performer Maxine Ashley, Mickey Boardman, and Pharrell Williams, whose virtual platform/YouTube channel I am OTHER is hosting the program.

“I’ve wanted to do something like this for a while, but I didn’t want it to be on TV TV. Previously, I had this idea to do something like ‘In Bed With Chrissie’ where I was just talking in bed with someone and that was the show,” she said. Miller went to film school, and cool visuals were always integral to the success of her cult T-shirt line Sophomore NYC, which she has put on hold for the moment to focus on projects like this. “I watch tons of YouTube videos, and my boyfriend [artist Leo Fitzpatrick] knows every single funny video out there. He’s basically finished the Internet, finding weird shorts that have like 100 hits. Hopefully ‘Club Chrissie’ is a bit more popular,” she laughed. Based on the show’s fun promo, debuting exclusively here on, we’re betting it will be a viral success.

“Club Chrissie” premieres on Monday and will be airing weekly at I am OTHER.

Byrne Baby Byrne


The Byrne Notice—a brand-spanking New York lifestyle site—may be monikered after Fiona Byrne (pictured, left), but it’s not another personal branding exercise. “I don’t want to put my diary on there,” says Byrne, the British expat journalist whose last project was, which she launched with Agyness Deyn. “It’s for me and my friends and people who are growing up like us, but it’s also authoritative. We say ‘we,’ not ‘me.’ “

Judging by the flock at last night’s Byrne Notice launch, co-hosted by J Brand, it’s a very royal “we” as far as downtown sovereignty goes. The designer posse that turned out to Acme for the fête included Eddie Borgo, Chrissie Miller, Rebecca Minkoff, and Christian Siriano, whose Chelsea lodgings were just featured on the site. “I didn’t mean it to be as fashion-y,” Byrne said as Jenne Lombardo and Opening Ceremony’s Kate Foley passed by, “but it just seems to come to me.” Though good old fashion makes up the bulk of the content, Byrne seeks to make the site a comprehensive guide to the styled life. Of her epicurean philosophy, she said, “If you have a salted caramel anywhere on your menu, I will go there. I like Laboratorio di Gelato, I love Miss Lily’s. But I’ll also go to Starbucks and get one of those caramel iced things—I’m not a Blue Bottle snob.” Swag aspirations tempered with populist good humor? Noticed.

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Karaoke With Chrissie


Leave it to New York cool girl Chrissie Miller to turn her Fall ’12 collection video for her line Sophomore into a party. For the short film, she enlisted her friends, including Jessica Stam and Cory Kennedy, to sing Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams,” wearing Miller’s latest tees and maxi dresses. Watch the video (and sing along if you like), above. Click here to read our review as part of Video Fashion Week.

Photo: Courtesy of Sophomore