August 22 2014

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Truth Or Dare, The Sophomore Way


No one knows who invented the game Truth or Dare. But Sophomore designer Chrissie Miller has a pretty good theory as to why it’s proven so popular. “Based on my own experience, it’s just the obvious thing for boys and girls to do when they get together for the first time,” she says. “You’re kids, you’re looking around the room at each other, and you realize, we have absolutely nothing to talk about.” Miller has had Truth or Dare on the brain lately; together with frequent collaborator Cass Bird, she’s created a short documentary featuring the likes of Chloë Sevigny, Lesley Arfin, Jen Brill, Scott Campbell, and PJ Ransone playing the game.

Of course, in addition to all of the pre-teen boys and girls worldwide, Truth or Dare has one very famous practitioner: Madonna, who named her 1991 doc after the game. It’s that flick, in fact, that inspired Miller to lens her own. “I watched it not that long ago, and I just loved it, and I thought, we’ve got to do that,” Miller explains. “It’s not a typical ‘fashion’ film—it’s for Sophomore, yeah, but the clothing isn’t my main concern. I prefer to focus on making something interesting, that people will want to watch. So I rounded up some friends, we got a room at the Bowery Hotel, and came up with a list of questions.” Those questions led to hours of footage, all of which was boiled down to the six-minute film. All that editing means there was plenty left on the cutting room floor—including a few tantalizing bits. “There was one point where Chloë dared Lesley Arfin to kiss her,” Miller recalled. “It was really adorable—I mean, they’ve been friends forever, and they were both willing to go there with the game.” The film debuts tomorrow on, and tonight, Miller is hosting a screening in Los Angeles at Paul and Andre, the unmarked bar recently opened by Paul Sevigny and André Saraiva.

Photos: Cass Bird

The Spring Collections Are Heating Up—Literally


It was stiff competition to draw the concert-going crowds last night—with the Dead Weather at Don Hill’s, Robyn and Kelis at Webster Hall, and Arcade Fire in Central Park—but Intermix still managed to get a crowd to its own bash at Skylight Studios. English popsters Locksley and Deluka played for a crowd stylish enough for a music video—which, it turns out, was exactly the idea. “I wanted this to be like U2′s ‘Where the Streets Have No Name’ video,” Intermix founder Khajak Keledjian said.

Bono wasn’t on the premises, but Sophomore’s Chrissie Miller (pictured; she also curated the evening’s music), Rag & Bone’s David Neville and Marcus Wainwright, and Jeffrey Costello and Robert Tagliapietra all were. And according to the latter, it was a rare night out. “We have the shades drawn, the windows closed. We don’t know what time of day it is. It’s too hot to do anything, so we’re Googling for inspiration,” Tagliapietra said of the weather-induced lockdown he and Costello are under at their Brooklyn abode. But that’s given them plenty of time to focus on their upcoming collection, which they appropriately describe as “influenced by the gestures of nature”—even down to how the recent heat and sun has affected the flora of their neighborhood.

Miller’s inspiration comes more from a summer past than the summer present—the ’82 cult movie Summer Lovers, to be exact. “It’s the worst movie,” she laughs. “But its style is incredible—Darryl Hannah goes to Greece for the summer and wears amazing, comfy beachy tees. I don’t believe in wearing dresses, really, so it fits my ‘dressed-up basic’ vision well.” Her own summer refuge has been Montauk, where she’ll be hosting a Sophomore pop-up shop at the new Cynthia Rowley store this weekend. “I may do something similar for Fashion’s Night Out.” And then? “Paris for fashion week—I don’t take real vacations!” As working vacations go, that one doesn’t sound too bad.

Photo: Courtesy of Intermix

Cynthia Rowley And Friends Take Montauk


It’s now past noon on Friday of Memorial Day weekend, which means one thing: The L.I.E. is probably already jammed bumper-to-bumper with New Yorkers headed for the Hamptons. When you finally make it out there, at least, you’ll have the reward of Cynthia Rowley’s new Montauk store, which opens this weekend. The vibe of the store—not a pop-up, by the way; it’ll be open year-round—is laid-back and understated, in keeping with Montauk’s status as the un-Hamptons Hampton. “We wanted to be respectful of the chill, rustic vibe of Montauk, where there are no chains—no Starbucks and no McDonalds,” Rowley says. “I just wanted a tiny little shop that would be more relaxed than the rest of the Hamptons.” Inside, you’ll find all of Rowley’s collections, including her recent ones with Roxy, and a special surfboard she customized with Thomas Meyerhoffer, plus a few items from friends and well-wishers, like laser-cut necklaces by Waris Ahluwalia and candles from Diptyque, CR’s neighbor in the West Village. The gang’s-all-here ethos goes further than a few pieces in-store, too: A small shed outside the shop will be given to a revolving cast of friends to take over as a pop-up, including Chrissie Miller of Sophomore (evidently, this is the Montauk space she mentioned last week); Aaron “A-Ron” Bondaroff; and Brooklynite gourmand William Brown, who’ll stock it with his homemade snacks and jams.

Cynthia Rowley, 696 Montauk Highway, Montauk, N.Y., (631) 668-8076.

Photo: Courtesy of Cynthia Rowley

Soho’s Hot New Chinese Import (Some Assembly Required)


There was a little bit of confusion last night at the opening party for Shanghai-based retailer JNBY’s new Soho shop. Finding it wasn’t the issue—it’s prime Soho territory, after all—but figuring out the clothes occasionally was. “I thought this was a tank top, but when I got it home, I realized it was a dress,” laughed Sophomore’s Chrissie Miller, one of the evening’s three JNBY-clad DJs, of her mini black tank. Lissy Trullie (pictured), who performed with her band, liked her JNBY outfit, too, though she also shared the confusion. “It’s very, very comfortable,” she said of her fringed black dress and jersey-and-leather moto jacket. “I love the jacket…which I think I put on the right way. It’s cool and slim to the arms, so it’s good for playing.” Puzzling or not, Cassie Coane, who also did a turn at the decks, put her finger on the label’s appeal: “It’s comfortable, plain, and looks good on anyone.”

Rapper Asher Roth and designers Anna Sheffield, Catherine Holstein, and Moises de la Renta were among those who came by for a look—though admittedly, there wasn’t a ton to look at. (The clothes were relegated to a single rack in the largely raw space.) But that should be remedied before this Saturday’s public opening. Good thing, too, as everyone seems to have summer plans in sight already. Trullie’s next album will be out at the end of the summer, and Miller is heading out to Montauk once warm weather sets in. “I’m not supposed to say this, but we might do a pop-up shop,” she told us. “We’re also going to do another video lookbook soon. And this time, it’s going to be scripted.”

JNBY opens this Saturday at 75 Greene St., NYC.

Photo: David X Prutting/Patrick McMullan

Sophomore Celebrates Indio Rock


Chrissie Miller’s Sophomore may be a true-blue New York brand, but everybody deserves a vacation, right? Miller was one of the many East Coasters to head to Indio, Calif., for Coachella, where Sophomore teamed up with Kanon organic vodka to throw a bash for a few friends. Of course, these friends were the likes of Alexander Wang, Josh Hartnett, and Lindsay Lohan. Get your vicarious thrills above and below.

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