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Let the Games Begin


“I haven’t done a puzzle since I was 13,” Jason Wu confessed last night at Shiseido’s RxArt party for Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama’s jigsaw puzzle and its own new Future Solution LX skincare line. “I’m definitely going to buy one. But knowing me, I’ll toss everything else aside until I finish it!” At least the missed work day will be for a good cause. Sales of the 200-piece puzzle, which features Kusama’s Self-Portrait (2008), will benefit RxArt’s program to engage hospital patients with contemporary art. (Aptly, the 80-year-old artist currently lives—by choice—in a Tokyo mental institution.) Kusama skipped the party, but quite a crowd turned up at the airy West Village space to celebrate, including Lauren Santo Domingo, Olivier Zahm and André Saraiva, Terry Richardson, and the party perennials of the downtown cool set, Sophomore’s Chrissie Miller, Jen Brill, and Nate Lowman, who split DJ duties with Leo Fitzpatrick for the night.

The rub with puzzles, of course, is finding the time to complete them. Vena Cava’s Lisa Mayock, who recently moved the line’s offices from Brooklyn to Manhattan, was glad the party’s nearby location gave her a few minutes to admire Kusama’s self-portrait. Daphne Guinness professed to being a fan, too, but the heiress/designer/muse may be a little busy for puzzling: “I live in New York now, but I’m basically flying all the time for work.” But with cold weather coming, a good puzzle may be just the rationale a party girl needs for a night at home. Opening Ceremony’s Carol Lim agreed. “I’m going to take up puzzles again,” she said. “It’s the perfect excuse for staying in.”

The Stone Set: Dinner With Samantha Wills


There was a sort of meta-Hollywood moment on Tuesday night at a girly dinner for Aussie model-turned-jewelry designer Samantha Wills when Lindsay Lohan tried on a set of bracelets strung with religious charms, named Mary-Kate. The Sydney-based Wills was in town after a trip to Los Angeles, where she’s already amassed a starlet following. Lohan certainly seemed to like what she saw. The intimate dinner (and we mean 12-person intimate, not 100) at the Bowery Hotel’s Gemma, hosted by Sarah Howard, drew more would-be fans like Chrissie Miller, Amy Greenspon, and Zani Gugelmann. Wills’ five-year-old collection has been quite the hit down under and now sells in the States at Nordstrom, Blue & Cream in New York, and Beckley in Los Angeles. The look of the line—all rendered in semiprecious gems and various metals—is decidedly bohemian, but tracks the entire range of that category from the rocker chic end to the more luxe in statement cocktail rings and cuffs set with big colorful stones. Though Wills is based in Sydney, you’ll probably be seeing the former face of Billabong around town in New York, where she’s decided to spend more time.

Blasblog: Packing For Paris, Finalizing The Fêtes


When I opted out of Milan fashion week, I felt a bit pleased with myself. Post-London, seeing my colleagues pack their bags for yet another foreign city to stay in another hotel and see more fashion shows, I was happy to come home and recharge. But as I got the late-night texts and saw the shows here on, I started to feel left out. Maybe that’s why I’m raring to go to Paris tomorrow night for another week of fun, fashion, and fabulous parties.

Speaking of the latter, as I look at the schedule, I’m particularly intrigued. Here we are still in a recession and hearing tales of the industry’s economic woes, but I’ve got a full roster of late-night revelry. It starts with a Montblanc fête on October 1 and ends with a private cocktail at the Ritz (oh, how I’ve missed the Ritz!) hosted by Eugenie Niarchos for Repossi jewels. Sandwiched in between are nonstop party hops.

My top three? First, there’s Chrissie Miller’s Sophomore party at Le Baron on Saturday night. (Last year she introduced me to none other than Pamela Anderson. I’m curious to see who she’s got up her sleeve this time.) Then there’s Mario Testino’s book launch of MaRio de Janeiro (ha!) on Monday night. Finally, there’s another Fendi fête. Last season, Karl and co. hired Beth Ditto to perform and writhe around in barely a stitch while Kate and co. watched in shock and awe. Who have they got this time? It’s a surprise. Check back here for that tidbit and of course all the best parties and pics from the City of Light!

Photos: Craig Arend/Altamira NYC and Courtesy of Fendi

Blasblog: The Camera Phone, Now A Legit Artistic Medium


With camera phone technology getting increasingly sophisticated (did you know some of those suckers can do high-def video now?), this was bound to happen: an art show composed entirely of snaps taken on cells. Such was the gist of a party at the Stephan Weiss Studio on Wednesday night to celebrate Exilim’s new phone, where giant slideshows of the work several New York art types—Cass Bird, Justin Giunta, Richard Kern, Danielle Levitt, Chrissie Miller (see her self-portrait above), and Christian Weber—took on these new phones were projected on the walls. For the artists themselves, it turned out to be a fun experience. Bird, a professional photographer, found herself dabbling in food styling, like when she propped an order of French fries into a sunset, and shooting pics of skateboarders on the street. “I guess you don’t realize how many photographable things surround you,” she said in the VIP section of the party. The technological progress of camera phones was a hot topic of conversation, especially since the crowd spanned chic teenagers, like Taylor Momsen and Zoë Kravitz, to a more mature audience, like Mick Rock and Ann Dexter-Jones. “I can remember when there weren’t even digital cameras,” smiled Dexter-Jones. “Actually, I can remember the time before cell phones.” One good thing—or bad, depending on who you’re asking—about this sort of picture is how intimate they can be. In a few of snaps that Sophomore designer Chrissie Miller took of Lindsay Lohan, Mandy Moore, and the Virgins’ Donald Cumming for her portfolio, they look just like regular folk. “Everyone keeps asking me who the vivacious redhead is in these pictures,” Miller joked. “And I say, ‘Only the most photographed woman in the world: Lindsay Lohan.’ “

Blasblog: Trenchcoat Teases On The L.E.S.


Jen Brill and Chrissie Miller were a little disappointed when they showed up at the Thompson LES hotel on Thursday night to celebrate the debut of Shoshanna Gruss and Charlotte Ronson’s swimwear collaboration, Made With Love. “Shoshanna promised me that she would be wearing one of the bikinis with high heels and a trench coat. Major letdown,” Brill sighed. Then Miller added, “And now she’s dressed up in a pink prom dress. What a tease.” Perhaps they were the only friends who needed such a guarantee to pound down to the L.E.S., because it seemed as though Gruss and Ronson’s other fans—Lindsay Price, Alexandra Richards, Lissy Trullie, and Ronson matriarch Ann Dexter-Jones, included—were more than happy to see the fully clothed designers. True to the name, the collaboration was an amiable effort. “Not a single fight between the two of us,” bragged Gruss of the fabric research, designing, and fit process. “It was like I was another sibling—which wouldn’t be hard for Charlotte, I guess. Ya know, since she’s one of ten.” Seriously! By the end of the night Miller’s spirits had lifted. “Are you kidding me? Is that Jill Zarin?” she enthused (without a shred of irony) when she spotted the Real Housewives of New York City star. “Someone take my picture with her.”



Photo: Courtesy of Made With Love