August 29 2014

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Saloni Lodha’s Moroccan Spring


Last night, designer Saloni Lodha threw a party to celebrate the launch of Nomadic Interlude, David Dunan’s book of photographs of the Spring ’13 Saloni collection, as worn by Christina Kruse. Dunan, Lodha, and Kruse were accompanied on their shoot in Morocco by filmmaker Ruth Hogben, who made a moody film featuring the collection. Here, debuts Hogben’s video online.

The Jane Hotel Loses A Glass


There was magic in the air at the Jane Hotel last night, as David Blaine and Juergen Teller teamed up to toast the new issue of The Journal. The hosts—and Journal contributors—were joined by Michael Nevin, founder and editor of the Brooklyn-based pub; Carlos Quirarte and Matt Kliegman, who had a hand in planning the event; and Nate Lowman, who was intermittently deejaying. Lowman wasn’t the only art scenester to swing by—Urs Fischer (right, with Teller) popped in, as did Gavin Brown. And model/photographer Christina Kruse showed up, too, fresh off her appearance on the Alexander Wang catwalk on Saturday and just ahead of debuting her new video at the Threeasfour show tonight.

Noting the crowd building around Blaine, Nevin explained that the illusionist does magic almost obsessively. “I’m sure that’s what’s going on,” Nevin said. “I had him and Juergen over for dinner last night, and he was showing us tricks half the time.” Sure enough, Blaine had his pack of cards out and was wowing a circle of party guests with his maneuvers. At one point, he capped off a trick by grabbing a girl’s cocktail, downing it, and then eating the glass. We’re not sure if that counts as magic, but it was something to see. Without watching, exactly. “Is that blood?” the girl asked, aghast. “Probably,” Blaine said, chewing. For his part, Nevin demurred when asked if he knew any magic tricks. “Making magazines,” he deadpanned. “That’s the only one.”

Photo: Marc Dimov / Patrick McMullan

Christina Kruse Reveals Her Reisebuch


A model taking pictures of herself? That may sound like a project born of narcissism, but in the case of model-photographer Christina Kruse, something like the opposite was in effect. Back when she began shooting self-portrait Polaroids in 1996, Cruse explains her motives were more practical. “I was trying to teach myself how to take pictures,” she said. “And I was traveling a lot at the time, so it seemed like I was the most convenient subject.” Eventually, it struck Kruse that she was compiling a kind of visual travel journal, and she began to collect her images and play on them for a series of books that also comprise her collages and drawings. This evening, she opens her first show of these works at the Steven Kasher Gallery in west Chelsea, an event that also marks the launch of Kruse’s Reisebuch 1-5. “Reisebuch means travel book in German,” she says. “I’ve selected images from the five books I made over the years and put them together in one, more formal book.” Though she had offers from two publishing houses, Kruse has elected to publish the books herself—fitting, given that she’s kept her art and photography a relatively private project. “I really only picked up the camera because I was at the point in my modeling career where I was starting to think, this will end soon, so what next?” she recalls. “I didn’t show anything to anyone for a long time. But I think that’s good. Doing things by myself meant that I didn’t just teach myself to take pictures, but that I also got to teach myself how to see.”

In Memoriam: The It Bag


Is the It bag’s long, slow death finally over? While also in mourning, Suzy Menkes drives the final nail. Rising from the once highly coveted tote’s fresh grave? The Fantasy Shoe, the Bang-Up Bauble, and even actual clothes.

Model-turned-photog Christina Kruse thinks that all publishing went downhill after the Gutenberg Bible. Oh Christina, you’ve no idea how low it can go.

When the going gets tough, the tough buy lunch for everyone soigné in Palm Beach. Douglas Hannant is taking a road trip to wine, dine, and woo the ladies who lunch.

Don’t hate on awards season overload; embrace. The BAFTAs are next, and, for now, the Brit under-30 set is untarnished, talented, and refreshingly underexposed. For now.

It looks like someone at the Academy put his thinking cap on: “There has been a whisper as well that some celebrity arrivals on Oscar night might not walk the red carpet at all—a twist that would force the curious actually to watch the show itself…” So that’s how you’re going to play it? Game on.

The marmot speaks: six more weeks of winter. Awesome.

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