August 29 2014

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Jobs, Restaurants, and Now a Magazine—It’s Just the Cherry on the Cake


The tired cliché that fashion doesn’t eat is weakening every day. The latest assault on its reign comes courtesy of Kerry Diamond (by day, PR executive at Coach; by night, partner and co-owner of three bustling Brooklyn restaurants) and Claudia Wu (principal of the graphic design firm Oprhan, founder of Me Magazine) and their new food-meets-fashion biannual, Cherry Bombe. It may have the distinction of being the first culinary journal with a Karlie Kloss cover.

Diamond and Wu (above) are the definition of multi-hyphenate multitaskers, but at Cherry Bombe‘s Jo Malone London-sponsored launch party last night at the Spotted Pig’s semisecret third-floor test kitchen, she shrugged off questions of how she’d managed to put together a full magazine while juggling her other commitments. (Questioner finds his hands full with merely a biannual magazine and Web site to contend with, let alone a second job or a restaurant empire.) “Everyone says that, but it’s not like I’m there cooking or washing the dishes,” she laughed. “My boyfriend works at night. No kids, no pets.” Anyway, she went on, “It really was a labor of love in the truest sense of the phrase. There was also kind of a mission behind this. We really want to help all these great women in the industry get exposed a little bit more, and build a little bit more of a community.” Continue Reading “Jobs, Restaurants, and Now a Magazine—It’s Just the Cherry on the Cake” »

Angels Among Us, A Field Guide To France’s New First Lady, And More…


It’s a boy! Victoria’s Secret Angel Alessandra Ambrosio gave birth to her second child, a son, in Brazil yesterday. The happy news was announced as all such news important is announced in 2012: via Ambrosio’s mother-in-law’s Facebook page. [Vogue U.K.]

Today marks François Hollande’s first day as the President-elect of France, with Valérie Trierweiler (pictured) as First Lady. Vogue Italia has compiled a primer on her style for those wondering what to expect. [Vogue Italia]

The dust is settling for Linda Evangelista and François-Henri Pinault. The pair agreed on child support terms for their 6-year-old son yesterday, and will return to court today to approve the details. As it turns out, it takes more than a tense day in court to keep Linda from the Met. [WWD]

Speaking of the Met, it wasn’t the only game in town last night. While the fashion set descended on the museum for the Costume Institute Gala (the “East Coast Oscars”), the James Beard Foundation Awards (the “Oscars of the food world”) were taking place across town. Big winners included Momofuku Milk Bar’s Christina Tosi and Daniel Humm, who won the outstanding chef award for his work at New York’s Eleven Madison Park. [Huff Po]

Pop star M.I.A. has been rather M.I.A. ever since her 2010 album and mix tape, but the singer—who hit the Met last night on the arm of Stella McCartney—revealed her latest project to designing beer bottles. In the off hours, she’s working on a new album, too. [Spin]




Photo: Fred Dufour / Getty Images


How The Band Cookie Crumbles


Can Scott Sternberg ever be normal? Answer: No. Trust the Band of Outsiders designer to eschew the hip, hard-to-get-into spots when he throws a party to celebrate his first runway show on Saturday night, and instead decamp to Zaitzeff Burgers, a homey, perpetually under-attended joint in the East Village. Kirsten Dunst (above, with Sternberg), Aziz Ansari, Humberto Leon, Carol Lim, David Chang, and Dick Page joined Sternberg and his team for burgers and fries, not to mention beers and Dewar’s, and talk turned (as it must, when Sternberg is around) to cookies. Exhibit B, in the ongoing non-normalness of Scott Sternberg: The lemony cookies on the seats at the Band of Outsiders show. They were called Lemon Tree Huggers, which must be shorthand for the Best Cookie Ever. Sternberg recruited Momofuku Milk Bar pastry chef Christina Tosi, who previously contributed a Thai spiced cookie to his Fashion’s Night Out concession stand one September not long ago, to whip up an exclusive confection. “You will never eat that cookie again,” said Sternberg, sounding rather Heraclitus-like. “It existed only for the show.” Sternberg went on to note that Tosi’s cookie was subject to the same exacting scrutiny as the clothes in the new Band, Boy and Girl collections. “There was a lot of debate over the size of the cookie,” he recalled. “I thought they should be normal size. Some people thought a normal-size cookie at a fashion might be a little, you know, gauche. We finally agreed on a 3/4 scale.” Speaking on behalf of the BOO show attendees: Had we known we’d never taste that cookie again, the additional 1/4 would have been welcome.

Photo: Courtesy of Band of Outsiders