August 20 2014

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Talking News With Doutzen And More At In the Loop


We don’t know if this will make Bill Keller feel much better about the state of newspapers, but we still think he should know that model Doutzen Kroes is a big fan of the Gray Lady. By the way, we’re not in the habit of asking models about which news sources they read—mostly for fear of an unnecessary Palin-esque gotcha moment—but it seemed apropos at last night’s Cinema Society and New Yorker screening of In the Loop. (The model also peruses papers from her native Holland. “I always try to keep up with what’s going on in my own country too,” she said. “You have to!”) Though the film is a work of pure fiction, or so director Armando Iannucci claimed, the story of an American president and British prime minister in cahoots to get their war on sounds eerily familiar. Given the plot’s focus on just how (mis)information gets disseminated these days, we asked Iannucci how he separates fact from fiction. Turns out The New York Times et al. aren’t everybody’s go-to sources. “I actually really like The Daily Show,” Iannucci said. Fitting, perhaps, given the director’s comedic penchant. Star James Gandolfini wasn’t in a talking mood on the red carpet, but that didn’t stop him from approximating his tough-talking general role when we entered the theater, admittedly tardy. “You’re late,” he barked. Head down, we skulked to our seat next to Jessica Joffe, who, like us, laughed throughout the movie.

Photo: Charles Eshelman / Film Magic

Marc and Lorenzo Hit Match Point


It’s said that married people eventually start resembling their spouses—something about empathizing with one another causes couples to copy each other’s facial expressions. Well, Marc Jacobs and his boyfriend, Lorenzo Martone, have a head start. They’ve been working matching facial hair since at least last May, and at last night’s Cinema Society screening for Defiance we spotted the adorable duo in twin pelts. So, does the couple that sports fur together stay together? Maybe, but Jacobs is keeping those kickass Sprouse graffiti leggings all to himself.

of waistcoats, punting, and spanx



The Cinema Society and Victorinox gave guests–including Mamie Gummer, Jessica Joffe, and Hamish Bowles—occasion to revisit “Brideshead Revisited” last night, at the New York premiere of Julian Jarrold’s new film adaptation of Evelyn Waugh’s classic novel of class friction and forbidden love in interwar Britain. The after-party at the Gramercy Hotel rooftop was nice enough, but it had nothing on the impossibly posh bygone world depicted on-screen: waistcoats, white linen suits, and sybaritic afternoons spent punting at Oxford, where an aspiring artist (Matthew Goode) falls in with a glamorous aristocrat (Ben Whishaw) burdened by Catholic guilt. Goode seemed in awe of the period grandeur. “You’d have to go to Buckingham Palace” to find an English estate as majestic as Yorkshire’s Howard Castle, the film’s Brideshead stand-in, he declared. Co-star Hayley Atwell revealed that she donned an “itchy bob” wig for the role. Also, Spanx. “They were so restricting, and poor Julia is such a restricted character that it actually gave me a lot more to work with,” she insisted—surely one of the most high-brow justifications ever given for covert curve control. But not a bad one, come to think of it.

Photo: Billy Farrell / PatrickMcMullan

have band-aids, will travel



In yesterday’s sweltering heat, plenty of New Yorkers surely fantasized about getting away to somewhere chilly and exotic. Guests at last night’s Cinema Society screening of “Transsiberian,” Brad Anderson’s terrifying thriller about an American couple (Emily Mortimer and Woody Harrelson) on a Russian train trip, were not among them. Condé Nast Traveler—whose publicists clearly have a sense of humor—sponsored the screening and Soho Grand after-party. Mortimer, who spent a year in Moscow as an Oxford undergraduate, shared her vivid memories of flying Aeroflot: “There were chickens running up and down the aisles, newspapers stuck to the windows, Band-Aids plastered over each other on the ceiling.” (And then the engines started!) Explaining she’d recently visited Morocco, co-star Kate Mara declared herself an avid traveler. But her enthusiasm has its limits, Mara admitted. “I’d like to go to India, although I’m really scared of the toilet situation.”

Photo: Jason Kempin/

from cinema society guests, the vegas report



What happens in Vegas…made for good cocktail chatter at last night’s Cinema Society after-party for the screening of “Finding Amanda” at the Tribeca Grand. The dramedy, directed by Peter Tolan, tells the story of a gambling addict (Matthew Broderick) who heads to Sin City to rescue his prostitute niece (Brittany Snow) from a life of vice. Broderick, a non-gambler in real life, boasted he’d hung out backstage with Siegfried & Roy. But did he learn anything the world doesn’t know about the tiger tamers? “No,” Broderick admitted. “You pretty much know everything.” Amy Sacco said she recalled “chugging rosé” on her last visit. (Other parts of the trip, not so much.) Cynthia Rowley, a self-described blackjack nut, extolled the virtues of a town where you can get in on a game of cards anywhere—including in the hotel pool. Gambling in a bikini has its benefits, the designer quipped: “When you lose your shirt, it’s okay.”

Photo: Billy Farrell / PatrickMcMullan