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C’N'C Takes It To The Masses With Rock Royalty, Coke


“Fashion has gotten stale,” C’N'C’s Ennio Capasa informed us last night. “I wanted to zing things up so I thought I’d bring it to the people. ” For Capasa, this meant live national TV coverage, and “us,” the fashion folk on a grandstand behind a catwalk facing a crowd of 10,000 in Milan’s Piazza Duomo. We recovered from the initial shock of the spectacle just in time to be swept through a medley of Britain’s Got Talent-type performances capped off with a ramshackle troupe of airborne, flame-throwing wizards and a short set from the Killers. Then came the runway show with a frizzed-up selection of, as the press notes called them, “the children of yesterday’s rock stars” in the form of Pixie Geldof, Tali Lennox, and Daisy Lowe. (The lattermost disavowed to us her “wild child” status, claiming to be headed straight to her hotel room post-show to catch up on her Buffy the Vampire Slayer DVDs.)

Following that was the charity auction: Coca-Cola Light’s “Tribute to Fashion,” where giant coke bottles hit the catwalk. No, we haven’t segued into a Fellini-esque blog post dream sequence. The various bottles were designed by Italy’s major labels: Alberta Ferretti, Blumarine, Etro, Fendi, Marni, Missoni, Moschino, and Versace. Camps from all of the above were there to show their support. At any rate, though a bit goofy to say the least, the auction turned out to be a success. A total of €100,000 was raised for victims of the earthquake in Abruzzo.



Sound Meets Vision: The Music of Milan Fashion Week


Hard beats and powerful female voices—Tina Turner, Grace Jones—characterized the catwalk tunes this season. These strong sounds helped models put their best feet firmly forward. Here’s what we heard on the runways this week.


The Mood: Girly voices to sweet tunes
The Specifics: Feist, “1234″


The Mood: Melted-chocolate smooth tunes, transporting us back to the eighties
The Specifics: Grace Jones, “Sunrise Sunset”

Alberta Ferretti

The Mood: A meander through three versions of the same powerful nineties disco beat
The Specifics: “Your Love” by Florence and the Machine, Frankie
Kuckles, and Candi Station

Dolce & Gabanna

The Mood: An explosion of hard-beat grit
The Specifics: U2, “Get On Your Boots”

Salvatore Ferragamo

The Mood: A trip through haunting, melodic, and sophisticated sounds
The Specifics: Bat for Lashes, “A Forest”

Burberry Prorsum

The Mood: Earthy, almost acoustic tunes beautiful in their simplicity
The Specifics: Adele, “Hometown Glory”

C’N'C Costume National

The Mood: French pop eighties-style with a jumpy beat
The Specifics: Vive la Fête, “Nuit Blanche”


The Mood: Retro-feel music moving from slouchy to stringy
The Specifics: Q-Tip, “Move”

Roberto Cavalli

The Mood: Squelchy techno
The Specifics: Franz Ferdinand, “Ulysses”

Giorgio Armani

The Mood: Strong and powerful classics
The Specifics: Grace Jones, “Sunset Sunrise”


The mood: High-drama music tunes
The Specifics: Juno Reactor, “Rotorblade”

Luisa Beccaria

The Mood: Light tea-party tunes
The Specifics: René Aubry, “Désordre”

Gianfranco Ferré

The Mood: Postmodern smooth
The Specifics: Circlesquare, “Hey You Guys”