August 20 2014

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Brooklyn Decker: Hollywood Calls, But The Bikini Stays In The Picture


Normally a New York fixture, Condé Nast Traveler decamped to the left coast last night for their annual Hot List party, celebrating the issue that designates everything that’s, well, hot. Yes, that meant the most sought-after hotels, spas, restaurants, and resorts worldwide, but also regulation hotties like Sofia Vergara, Emma Stone, James Marsden, and Brooklyn Decker. Decker, a first-time attendee, was glad that this year’s fête made its way to Los Angeles. In town for meetings with her agents, the model-turned-actress seemed content to jostle among the Hollywood-heavy crowd. She recently made an eye-catching turn in Adam Sandler’s Just Go With It, and more’s on the way. “At the end of the day, it’s all so incestuous as it is,” the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition cover girl reasoned of her foray from modeling to the big screen. “If you look at magazine covers, it’s all actresses, and if you look at campaigns, it’s both models and actresses. I think the lines are so blurred between the two industries that I really feel fulfilled making movies.” That’s not to say she’s retiring the bikini any time soon.

Photo: Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images