July 31 2014

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Shop The Look: Winter Vacation


If you’ve been following the holiday countdown, you’ve realized that Christmas is but a week away, and New Year’s isn’t far behind. While some of us will unwind with staycations, others are spending the holiday in faraway places—places where the sun is shining and you can’t see your breath when you walk outside. If you’re lucky enough to be headed for the beach, warm weather wares are a must. Trade in that sweater for a bathing suit, swap your snow boots for sandals, and shop our picks from Lisa Marie Fernandez, Pierre Hardy, Proenza Schouler, and more below. And for even more holiday travel essentials, take a peek at Marina Larroude’s Shopping Guide.

1. Lisa Marie Fernandez bikini, $438, available at

2. Proenza Schouler T-shirt, $245, available at

3. Current/Elliott shorts, $178, available at

4. Tom Binns earrings, $300, available at

5. Pierre Hardy wedges, $675, available at

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The Great Cutoff Debate


Another day, another fashion dilemma. Over the past week, I have murdered several pairs of my jeans, trying to create the perfect pair of cutoffs. These were not jeans in my regular wardrobe rotation—I’m talking fat jeans, ill-advised thrift store purchase jeans, boot-cut jeans in a dark rinse that I attempted, to the permanent disgrace of my bathtub, to bleach down. You know the jeans I mean. We all have them piled up in the back of our closet. I didn’t mind sacrificing these jeans to the cutoffs cause—and the experimentation made me feel handy, thrifty, and eco-friendly. I even managed to make myself one serviceable pair. But this pair of cut-offs is not perfect, the way, say, Current/Elliott’s rolled, stretch denim cutoffs for Spring are perfect, with their perfect cut, their perfect soft fade, and their perfectly subtle distressing. “Buy them!” cries my heart. My head says: $187 for cutoffs? Are you nuts? Which brings me back to the bathtub, and the pile of jeans in the back of my closet (yes, there’s still a pile left over), and the X-Acto blade. How much is too much to pay for cutoffs? Is any price too high, if you have a bunch of long-unused denim hanging around the house, just waiting to be chopped? And while we’re at it—how short is too short, when it comes to cutoffs? Once again, I find myself attracted to a pair by Current/Elliott, but they are hella tiny; the interior hip pockets are visible nipping below the hem. Should this look be attempted by anyone other than Erin Wasson? Comments, please.



Photo: Greg Kessler


Current/Elliott Not Looking For New Boyfriend


Emily Current and Merrit Elliott aren’t complaining. They’re really not. The two stylists-cum-designers couldn’t be happier about the fact that their debut Current/Elliott denim collection has produced one bona fide style sensation—namely, the boyfriend jean. “We’re super-psyched that everyone loves the boyfriend,” says Current of the jean style seen everywhere at New York Fashion Week. “But that cut was just one example of a kind of worldview about denim.” She elaborates, “For us, it’s really about a more relaxed feeling. Less fussy. Roughed-up.” Not that the designers are breaking up with their boyfriend. New iterations of the style are turning up in the Current/Elliott collection for spring, along with a ruffled denim swimsuit that’s proven, in the girls’ estimation, “surprisingly popular,” and a whole lot of chambray and cream-toned jeans. “Designing Spring was less about, OK, how do we create another blockbuster,” explains Elliott, “and more about, how do we take that vintage-y, Americana, relaxed-denim mood and translate it into a broader range of clothes?” There may be a blockbuster lurking in the lookbook, however—namely, a pair of slouchy skinnies [pictured here] that translate the Current/Elliott idiom into a new silhouette. Notes Elliott: “We’re already starting to see boyfriend knockoffs.” Though she adds,”The nice thing about continuing to work as stylists is that all that stuff is on our radar, and we can stay one step ahead.”