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Curtis Kulig’s Labor of Love


Love me

Curtis Kulig is the artist responsible for the “Love Me” graphic, which you’ve no doubt seen scrawled across urban buildings. The phrase has wiggled its way into the fashion world, inspiring brands such as Nike, Lanvin, and DKNY, and now Kulig is reimagining his signature saying for Me + Mi—a new jewelry line, which, created by L.A.-based jewelry designer Mimi Jakobson and Kulig himself, launches today. “I always like to see what I’ve created in a new medium,” Kulig said of the 14-karat-gold-plated range. “I love objects, especially when they’re shiny and tactile…I’m a kid that way.”

To bring his artistry into the third dimension, Kulig turned his hand-painted phrases into inlays and dripping motifs. “It’s amazing to see something that flat take on so much dimension,” Kulig delights. “It all comes to life—all the processes that have been part of my work but are applied in a completely different context.”

The collection of gold-plated designs cast in Kulig’s signature script plays on the relationship between artist and designer, as well as where those two sensibilities meet. “I’ve had a long history of working with high-profile, strong women,” Jakobson says. “So it’s been so fun to experience a different dynamic in design with Curtis; he really trusts my feminine take on his art.” And for Kulig, working in design brought on a new set of challenges. “As a designer, in jewelry, fashion, or even technology, you have to weigh your ideas and visions against what the public is ready for.” Kulig hopes the masses are prepared for luxury and, of course, more love.

Priced between $40 and $197, Me + Mi is available, beginning today, at

Photos: Courtesy of Me + Mi

Street Lady


Catherine Malandrino’s pretty cocktail dresses and polished separates seem an unlikely backdrop for an installation by street-inspired artist Curtis Kulig, but that’s the just kind of pairing you’ll find at the designer’s Soho store. After a renovation of the boutique, Malandrino gave Kulig free rein to create—in this case, artwork is on a variety of media including Plexiglas and freestanding sculptures, and will debut via a cocktail party tonight.

The French designer first came across Kulig’s work in the office of Paper magazine’s Kim Hastreiter. “She had these skateboards and I just loved this one by Curtis that said ‘Love Me,’ ” the designer tells “Then a few months later I happened to meet Curtis at an event through a friend.” The two became friends, and the installation sprung from a few conversations the two had a couple months ago. “I love this idea of the boutique, which started 12 years ago, having different chapters in its life,” she says. As Malandrino’s first retail store, the Soho location holds special meaning. And as for how her ladylike customer might react to Kulig’s bold work, the designer is quick to point out: “My customer is polished and likes refinement, but she’s also very audacious.”

The Love Oui series is on display April 20 to 27 at Catherine Malandrino, 468 Broome St., NYC.

Photo: Courtesy of Catherine Malandrino