August 22 2014

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Cynthia Rowley Helps Lindsey Vonn Go for the Gold


Cynthia Rowley x Lindsey Vonn

Cynthia Rowley took Olympic gold medalist skier Lindsey Vonn to the CFDA Awards party last June. So it’s only fair that Vonn will take Rowley to the upcoming Winter Olympics in Sochi—sort of. Last week, Vonn and Rowley announced that they were holding a competition in which fans could vote for one of four ski helmets that Rowley mocked up. The winning piece will be worn by Vonn as she races down the Russian slopes in February. Well, the results are in, and Rowley’s snow leopard helmet is the public’s protective headgear of choice. “I loved working on all the designs,” Rowley told “I can’t pick a favorite, but I do love the snow leopard. We secretly used Lindsey’s eyes in the winning design,” she offered, referring to the alpine cat’s emerald peepers. As for her own skiing skills, Rowley’s been known to conquer a mountain or two. In fact, the designer even created her own bonded ski leggings (above). “This is where our two favorite sports meet!” she laughed.

Photos: Courtesy of Cynthia Rowley

Fashion’s Latest Emissary From The Fountain of Youth


Dairy contributing editor and party reporter Darrell Hartman circles the city and, occasionally, the globe in the line of duty. In a regular column, he reports on the topics—whatever they may be at whatever given moment—that are stirring the social set.

Carlos Souza and Dorian Grinspan“Yes, the lad was premature,” goes a line from The Picture of Dorian Gray. “He was gathering his harvest while it was yet spring.”

I doubt I’m the first person who has, upon meeting Dorian Grinspan, thought of Oscar Wilde’s fable about precious youth. This Dorian is real. The 20-year-old founder and editor Out of Order magazine, he’s been sowing his seeds early—and some of the fashion world’s biggest influencers are taking notice.

Grinspan was born in Paris and came to the U.S. to study at Yale. But while an earlier generation might’ve chosen to wait for a diploma before launching into the world, Grinspan didn’t see the point. “I didn’t come [to the U.S.] wanting to do a magazine. I arrived at Yale and I was really, really bored,” he told Women’s Wear Daily. [Full disclosure: this reporter spent four years at Yale, and did not find it boring.] Grinspan will start his senior year in the Fall, majoring in American Studies, but he recently took an apartment in New York, and says that thanks to some Franco-esque schedule jiggering will be spending just three days a week in New Haven.

Youth these days! Grinspan is already a darling of the industry. WWD is only one of several publications to anoint him an up-and-comer, and his biannual is already carried by the likes of Opening Ceremony and Colette, and the second issue, which Grinspan launched last week, boasts the sort of top-shelf contributors of which many start-up outlets dream. Among the photo credits and profile subjects are Larry Clark, Ryan McGinley, and Olivier Theyskens. These are gets worth bragging about, even if Grinspan is modest, or at least PR-savvy, enough not to. “It’s actually funny to see how accessible these people are and how much they want to help,” he told me at last week’s launch party at Fivestory, an uptown boutique. (His fashion-model looks—literally, as in repped by DNA—aren’t the reason, but surely they can’t hurt.) Gus Van Sant, he added, had been “really interested, and we almost shot something,” but the scheduling hadn’t worked out.

Grinspan has plenty more influential supporters, including fellow editors. “Stephen Gan has been amazing to me,” he said. And after meeting Stefano Tonchi at a party in Cannes last year, Grinspan appeared in W this spring. Starting in the fall, he said, he’ll be writing for the magazine’s website. Quick work. For a moment, Grinspan did pay some dues—as an intern for Carine Roitfeld. Among the people met while working there was photographer Michael Avedon, who shot a story for the new issue. (Avedon is just a year older than Grinspan, and the great-grandson of Richard.)

Grinspan holds himself well—and tends to do so in the right company. Cynthia Rowley, who hosted an after-party of sorts for the magazine at her boutique-cum-sweet-shop, Curious, couldn’t exactly remember how she’d first met him. She was pretty sure his boyfriend had interned at her husband’s gallery. In any case, Rowley said, she’d gotten to know him through “the Brant kids.”

How has Grinspan done it, in an industry with fewer and fewer footholds for young talent? “I don’t think there’s a secret. I feel like everything is so circumstantial,” he explained. When pressed, he added, “Both my mom and my dad have a lot of connections in fashion, I guess.” His mother, a graphic designer, got him interested in clothes and style early on. His father, a lawyer, worked “for a long time” with BCBG. And there’s his godmother, Numéro editor–in-chief Babette Djian. “She’s been great,” Grinspan admits. “We go to fashion shows together if we both have an invite. But I would never call her up and say, ‘Please take me to Jean Paul Gaultier!’ That’s not what I want our relationship to be.”

If things keep going the way they’re going, the occasional missing invite won’t be an issue. And why shouldn’t they? Grinspan has a way about him, evident in the manner in which he politely escorted Clark up the stairs at Rowley’s party and posed with him for photos. Clark, like Rowley, couldn’t recall how he and Grinspan had first started talking, but he did remember meeting Grinspan face to face. “He’s very enthusiastic, but not overbearing at all—just a nice young man,” he said. And one more likely to make a splash than all the others.

Legends of the Toile


The Rodarte sisters are probably feeling pretty proud about now. After only eight years on the scene, Kate and Laura Mulleavy have officially been deemed industry legends by The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, which, WWD reports, will honor the Rodarte designers with its Legend of Fashion award on May 3. Previous recipients include Ikram Goldman and Cynthia Rowley.

Photo: Billy Farrell/

Cynthia Rowley’s New Sweet Spot


Watch out, Willy Wonka. You’ve got some competition in Cynthia Rowley. The designer will show her Fall ’13 collection later today. In lieu of parading her wares down the catwalk, she’ll debut them in her new clothing boutique-cum-candy shop: opening for business later this week, CuRious Candy will house Rowley’s collection of conceptual confections. (The store will also be linked to a new space for husband Bill Powers’ Half Gallery.) Now, this is Cynthia Rowley we’re talking about, so don’t expect your average chocolate bark and truffles. While the four-story town house will offer classics like Sour Patch Kids, pecan-covered caramels, and chocolate bars (“People would go berserk if we didn’t have those!” says the designer), it will also include edible silverware and teacups, “storm cloud” black licorice cotton candy, and sugary figurines that look like glass sculptures. “It can be the centerpiece of your dinner party, and then at the end of the night, you can surprise everyone by smashing it and eating it,” laughs Rowley.

In order to get the word out, Rowley teamed up with Red Bucket Films’ Josh and Benny Safdie to create a surreal, candy-centric video. The short debuts exclusively on (above) and will be on Taxi TV from tomorrow. Rowley makes a quick cameo, but the film focuses on Hailey Gates and Hannah Gross as they sit in the Maritime Hotel’s La Bottega restaurant and begin to eat everything from the flower vase to the table. Naturally, they’re dressed in looks from Rowley’s Fall collection, which was heavily inspired by her sweet endeavors. Like the store, Rowley’s Fall clothes merge the “pretty” and the “dark”—qualities that are ever-present in the designer’s dreamy world. For instance, there will be leather-quilted accessories, stretch crocodile trousers, leather hats, and giant lockets with mother-of-pearl faces. All of this will be presented amid an installation by Raul Avila, which will remain in the new store. “We spend so much time on the sets for our runway shows, and a few hours later it’s over,” says Rowley. “This way our set can live on and everyone can enjoy and experience it.”

Cynthia Rowley’s CuRious Candy shop and new boutique will open later this week, located at 43 East 78th Street, New York, NY.

Toasting New York’s Night Owls


Last night, scenemakers and 24-hour party people descended upon Webster Hall to toast Manhattan clubland’s most hip at Paper magazine’s Eighth Annual Nightlife Awards. “For a while, New York was just a bunch of the same hipsters hanging out at one place,” said Matt Kliegman (of The Jane Ballroom and The Smile), whose downtown hot spot Westway took home Best Party award for its Tuesday night fête Westgay at Westway. “Right now, New York feels more exciting.”

Inside the disco ball-festooned ballroom, nightlife impresarios like Nur Khan and Ben Pundole sipped Hennessy with the likes of Cynthia Rowley, Samantha Ronson, Cory Kennedy (pictured), and Chelsea Leyland. Winners of the night? Best Arty Party (The Hole), Best Club (Le Baron), and Best Restaurant with Nightlife Scene (Acme). Riffing on the eccentric categories (Best Social Media Nightlife Star, anyone?), presenter Sarah Sophie Flicker conceived her own award idea. “I would love to see old-fashioned dinner theater,” the Citizens Band maven mused. “I know it economically makes no sense, but I just want to dress up in a long dress and hear beautiful music.” Meanwhile, model Jessica White was miffed Richie Akiva and her preferred playpen 1-Oak got snubbed. “He’s known me since I was 17,” the 28-year-old Sports Illustrated model said. “We’re planning a big Halloween party.” Still, not everyone on hand was a self-professed night owl. “My nightlife is more about Netflix streaming,” Girls actor Alex Karpovsky deadpanned before dashing out to the premiere of his flick Gayby.

Following the ceremony and a 15-minute delay, which prompted Paper‘s David Hershkovits to break out into dance à la South Korean rapper Psy’s “Gangnam Style,” Ellie Goulding took to the stage to perform while her boyfriend, DJ Skrillex, looked on. A couple made in nightlife heaven? Hardly. “In New York it’s all about work,” the Brit pop star told backstage. “And when I’m home in London, I’ll most likely just go to the pub.”

Photo: Paul Bruinooge /