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Delfina Delettrez’s Extraterrestrial Fall ’13


For Fall 2013, Delfina Delettrez pulled inspiration from above. It all began when she was gazing at the night sky and thinking about what—or, more specifically, who—might be up there. The result is her Magic Triangle collection, which features jewelry with three-pronged settings bearing sizable emerald-cut topazes in bold green, pink, orange, and yellow. Delettrez also showed several fresh iterations of house favorites, such as the eye motif (now in a pendant). Other newcomers include a bracelet version of the Piercing ring, a pared-down Tourbillon necklace set with tiny white and black diamonds; fin-shaped “shark attack” bracelets that boast bright gems; hook-shaped earrings garnished with topaz and pearls (the designer calls them the “fishing for compliments” earrings); and bright, foldable renditions of her mesh bracelets.

To showcase her Fall ’13 wares, Delettrez teamed up with filmmaker Daniel Sannwald to create a surreal short. The video, which debuts exclusively below, transports Delettrez’s colorful baubles into another dimension. As for her unearthly Fall influences, the designer is convinced that we’re not alone. “There’s definitely a higher intelligence out there,” she says. “To think we were the only ones [in the universe] would be egotistical.”