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Hemingway On Hemingway; JT, Harvard Man; And More…


Dree Hemingway admits she hasn’t read all of her famous great-grandfather’s books. (In fairness, we haven’t read all of them, either.) Model book club, anyone? [NY Times]

Glamour checked in with some designers to see what they’re eating pre-fashion week, and the results are as stringently healthy—i.e., dull—as you’d expect. Amid a chorus of “green tea,” “salmon,” and “sushi,” we’ve got to give props to Daniel Vosovic, who admitted he eats leftover taco salad for breakfast. Our kinda guy! [Glamour]

Justin Timberlake goes to Harvard! The university’s Hasty Pudding Theatricals names him their Man of the Year tonight. [AP via Jezebel]

blasblog: post-project runway reading


Although it may not seem like it—I still can’t believe they’re giving Denise Richards a second season of her oh-so-complicated reality show—the full spectrum of reality television is yet to be seen. For example, the array of post-show stardom careers seems to be wide open. Personally speaking, if I were on a reality show (I can dream!), I would remind myself to broaden my horizons. That’s what Project Runway Season 2 alum and now author Daniel Vosovic did. Fashion Inside Out, which he wrote with contributions from Project Runway pals like Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn, is dedicated to clearing up some of the misconceptions about the industry and pointing out some of the unrecognized contributors to the process. Not that he’s going completely literary; Vosovic says he hasn’t turned his back on the runway. “For every Jack and Lazaro, there are a hundred others who never ship their second season—I want to be around for decades. When I do launch, I want it to be with a bang.”