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David Bailey Jumps on the Selfie “Masturbation” Bandwagon


David Bailey

What is it with fashion icons of a certain age and masturbation this week? On Tuesday, Karl Lagerfeld told the Guardian that he despised selfies, calling them a form of “electronic masturbation.” Considering the inherent narcissism of the new age phenomenon, we think he’s on to something. And photographer David Bailey agrees. Bailey told London’s Evening Standard, “I didn’t even know what a selfie was until six months ago. I thought it meant masturbation. Although of course it is masturbation of a sort.” Wait until he finds out what else people are doing with their camera phones.

Photo: Wireimage 

David Bailey Brings His Art to the Masses


David Bailey

Thank you, David Bailey, for offering an affordable option for the skint art lover. “Not everyone can afford a print, so this is a nice way of making my work available for everyone,” the famed photographer told “What’s the difference between putting it on a canvas and putting it on a T-shirt that everyone can afford? I think it’s quite nice that everyone can have a T-shirt with an image that has some history behind it.”

Bailey is referring to his debut collection of six tees, which launches today exclusively at Selfridges. The tops are printed with some of his most iconic portraits, including those of Michael Caine, Mick Jagger, Boy George, and Grace Jones. Bailey collaborated with the edgy East London creative group The Bleach Room to update the images with a cool collage effect.

The collection is a clever way to reach art collectors and distant admirers alike, especially as his new exhibition, Bailey’s Stardust, is set to open at the National Portrait Gallery next week. At ¬£70 a pop, this is a prime chance to grab an authentic Bailey—while the getting’s good.

Photo: Courtesy of Selfridges

“The Only Way To Be Creative Was In Fashion Photography, Really”


So says David Bailey, in a video chat with the Guardian‘s Sarfraz Manzoor well worth eight minutes of your time this afternoon. A collection of Bailey’s iconic work from the sixties (like his famous shot of Michael Caine, pictured) is now on view and on sale at Bonhams in London. The lensman—who still considers himself “working class,” more or less—is as salty as ever discussing his shots (“I bet Michelangelo thought, shit, not another ceiling!”). He’s got advice for young photographers—”they shouldn’t borrow—they should steal,”—as well as a few restrictions for his own work. Among them: no more celebrities. “They’re too much trouble,” he says of his refusal to shoot the Gaga et al. Check out the full video here.

Photo: Tristan Gregory / Camera Press / Retna