August 31 2014

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G-Star and Vs. Magazine Devour Art


Blurring the boundaries between the worlds of fashion, art, music, and film has always been a focus at G-Star. The denim brand regularly works with noteworthy director Anton Corbijn on its print campaigns, and recently kicked off its new Art of RAW project with a video featuring cool CGI animation and a custom track by Skrillex. Keeping up the cultural momentum, they have collaborated with Vs. Magazine on Devouring Art, a short film directed by and starring Danish multimedia artist Rie Rasmussen. In the Vs. Magazine film, Rasmussen portrays an artist who breaks into a gallery—armed with painting tools and clad in denim overalls—in search of inspiration. Inside, the surrounding art comes to life and consumes her for a raw, and decidedly racy, result.

“I let the tone of the [Art of RAW] collection inspire [me]. So [the film] definitely had to be something with a dark edge to it, while still making an artistic point,” Rasmussen told The director—a frequent Vs. collaborator—brought in personal muse and former Givenchy model Marie de Villepin to costar in the film and help with its soundtrack (de Villepin is the frontwoman of the band Pinkmist). “I like sturdy, hard-edged female fashion, and the idea of durable clothing that’s built to last,” Rasmussen continued. “The word raw has always been a huge turn-on to me because it implies no pretense—no refining, no makeup, no facade. That is rare in fashion and why G-Star’s Art of RAW project is so refreshing.”

Vs. and G-Star gave an exclusive sneak peek at the film and will debut the full version tonight with an event at the Electric Room at Dream Downtown. Catherine McNeil, Dorothea Barth Jorgensen, David Blaine, Lulu Gainsbourg, and Sophie Auster are among the expected guests.

Adam Kimmel And David Blaine Get Dressed For Dinner


The sharks circling in the waters of fashion are most often metaphorical ones. Not in Adam Kimmel‘s new video. For Dressed for Dinner, Kimmel put magician David Blaine in his finest formalwear—and sent him down to meet Jaws. “It was David’s dream to practice breath holds in the wild with his favorite creatures: great whites,” Kimmel told “I don’t think he ever imagined doing it in a tuxedo, but he was a good sport about the whole thing.” To shoot, Kimmel and Blaine spent a week on Guadalupe, a deserted island in the Pacific reachable only by a 24-hour boat ride. Blaine submerged himself 40 feet underwater, and along came the great whites—some as large as 20-feet long. “David is one of the most remarkable people living today,” Kimmel said. “I’m still shocked he made it out of the water without a bite—I mean, the sharks must have passed him for a close inspection at least 300 times.” Menswear connoisseurs would tell you any Kimmel suit is worth at least as many viewings. The video debuts below, exclusively on

Black Tie Among The Great Whites,
The Wisdom Of The Crowd, And More…


If you’re going to take your life in your hands, might as well do it in evening dress. That’s what David Blaine did when he swam—sans oxygen tank or cage—with a group of great white sharks in an Adam Kimmel tux for the designer’s new video (above). Kimmel and wife Leelee Sobieski screened the short for guests like Ed Norton, Harmony Korine, and Marina Abramovic this week, where it earned Abramovic’s highest praise: “That’s insane.” [NYT]

Derek Lam has announced a standalone line for eBay, the final rundown of which will be crowd-sourced. As one of our online compatriots notes, design by committee hasn’t always yielded the best results, but we’ll be interested to see what Lam turns out when the line launches in February. [WWD]

Lara Stone—she of the sultry ad campaign and often nude editorial—has won her case against French Playboy, which published photos of her without her permission last year. She’s donating her damages to the Great Ormond Street Hospital. [Fashionologie]

And speaking of good causes, here’s another: Nordstrom is finally opening a New York store, which will be a concept shop—one that donates its earnings to nonprofits. That’s a little less sexy than Lara using Playboy money to save the children, but no less commendable, we’re sure. [Racked]

Photo: Courtesy of Adam Kimmel

The Jane Hotel Loses A Glass


There was magic in the air at the Jane Hotel last night, as David Blaine and Juergen Teller teamed up to toast the new issue of The Journal. The hosts—and Journal contributors—were joined by Michael Nevin, founder and editor of the Brooklyn-based pub; Carlos Quirarte and Matt Kliegman, who had a hand in planning the event; and Nate Lowman, who was intermittently deejaying. Lowman wasn’t the only art scenester to swing by—Urs Fischer (right, with Teller) popped in, as did Gavin Brown. And model/photographer Christina Kruse showed up, too, fresh off her appearance on the Alexander Wang catwalk on Saturday and just ahead of debuting her new video at the Threeasfour show tonight.

Noting the crowd building around Blaine, Nevin explained that the illusionist does magic almost obsessively. “I’m sure that’s what’s going on,” Nevin said. “I had him and Juergen over for dinner last night, and he was showing us tricks half the time.” Sure enough, Blaine had his pack of cards out and was wowing a circle of party guests with his maneuvers. At one point, he capped off a trick by grabbing a girl’s cocktail, downing it, and then eating the glass. We’re not sure if that counts as magic, but it was something to see. Without watching, exactly. “Is that blood?” the girl asked, aghast. “Probably,” Blaine said, chewing. For his part, Nevin demurred when asked if he knew any magic tricks. “Making magazines,” he deadpanned. “That’s the only one.”

Photo: Marc Dimov / Patrick McMullan

A Magical Start To New York Fashion Week


To make your party stand out from the rest during fashion week, it helps to have a few tricks up your sleeve—and A Small World chairman and man-about-town Patrick Liotard-Vogt certainly had one last night, in the form of magician David Blaine. All eyes (most of them very, very wide) were on the prestidigitator’s lightning-quick hands at the rooftop soirée, which raised funds for Liotard-Vogt’s F Cancer charity and had Blaine bending coins and performing other Jedi mind tricks for the likes of Maria Cornejo, Devon Aoki, and Anouck Lepère. “I know it’s all sleight-of-hand, but I can’t stop giggling like a little schoolgirl,” Waris Ahluwalia (left, with Blaine) admitted.

“If he could transport me to September 17, that would be the best trick,” suggested Lorenzo Martone, whose very busy coming week includes hosting after-parties for Ruffian on Thursday and L.A.M.B. on the 16th, and a Fashion Night Out fête with Carlos Miele. Really, Lorenzo, you’d want to skip all that? Consider us skeptical.

Photo: Courtesy of A Small World