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League Of Extraordinary Handbags


At last night’s party for less-than-a-year-old bespoke label The Gentlemen’s League at Noho boutique Début, fans old and new came through to check out the über-personalized canvas bags hand-decorated by portraitist and graphic designer Adam Razak. An old fan was spotted with a heavily embellished carryall covered in fauna (which, at $10,000, Razak later told us, was the line’s priciest creation to date), while new fans contemplated what they would choose for their own bags—medieval weaponry, a portrait of a loved one (popular among the League’s L.A. clientele), or, perhaps, just a simple monogram? Razak and partner Seth Stevens work out of a studio in Chelsea, and the beauty of their bags is that they can be whatever the wearer wants them to be. Starting at $2,500, prices are calculated by hours worked, and bags are delivered, after a series of one-on-one meetings with the designers, in two weeks to a month. Zaldy and Celerie Kemble both have Gentlemen’s totes—which says something about the line’s reach—and last night’s party generated plenty of buzz. For now the designs are rendered in shades of black, indelible ink (the bags are sprayed with a protective layer to ensure nothing budges), but Razak hasn’t ruled out the possibility of color in the future. “We have to give them something to look forward to,” the new businessman said sagely.

Photo: Courtesy of The Gentlemen’s League

debuting at debut


As many a designer can attest, getting your senior thesis collection snapped up by Barneys is no easy feat (props to the Proenza boys). So what’s a burgeoning talent to do? Think smaller, for one. “The first entry point is always the hardest to get,” Lisa Weiss conceded at last night’s cocktail reception for recent Parsons grads at Début, the Nolita boutique she founded earlier this year. “The idea of the store was to give opportunity to designers who were just getting started building their brands. I did the fashion merchandising program at FIT, and talking to a lot of designers there I saw that it was really hard for them to get off the ground.” Thanks to the collaboration between Weiss and Parsons, a handful of young designers will be doing exactly that. Through September 28, looks from Angela Gao, Ava Ghosseiri, Sylvia Kwan, Melissa Lüning, Rachel Rymar, Sara Shahbazi, Wen Shi, Dmitry Sholokhov, Marie Christine Statz, Clara Yoo, and 2008 Womenswear Designer of the Year Stephanie Suberville will be available for purchase. Just don’t expect anything run-of-the-mill chez Weiss. “Lisa treats the store like a gallery,” Parsons dean of fashion Simon Collins remarked. “She doesn’t go for the established designers—she goes for somebody who she thinks really has something to say.”

Photo: Amber De Vos/