September 2 2014

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Viva Moschino! The Chance to Buy a Piece of Fashion History


Moschino at Decades

Hot on the heels of Jeremy Scott’s schismatic Moschino debut, the house is poised to clock some more time in the spotlight. L.A. vintage vanguard Decades recently snapped up more than two hundred iconic pieces from the private collection of Lynda Yost, a longtime devotee of the brand, all of which are up for grabs as of this morning. An exclusive first look at the offering debuts here. Decades co-owner Cameron Silver scored with Yost’s cache, which is exhaustive enough to turn many a museum curator emerald with envy. In fact, he dubs it, “The definitive Moschino collection on the planet.”

Long before Alexander Wang’s parental advisories, there were Franco Moschino’s designs, brimming over with logos and slogans, from the cheeky (“Better a happy hippie than a yukky yuppie”) to the more earnest (“Opposites must coexist!”). Yost, who was raised Amish, was first drawn to the fabled label thanks to a simple principle: Opposites attract. Moschino’s designs, equal parts kitsch and wit, were appealingly alien. Her first Moschino purchase? An appropriately exuberant pair of color-blocked harem pants. She’s also quick to note a curious 21st-century echo of that initial attraction. “I was interested in Jeremy Scott’s appointment because he’s also a farm boy, and there has just got to be something about the humor and the subtle tweaking of society that you’re not allowed to do when you’re a hardworking farm person.”

Moschnio at Decades

Yost and Silver are optimistic when it comes to Scott taking the reins, and about his potential when it comes to expanding the brand’s audience. “He is [appealing to] the right demographic, which is very young—younger than the old Moschino [catered to],” Yost says. “Moschino in his day would have made fun of Romeo Gigli and Chanel, and you had to be a fashionista to understand the humor. But with Jeremy making fun of McDonald’s, he’s speaking to a broader brushstroke audience and a younger one.” It’s a far cry from the industry’s lately more staid leanings (“normcore,” if you like). “I think we’ve lived in a long period of time where fashion has morphed away from fun and humorous, and Moschino always injected the frivolity into fashion,” Silver offers. It’s a noble mission, to bring the fun back to fashion, and both Yost and Silver are doing their part to make it as attainable as possible. As she puts it, “We’re very keen on the Moschino dictate, which is everybody should be fashionable. It isn’t just for the wealthy.” Items on offer range in price from a $25 pair of socks to a loftier $10,000 jacket. While Decades’ initial release is hardly scant, the duo hint that there may be more to come down the line. As Silver tells it, “Lynda has enough to dress an army!”

Photos: Courtesy Photos 

The Decades Of Style, Decoded By Cameron Silver


As one of the pre-eminent purveyors of vintage, Cameron Silver‘s latest endeavor, Decades: A Century of Fashion, is an editorialized take on twentieth-century fashion in a way that befits the legacy he’s created at Decades, his retail concept since 1997. “I have always had the philosophy of vintage that looks modern, and that’s really the concept also of the book,” Silver describes of the coffee-table tome meets vintage fashion reference, which includes never-before-seen photos narrating each decade of the twentieth century alongside Silver’s first-person essays. “My goal is that when someone looks at the book and they see a picture, they think, I have to buy that—that looks so modern.” (And they really do look of-the-moment—the ruffle dress [pictured, left], looks so very Balenciaga Spring 2013 to us.) To delve deeply into each decade, Silver first identified the things, people, clothes, and settings that inspired his own reference to the time, and then he played with contradictions to show the breadth of design achieved over each ten-year period. “I always like the idea of contradiction, and every decade has these polar opposites that extend throughout it that really shape it,” he says.

And though he may live and breathe vintage fashion, Silver still keeps a studied eye on the present. “Designers who are excelling now are creating a new vocabulary, a new way of dressing,” he reflects of the Spring ’13 collections. “Things don’t look as derived from the past, which was completely acceptable for the first decade of the twenty-first century, or the ‘Decades decade’ because everything was so vintage-inspired. I’m seeing things I have never seen before—it’s a very healthy time.” And while Silver believes that for designers today, it’s a setup for failure to look too vintage, the unearthed photos published in his book may be ripe for the taking. “I have a feeling we’ll see a lot of the images in the book reinterpreted on the runway because some of them have never been published before.” Here, an exclusive first look inside the book.

Photos: Decades: A Century of Fashion

Decades For Rent


“People have always asked if they could rent something from Decades,” says the founder and co-owner of the L.A. designer vintage and modern consignment shop, Cameron Silver. Thanks to Decades’ new partnership with Rent the Runway, now you can. Tomorrow, a limited-edition collection of vintage accessories, including Chanel cross ribbon earrings and mink designer coats, will be on offer ($100 to $350 to rent) on “Rent the Runway’s head merchant, Derek Guillemette, and I met in Paris to scour the flea markets for amazing vintage treasures like vintage YSL minaudières and Chanel gilt and pearl necklaces,” explains Silver.

To celebrate the launch of Decades for Rent the Runway, Silver and his co-owner Christos Garkinos (who recently announced their upcoming Bravo TV show) are doing a two-day trunk show in New York. Alongside the rentable items, the temporary boutique will include a display of modern and vintage Prada and Schiaparelli pieces selected in celebration of the upcoming Costume Institute Gala, along with a selection of pre-loved Decades’ designer dresses and accessories from Christian Louboutin, Gucci, and Jimmy Choo (all available to buy). has an exclusive first look at a pair of earrings from the Decades x Rent the Runway collection, here.

Decades for Rent the Runway pop-up shop, 201 Mulberry St., NYC. Open April 27-28 at 10 a.m.

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What Does Savannah Miller Have Up Her Sleeve? Plus, Jessica Simpson’s Heels Under Fire, Decades TV, And More…


Sienna Miller and her sister Savannah said back in February they were stepping down from their Twenty8Twelve label. But that’s not the last of the Millers in fashion. Sienna recently revealed to British Vogue that Savannah is hard at work on a new label. [Vogue U.K.]

Poet, actor, and performance artist Taylor Mead is one of the last of Andy Warhol’s remaining Superstars. Tomorrow night in New York, he’s set to make a rare public appearance at Anthology Film Archives to introduce the premiere of a recent restoration of the 1961 film Passion in a Seaside Slum. [Hint]

Jessica Simpson could be in trouble for stepping on another designer’s toes. Internet wags have noticed that the Evangel style from Simpson’s namesake footwear collection looks almost identical to Christian Louboutin’s Staratata heels. [Huff Po]

Decades co-owners Christos Garkinos and Cameron Silver are the subjects of a new Bravo show. Though details are still being finalized, Garkinos tells WWD, “The show will focus on shining the light on the rarefied and very specific part of fashion that we live in. We are curators and fashion arbiters.” [WWD]

Photo: PA Photos / Vogue U.K.

YSL And JPG, Through The Decades


“We noticed a Gaultier moment was brewing and decided to build our own collection through various collectors from around the world, most of whom were women who had their fashion heydays in the eighties and nineties,” Decades founder and co-owner Cameron Silver tells of his latest project—a sale of vintage and couture Gaultier and YSL pieces, launching today on Decade’s Web site. The inspiration for the sale? The retrospectives of each designer, both opening this weekend, YSL at the Denver Museum of Art and Gaultier at the de Young Museum in San Francisco. “We’ve been collecting Jean Paul Gaultier for months!” adds Decades co-owner Christos Garkinos.

After intense hunting, the duo narrowed the offerings to approximately 60 Jean Paul Gaultier couture blouses, iconic print dresses, and ready-to-wear items (most of which came from one consignor who had over 450 pieces) and more than 100 YSL items (including YSL Rive Gauche, YSL Haute Couture, and the Madame X collection). Madame X, Silver explains, is a client (who wishes to remain anonymous) who bought some of the designer’s best work, such as cocktail dresses, gowns, and strong shoulder suits, from the late seventies to the early nineties. “Madame X bought the most exclusive YSL for the most glamorous period of her life, she had beautiful taste, and I worked with her for almost four years to acquire these very special pieces,” he says. “Every season she would attend the shows with her husband, who insisted she select a few pieces per collection, one or two day suits, one or two cocktail dresses, and one or two gowns.”

Both Silver and Garkinos point out the YSL skirtsuits as a surprising favorite: “The jackets have incredibly constructed shoulders, a totally distinctive shape,” says Silver. Get a glimpse of a few of the most covetable items here on To shop the collection, visit

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