August 30 2014

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Carey Mulligan Weds In Prada, Models Speak Out At The Vogue Festival, And More…


Over the weekend, Carey Mulligan married musician Marcus Mumford in the Somerset countryside. Although photos of Mulligan’s dress have not yet surfaced, she reportedly wore an ivory-colored Prada number. [Vogue U.K.]

During the recent Vogue Festival in the U.K., models including Lily Cole, Jourdan Dunn, and Eva Herzigova shared stories about their fashion careers. After making a comment that “it’s better to be skinny than to be fat,” Natalia Vodianova is under fire on the blogs today. The model was referring to the obesity epidemic, adding, “children taken away from their parents because they are too fat—read Daily Mail.” [Telegraph]

Fashion East’s founding force, Lulu Kennedy, has joined Katie Grand at Love magazine. This morning, it was announced that Kennedy (who is often referred to as London fashion’s ‘fairy godmother’) is now the editor at large of the mag. “Over the many fun years and nights out that I’ve known Lulu, I’ve always been hugely impressed with her ability to discover the brightest new talents, and by her commitment to nurturing young designers as they navigate their way into the fashion industry,” Grand, Love‘s editor in chief, tells WWD. [WWD]

Alessandra Ambrosio, who is pregnant with her second child, recently stripped down for a photo shoot to show off her baby bump. The Victoria’s Secret Angel posted the new Mert and Marcus-shot photos, in which she strikes the infamous Demi Moore pregnant pose, to her Facebook yesterday. [Huff Po]

Photo: Eamonn McCormack / Getty Images

Demi Moore On Ann Taylor And Twitter


Ann Taylor is bringing in the big guns to front its new Fall campaign, shot by Patrick Demarchelier: Hollywood icon (and, as @mrskutcher, Twitter juggernaut) Demi Moore. “Demi is a true inspiration for modern women today, managing to balance her demanding career and her family life, while doing so much to create positive change and give back,” says Ann Taylor president Christine Beauchamp, though as the actress reveals, she’s been a fan of the label since long before her family-woman days. sat down with Moore in Los Angeles to talk Taylor, Twitter, and her personal style—on and off the red carpet.

What first attracted you to Ann Taylor?
I had actually mentioned to them that when I was a teenager and I moved to L.A., I remember going to the old Century City mall, and there was Ann Taylor. And it was a very prominent and memorable part of my youth and shopping experience. What I didn’t realize was how long Ann Taylor had actually been around until I was asked to do the campaign.

How do you feel that your own style and persona fit in with the Ann Taylor brand?
What’s been a really great part of the experience is taking what’s here in their next season and pulling things together, just based on pieces that I feel really reflect me—and at the same time, are part of the direction where I feel Ann Taylor is going. I look back at Ann Taylor and for quite a while, they were geared toward the working woman, a lot of suiting, and a little more conservative. I think, as we’ve evolved into things that literally go from working out to work to weekend, from day into night, that there has to be a combination of practicality and a sense of fun. My personal style is all about looking for things that are classic with a little bit of an edge, and so the pieces that I tended to gravitate toward, I think, reflect that. There are some really great pieces: the sweater that had the faux fur, and things where you can really see, you [could] go through your day and be wearing flats, but then throw on a pair of heels and actually make it work for the evening. I think that they’ve really done a really nice job of making a shift for Ann Taylor that I think is contemporary and chic but practical and versatile.

Of course, your evening looks need to be a little more thought-out than that—we’re talking red carpet here. How do you choose those looks?
I always think first, what’s the event, and focus on really finding something I feel is fitting my mood and the phase I’m in at that time. And something that also makes it fun and interesting for me is pushing outside of the comfort zone, but at the same time, not pushing too far. For me, I look at what’s classic, so I see what I appreciate. I look at images from the thirties and I say, “That’s something that I could see today.” In the same way I look at things for myself for every day and the red carpet and I try and give myself a little bit of push, so that I don’t get locked into something where you stop being creative and taking risks. And sometimes taking risks means you miss, you do.

I know you work with stylists for red carpet—most famously, with Rachel Zoe. Would you call your work with them a collaboration? How involved are you?
For me, it wouldn’t work without it being a collaboration. The same stylists can work with different people and you can see that individual’s personality coming through. You after a while get to know your body and things that you feel comfortable in. And what’s great is, when you get an objective point of view with a stylist, they help you see the bigger picture than just what you’re comfortable in and maybe take a few more risks.

You’re constantly being shot by paparazzi and in the public eye. Does that shape the way you dress on a daily basis?
Definitely. You can’t allow it to dictate it, but at the same time you have to be conscientious about where you’re going and if there’s the potential. It only really reflects knowing you’ll be criticized, which doesn’t necessarily feel good. There’s times when I just would like to be able to say, “I just want to throw on whatever and not think about it.” And I think you have to.

What designers are you most excited about right now?
I feel like I have my great loves: I love Lanvin; I always love Dior; at different times, Dolce; moments for Versace. I’m a big fan of Prabal Gurung’s—I think he’s really special, has a really special eye. I’m really excited to see him move more into ready-to-wear. And the craftsmanship is stunning. What I’m really loving, more than just singling out a single designer, because there’s so many that I really appreciate, is seeing that we’re moving into an ability to mix and match, like something that is Topshop, H&M, and put that with a designer piece. There [is] an openness to our ability to be creative and also have it reflect the economic times we’re in…It doesn’t have to cost $1,000 for it to have great fashion and style. I’m a big fan of Victoria Beckham’s, too. We’ve had some great matches with pieces that she’s made.

Speaking of Prabal, you championed him on Twitter before he was as well-known as he is today. What are your thoughts on the influence of Twitter and social media on fashion?
The great thing is to look at someone like Prabal, [and] to see the shift in the way things are moving. Before, the show would take place, and then you’d have to wait for the pictures to come out, and now we’re starting to see that in a lot of ways, the middle man is starting to become less and less dominant in our immediate access to the looks, the ability to purchase. And I think the reach for social media is just making that direct access more immediate. In the same way that an individual is able to communicate and connect on social media, I’m looking at shows now that are going live and people are then able to identify, to click and say, I’d like that.

Photos: Patrick Demarchelier / Courtesy of Ann Taylor

Yea, Nay, Or Eh? Belle Of The Ball


She may have been at GQ‘s Gentlemen’s Ball yesterday, but there was no chance that Demi Moore was going to step back and let Mr. Kutcher have the whole spotlight. Mrs. K stepped out in a gold-embellished frock from Christophe Decarnin’s red carpet-friendly Fall 2010 collection for Balmain. She kept her accessories accordingly minimal, from her blown-straight hair to her simple black pumps—this is one dress that more than speaks for itself. We’d say she does the look proud. What do you say: yea, nay, or eh?

Photo: Larry Busacca / Getty Images

Blasblog: The Lion Doesn’t Sleep


The Lion, the new restaurant on W. 9th Street, has already been stirring up some buzz. Some of it has been good, celebrating former Waverly Inn chef John DeLucie and his partner Mark Amadei; some of it has been less good, grumbling about the preferential treatment the press has been given (and the panting adoration the press has lavished on it in return). I’m not touching that last part! But why would I, when the stuff I really care about—the old-school gossip surrounding the joint—is so good? The former gay watering hole is where, a handful of decades ago, Barbra Streisand sang her first professional notes when she was still hustling New York City; Joel Schumacher was once a humble busboy. And now? Well, at a preview dinner last night, Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher were installed in a corner booth—much to my dismay, though, they were not Twittering. Hana Soukupova (whose husband curated the eatery’s artwork), Waris Ahluwalia, Dr. Lisa Airan, Helen Lee Schifter, Zani Gugelmann, and the Sykes Rellies were there, too, as were plenty of editors, co-owner (and Men’s Health ed in chief) Dave Zinczenko among them. Sure, there are kinks to work out—for one, the water hadn’t been hooked up in the men’s room, so one had to make do with Purell and baby wipes. But even that little problem had a chic solution: The owners hired Bungalow 8′s old bathroom attendant to flatter and distract the regulars. Come to think of it, she probably has some old-school gossip too.

Photo: Courtesy of the Lion

Yea, Nay, Or Eh? Demi Moore, Rock Star


Demi Moore chose a minimally structured column gown from Victoria Beckham’s Fall ’10 collection for the Hollywood Domino pre-Oscars gala last night. A tricky silhouette? Not for a red-carpet pro like her. The royal blue against Demi’s dark hair is a great color combination—especially now, when the fashion world is giving a full-on embrace to once maligned blue/black mixing—but what really sells the whole look is her accessories. Against her understated dress, her stone-encrusted Bulgari clutch, which might seem busy with other outfits, really shines. Finished off with Jack Vartanian jewels and tumbling, loose curls, this is a look we want Moore of. You?