August 28 2014

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The Gaultier-Chris Brown Mash-up; Annie and Demi in Front of the Cameras; And More…


Chris Brown and Jean Paul Gaultier at JPG’s Fall menswear show. This picture is probably worth more than a thousand words. [NY Mag]

Louis Vuitton’s “Icons” campaign soldiers on, and the latest star is one who usually finds herself behind the camera: Annie Leibovitz. Apparently, she used her fee to hire another celeb to co-star with her, Mikhail Baryshnikov. No offense, Annie, but do you maybe have a better use for that check? [WWD]

The ladies at Jezebel line up Demi Moore’s Photoshopped fragrance ad with one of hubby Ashton’s twitpics to come to the following conclusion: Demi’s gorgeous; Photoshop’s bad. We’d say stop the presses but, y’know, we don’t have any. [Jezebel]

And shoppers, to your marks: Jonathan Saunders for Topshop hits the chain’s Soho store today. [Nitrolicious]

Photo: Eric Ryan / Getty Images

Prabal Gurung: “The Vision Gets Clearer Every Season”


The Ecco Domani Fashion Foundation awards, announced this morning, gave seven lucky designers a cool $25,000 to put toward their Fall 2010 shows. Among them: our pal Prabal Gurung (pictured, a look from his standout Spring 2010 show, on which the win was judged). We caught up with the Nepal-born designer for a few words on his runway debut, his red-carpet fans, and a few starlets (sadly unnamed!) who don’t quite measure up to the PG standards.

Congrats, Prabal, on your award. What can we expect from the Fall 2010 collection?
It’s like I always say: From one season to the next, it’s an evolution, not a revolution. Whatever I do in one season, I can do better, and I want to get to a point where it reaches perfection. The vision gets clearer and clearer every season. But it’s going to be the same idea: beautiful fabrics, lots of draping and tailoring, an old-school way of making clothes done in a modern way. But it’s my first runway show and it’s definitely going to have a little bit of attitude.

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Fashion at the Oscars, Scandal at Ungaro, and More…


Valentino could be Oscar-bound. The Last Emperor is “on the shortlist” for best documentary nominations, which means that if A Single Man makes the cut, this could be the most glamorous awards ceremony in history. [WWD]

Eva and Jamie’s ads for Calvin Klein may be too steamy for a long shelf life, but the old “sex sells” adage seems to be truer than ever. The duo have been signed again for CK’s spring ads, which will be shot by Steven Klein and boycotted by prudes everywhere. [WWD]

The backlash over Lindsay Lohan‘s appointment at Ungaro has apparently reached the upper echelons of management. Chairman Asim Abdullah is “locked in a fierce battle” with CEO Mounir Moufarrige, who hired Lohan. And to think, all this over some nipple pasties. [Page Six]

Demi Moore claims her skinny-mini W cover—in which a piece of her hip seems to have actually been removed—has not been airbrushed. “I have no hips!” she tweeted. Dems, this will not gain you sympathy points. [HuffPo]

Sadie Frost, ex-wife of Jude and best friend of Kate, is writing a memoir. We’d love to see the casting if this gets turned into a movie. [Daily Express]

24-Hour Party People


The ninth annual 24-Hour Plays was running late last night, but at the 25th hour, all was forgiven. As its name suggests, the star-studded casts had only 24 hours to meet with writers and directors to draft scripts and madly rehearse before hitting the stage with six ten-minute plays. So what’s 60 minutes more among famous friends?

Emmy Rossum confessed before the clock started that she had been a bit nervous, but gamely added, “I think the not knowing is the really exciting part.” To a packed house that included P. Diddy and Cassie, the cast didn’t disappoint. Demi Moore played against type as a nerdy, glasses-wearing sister. (The new Ingrid Bergman pen from Montblanc, the evening’s sponsor, had a cameo role as a prop.) Sam Rockwell played a convincing five-year-old and Naomi Watts his mom. And who knew Brooke Shields could carry such a wicked German dominatrix accent while doling out raunchy advice to Jennifer Aniston?

At the after-party, Eva Mendes was relieved it was over but loved the rush: “It was my first time onstage and now I think I’m addicted!” In the roped-off section, naturally, Demi and Ashton (a fellow 24-hour performer) chatted with friends, while Watts and Rockwell were in a more raucous mood—the duo jumped on the banquettes to dance. There was good reason to celebrate: The evening raised $350,000 for the Urban Arts Partnership to fund arts programs in NYC schools.


Should Ashton Be Jealous Of Prabal?


Perhaps it’s because of all her tweeted support, but I was surprised to hear that Wednesday night’s GQ Gentlemen’s Ball was only the third time that Demi Moore has worn newbie New York darling Prabal Gurung. Still, three times over the course of six months or so isn’t too shabby. Moore first wore Gurung in late April—his graphic black and white satin cocktail dress from Spring 2009—to Cartier’s 100th anniversary party in New York.

Then, after Moore wore another Spring dress of his in June to the launch of her Helena Rubinstein fragrance campaign in Paris, one of the actress’ fans tweeted to ask Moore who made the dress. She answered and provided Twitpics. “It was incredible,” says Gurung. “My followers went from 50 to over 1,000. I tweeted about her. Then she sent me a direct message, and was so sweet.”

But Moore’s support has had an effect beyond social networking. “Because of her, I’ve been in magazines and blogs. It gives you great brand recognition,” says Gurung. “There was a store in Canada that saw Demi and then called to place an order.” He also added 15 stores for Spring 2010, including Ikram, Harvey Nichols, and Harrods. The designer finally met his muse in the real world in September at the Boom Boom Room. (Where else?) “I heard someone yelling ‘Prabal, Prabal,’ and it was her,” he says. She came by the showroom sans stylist Rachel Zoe the next day. Nevertheless, Moore isn’t the only A-lister to wear the designer this week. Carey Mulligan wore look 24, a beaded chiffon strapless number, two days ago in Beverly Hills. “Carey and Demi, I think it’s a good mix,” says Gurung.