August 27 2014

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Till Deth Do Us Part


Deth Killers-Scott Campbell StoreSure, the once apocalyptic-looking Bowery may now be home to more than a few posh gyms, bloodless condo buildings, and, yes, even a 7-Eleven. But starting today, the fabled downtown street may regain at least a bit of its former cred, thanks to the arrival of Bushwick motorcycle club and cult denim brand Deth Killers. Since crystallizing back in 2002, the label and its asphalt-resistant denim have become the stuff of particularly hip legend—hell, you’ll even find Deth Killers in the V&A’s much-lauded, now-touring David Bowie exhibition.

Now, just in time for fashion week, founder Greg Minnig has teamed up with the bold-faced artist (of both fine and tattoo varieties, having inked the likes of Marc Jacobs) and longtime DK admirer Scott Campbell to revive the line. “I’m in it for very selfish reasons,” Campbell confesses. “Just for my closet’s sake, ’cause I want these things, and the only way for them to exist is to help Greg make them.”

Deth Killers-Scott Campbell Store

The duo have taken over a tiny former auto shop crouching on the corner of Great Jones and Bowery, and filled it with plenty of ephemera and apparel (and a smattering of vintage centerfolds). As Minnig tells it, “For me this place has been something I’ve driven by for twenty years. The thought that it would make a great spot for something has always been in the back of my mind.” And despite the 7-Eleven that looms across the street, Campbell is optimistic, too. “I feel like historically, all of the juju that has made Bowery what it is, is still underneath this pavement somewhere.” Shoppers can bask in the aforementioned vibes and browse the fabled, 16 percent Kevlar, USA-made jeans. While the denim is shockingly lightweight, for those not risking road rash, ultrasoft wash tees (some with art by Campbell himself) should please.

Deth Killers-Scott Campbell Store

But you may want to act fast. As Minnig tells it, Deth Killers has set its eventual sights pretty high. “2019 is the motorcycle club’s deadline to go to space. So one of the purposes behind Deth Killers—in addition to making asphalt-resistant clothes—is to be able to buy a ticket, maybe on Virgin Galactic, to get everybody into space, because it’s been a dream of ours and that’s one of our common threads with the guys we ride with—it’s like the next thing above motorcycles.” You’ve been advised.

Deth Killers’ new store is located at 348 Bowery in New York.

Photos: John Aquino